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RUSH: I want to get observations of mine on the record so they will be at RushLimbaugh.com now and forever into posterity. In no particular order here, earlier on in the day Dr. Ford kept referring to her “beach friend.” I said, “What the hell is a ‘beach friend’?” Her beach friends told her to do this, her beach friends told her to get the Washington Post, beach friends sent her to the New York Times, beach friends said get a lawyer, beach friends said, “Don’t pay for it yourself.”

It turns out that “beach friends” are her buddies in Santa Cruz, California. This woman who can’t afford to pay lawyers has a home in Santa Cruz, California, and a home in Palo Alto, California. Those are two of the most highly expensive real estate areas in the country, not just California. If you live in Santa Cruz, your buddies are beach buddies. You are beach friends. Santa Cruz is the most radical left community in the country, maybe a smidgen. And if it isn’t, it is. And everybody there is political active radical left!

It has now become clear to me what the Republican prosecutor is attempting to do here! The Republican prosecutor asking questions of Dr. Ford instead of Republican senators is attempting to establish that Christine Ford has come forward because the Democrat Party has brought her forward. She is attempting to establish that she’s not who she says she is. I mean, it may have happened. But that all of this is happening because the Democrat Party is behind it. Democrat Party political operatives and hacks are behind this! That’s what the prosecutor is attempting to establish.

People say, “What does this matter who paid for your lawyers?” It’s part of the attempt to establish… Remember who the audience for this is. The audience for this is a couple or three Republican senators, folks, not you and me. Well, you and me in a sense, but in trying to establish that all of this is not an aggrieved woman who because of her heart and her conscience has come forward. She’s being dragged forward and put in the public eye by the Democrat Party who may have instigated this from the get-go!

That’s the attempt that is being made. Whether it’s effective yet or not, I don’t know. But I think that is one of the objectives, shall we say, of the woman conducting the interrogation or the interviews of Dr. Ford for Republican senators. Now, both of her lawyers that we see here… She’s got four. There are two prominently on display here, Michael Bromwich and the Soros lawyer. That would be Debra Katz. Anyway, they just admitted that they are both working pro bono.

This woman has the money to pay them, but they’re working pro bono, and Bromwich — are you ready for it? — is also Andrew McCabe’s lawyer! So this guy, one way or the other, is determined to frustrate Donald Trump, to get Trump, one way or the other. Now, I personally — as a man of great decency and compassion — am glad that Dr. Ford will not have to sell her two houses in Santa Cruz and in Santa Fe in order to pay for her lawyers and legal bills.

Unlike Michael Flynn and Michael Caputo, who have had to sell everything in order to pay their legal bills because of Robert Mueller’s investigation, Dr. Ford here is free and clear because her lawyers are pro bono. Democrats continue to make a big deal out of the fact that there was no FBI investigation and that Kavanaugh has refused to call for one. (chuckles) Kavanaugh’s undergone — SIX! — FBI investigations.

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