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RUSH: So let’s grab the phones while we have some time here before the hearing resumes and we’ll start with Michelle in Pennsylvania. Hi. Your turn. What do you think?

CALLER: I don’t know where to start, Rush. Let me start by saying I am a recent convert to your show during the Obama years, and I thank you for what you do to enlighten us. I am a 52-year-old woman. In 1989, I was 23 years old, and I was the victim of a serious sexual assault. When I say sexual assault, I mean rape. I have a problem with people saying “sexual assault.” Anyways, I don’t forget one detail of what happened that New Year’s Eve by no fault of my own.

I remember the man’s name.

I remember what he looked like.

I remember his eye color.

I remember what he wore.

I remember being trapped in that specific house and not being able to leave.

So this woman, this doctor, this educated woman is just making my blood boil. And I don’t want to pass judgment on her situation. I wasn’t there; so I can’t say. And I know everybody deals with trauma differently. But I find it very hard to believe that this educated, accomplished woman doesn’t understand these questions, doesn’t know her vocabulary. I just don’t get it, and I’m very upset.

RUSH: Let me ask you this, because I have a question for you, and this is what it’s gonna all come down to for everybody at the end of the day here. Do you believe, according to…? After having listened to her, do you believe that happened to her in a room in a house at around 1982 at around sometime after 6 o’clock at night approximately? Do you believe something happened to this woman?

CALLER: Again, I don’t want to pass judgment on another gal’s situation. I would have liked to have been able to see what was going on. I was just —

RUSH: No, but I’m asking you to.


RUSH: This is what these senators are gonna have to decide, “Did something happen to her?” And then if the answer to that is “yes” then, okay. Do they believe her that it was Kavanaugh (she’s unequivocal, 100%) or are they gonna believe Kavanaugh’s denial later? Do you believe that she’s being truthful that something happened? I’m not asking you now if Kavanaugh did it. Do you believe now based on the way she’s told the story — and you can add your own experience in if you want. But you’re just watching this today. Do you believe something happened to her as she describes it?

CALLER: I think she thinks something happened to her and I think something might have happened to her at some point in her life. But whether she is coming forth of her own volition or she’s being wound up by political parties with an agenda? That’s another affair. But I don’t think… In this country, you cannot just assassinate a person’s character without some kind of evidence. I can tell you that friends and families of mine could vouch for something that happened to me back then. There were specific timelines. People knew what happened.

RUSH: Because you told them.

CALLER: Because I did. You’re darn right I did. So something doesn’t add up. So my question to these senators is, “What is not adding up?”

RUSH: Well, it depends on which senators you talk to.

CALLER: And I get that.

RUSH: But let me just answer your question. We most certainly can in America today. You’re watching it happen. We most certainly can destroy a life. We can destroy a career. We can destroy exceptional achievement. We can destroy a future and a past, and we can destroy a family.

CALLER: You can.

RUSH: We’re watching it happen! We absolutely are. The Democrats are more than willing to do that. That’s what we’re up against, and that’s one of the reasons our people are hamstrung. They don’t know quite how to deal with people who are willing to do that. Here, imagine this setup. We’re up against people who have no compunction whatsoever about doing just that, and what is our reaction? “We can’t be seen as bullies!” They can bully Kavanaugh all day, and they’re going to.

They can embark on a political course of action that will result in Brett Kavanaugh’s life, career, accomplishments and achievements being wiped out and destroyed, his future — and who knows what it’s gonna do to his family. They can do that all day long. They’re doing it. We’re saying to ourselves, “We gotta be real careful ’cause we can’t appear to be unfair or bullying of the woman who is making it possible.” You’re absolutely right.

There is no corroborating evidence for this, and there isn’t gonna be when this is over. She’s offered nothing new. She’s offered no new evidence, no new proof, no nothing. Nothing new, nothing’s changed. Yet tune to the media, and the media is convinced — even our media, Fox News — it’s over. It may as well be over. The Democrats are hitting grand-slam home runs with every five-minute segment; the Republicans are not even on the field.


RUSH: It’ll be interesting to see if the Republicans on the committee are as frustrated as some of you are about how the morning has gone. It’ll be interesting to see what strategery has been changed during the recess here, what procedural changes there might be. Now, Dr. Ford said something else that, to me, is contradictory. One of the people supposedly in the room when this assault happened was a friend of hers. The friend’s name is Leland Keyser, and Dr. Ford mentioned her again today as being there, but Keyser remembers neither Kavanaugh nor the incident. And she’s a friend.

I’ve got time to squeeze in another call here. Pat in Chicago. You’re next. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s truly a great honor to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: I heard everything that I needed to hear after her opening statement. I was writing down some notes as she was reading her opening statement.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: She indicated that both Kavanaugh and Judge were, quote, “inebriated and belligerent” and that they had been drinking prior to coming to this residence. She indicated she can schedule a floor plan so she remembers that portion of it. She said she had one beer, which sounds very contrived by her attorneys because she didn’t want to say she was drunk and she was a participant in it. So let’s say she did have one beer and Kavanaugh and Judge had been drinking.

They obviously had a lot of alcohol in their system, and 30 minutes later she decides she’d gotta go to bathroom, according to her. So they’re obviously more drunk than they were when she got there. So they’re beyond belligerent. They’re beyond inebriated. So there’s four or five people in there, whatever she determines — you know, whichever way the wind’s blowing — whenever she’s writing the article. There’s no music on downstairs. So in an unfamiliar house, she goes upstairs to find a bathroom.

There’s no bathroom on the first floor? There wasn’t a half bath there? What was she doing, going to take a shower? She goes upstairs for some reason by herself, and these two belligerent and inebriated boys that were making all kinds of racket somehow snuck up behind her without her knowing and pushed her into a bedroom. Because she didn’t turn around, she couldn’t hear anything behind her with these boys that were just totally drunk and out of control.

But somehow, they made it up the steps behind her, and they were super quiet. So they push her into this bedroom, they push her down on the bed, and for some reason in this bedroom there’s music playing, according to her, when there’s nobody in there. So the music isn’t playing downstairs where the people are. The music is playing upstairs and Kavanaugh cranks the music so it’s real loud, so when he puts his hand over her mouth no one can hear her scream.

Okay? So he’s got this loud music up. She eventually gets away and runs into the bathroom that’s off the bedroom and she says she locks the door. Now, did she say Kavanaugh after this — if he’s trying to rape her — comes over and jiggles the handle? You know, he don’t (sic) want to be shut down. Did he jiggle the handle? No. What did he do? He and Mark Judge went over, turned the music down so she could hear them, not only —

RUSH: Hold your thought. I gotta break. Hold your thought. Right at that very moment.


RUSH: Pat in Chicago. Please resume where you were. Kavanaugh had just turned down the music in the bedroom, which was the only room in the house apparently during the party where there was music on.

CALLER: Right. After his attempted rape — which we’re told by the professionals that rape is about power, rape is about control. So after he is stymied of raping this girl and she gets away from him and escapes and goes into the bedroom — I’m sorry, to the bathroom that’s off the bedroom and locks the door, what does he do? Does he try and take away more power from her? No. He turns down the music so she can hear what’s going on so she knows that it’s safe for her to come out, and she claims that she could hear ’em going down and bouncing off the walls.

They weren’t bouncing off the walls when they came up, they were stealthy. But when they went down they were bouncing off the walls, which gave her an opportunity to escape. So she unlocks the bathroom door, and instead of immediately going over, closing the bedroom door and locking it — ’cause you know it’s the same lock; so if you can get through the bedroom door, you can get through the bathroom door — and looking for a phone in the bedroom and saying, “Hey, so-and-so, you brought me to this party. You dropped me off.

“I’m having some problems here with a guy. I need you to come pick me up right now. I don’t feel safe.” Does she do that? No! What does she do? She walks downstairs, and according to her testimony knowing that she had to walk past them, walked out outside. Now, Kavanaugh’s this great athlete; right? So what prevented him from chasing her? Why would she go outside? Why would she open herself up to that? She’s in a strange neighborhood.

She can’t even define where this house is. She goes outside not having any mode of transportation to take her anywhere that she wants to go, and she goes outside by herself. Did she take her friend with her? Where’s Leland? Why didn’t she say, “Leland, he just tried to attack me! Stay with me until I get somewhere safe.” Did she do that? No, she doesn’t. To piggyback off what you said, after being freed and she’s safe, wouldn’t you think she would know what happened next after that?

RUSH: Well, that’s the thing. I mean, picking up where you left off, the thing that is really hard to believe is that she can’t remember how she got away from there!

CALLER: Because she was never there.

RUSH: She can’t remember how she got home. I don’t know how you would forget that. How would you…? That’s your escape! That’s how you get to safety. That’s how you rewrap yourself in your cocoon of security. She can’t remember that. She would have had to have made decisions. Was she gonna walk, catch a cab, call mom and dad, hitchhike, ask somebody at the party, “Is there somebody who can drive me?” We don’t know. She can’t tell us how she got out of there.

CALLER: So in this case, you know, it’s basically her “witnesses,” quote, unquote. They will not corroborate what she’s saying. Her best friend — this Leland who was her best friend — said it never happened. She was never there.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Now, in a case like this, let’s say it’s, “he said, she said.” In a case like that that’s 35-year-olds, in my book plausibility determines credibility, and if anybody finds her story plausible, they’re sick in the head.

RUSH: Well, it’s more than that. This story — uncorroborated, no evidence, no witnesses. Is this what you will use to disqualify a nominee about whom everything else in life we know? We know his achievements. We know his decisions. We know his writings. Through six FBI investigations, we know everything there is to know about this guy except for this one tale which can’t be corroborated, for which there’s no evidence. Are we gonna keep a guy off the court for that, balancing this, what we’re hearing today against what we know about the rest of and the entirety of his life?


RUSH: Lindsey Graham was just being interviewed by the media, the media scrum following the break in the hearings, and he was fit to be tied over this. He said he didn’t hear one thing to change anything, that she didn’t corroborate anything. She did not. He doesn’t doubt anything happened to her, but Kavanaugh is unequivocal it didn’t happen. He’s got three witnesses that say they weren’t there when Ford says they were there. He made the point (summarized), “They want an FBI investigation?

“You couldn’t even get a search warrant for this because she doesn’t know where it happened! She doesn’t know where it happened, she doesn’t know precisely when it happened, she doesn’t know how she got home when it was over.” He thought that the Republican prosecutor had done a good job. I don’t think the Republican prosecutor had enough time to close her case. That’s just me. We go back to the phones now to Washington. Kathryn, you’re next. I really appreciate your waiting, and hello.

CALLER: Hi. How are you, Rush?

RUSH: Fine and dandy. Thank you very much.

CALLER: I was just calling in because I am similar to Christine Ford in some ways. I have a PhD, I went to a really excellent college, and 20 years ago, I was raped. But what is different about me is that there is no way I would ruin that man’s life. I mean, I’ve forgiven him, and I’ve had to do that to get on with my life. The idea that someone would say something just to ruin their life is just wrong.

RUSH: This is why the Republican prosecutor was attempting to establish, that Christine Ford is the product of a Democrat Party operation, because the Democrat Party will destroy people to stop their opponents from winning. You’re not a political person. You don’t think this way. They do! This is exactly how they think. They are using her. She didn’t come forward on her own; I don’t care what anybody says. They’re using her to get this done.

CALLER: And it’s so insulting to people that were actually raped, I have to say (chuckles), and it’s so insulting to people with any kind of human decency. That’s —

RUSH: Well, we’re not… (chuckles) Again, you know, I may be out on… This is not thin ice. We’re not dealing with decency here. We are in the mire and muck of politics where indecency is the objective of the Democrat Party whenever politics is involved, and that’s why you’re having trouble relating. You can’t see yourself destroying the life of your rapist, even though some people wouldn’t blame you!

CALLER: No. I… (chuckles) You know, you sound just like my husband, which is funny, because he listens to you all the time. And, you know, he says the same thing. He’s like, “You just don’t get it. I can’t try and explain to you how a liberal thinks,” and that’s why I started listening. He’s listened to your show for years but I’ve recently started listening more so that I can be aware, because it’s just so mind-blowing, if I could say anything.

RUSH: I know exactly what you can’t relate to, and that’s precisely because you’re not cut from that cloth. Many people are. Hang on, Kathryn. I want to just say one more thing to you.


RUSH: Kathryn, Washington. You’re back. I want to share something with you. You admitted that your husband is telling you how political the left is or Democrats are and you have trouble recognizing it. You’re not alone there. I want to share with you maybe a way to help you understand just who they are and a way to maybe help you logically spot it when you see it. My whole life, I have been struggling to find the way to tell people who are not as politically oriented as I am or not political junkies what liberalism is and who liberals are and why they are a danger.

Because most people don’t look at people’s ideology. They judge other things. I finally stumbled across… I’ve always had this in the back of my mind, but I’ve never been able to come up with the words. I was reading a little blurb by a columnist at National Review named Jim Geraghty, and he nailed it. It was not a big, long piece. It was almost kind of like a throwaway line. Essentially, he said that it struck him that what liberalism is — what the Democrat Party is — is people with psychological disorders who are now politicizing those disorders and blaming various institutions or America at large for their disorders.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: And I’m telling you, that is… As far as I look at them, I think it’s exactly right, and that’s why so much of liberalism is tough to understand because it defies logic. People try to say, “Well, that’s just who liberals are,” but it doesn’t make sense to you because it defies logic. But the way to give you an example. What is the Black Lives Matter movement? It’s hatred of all cops.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: The theory is these are groups made up of people who may have had a bad experience with cops. Maybe they’ve been affected by it one way or the other and they’ve got some kind of disorder related to it, and they blow it up into being all cops are bad and all of America that supports authority is bad. But when they enter the political realm with it for solutions and answers is when people lose understanding. You know, if you’ve got a psychological disorder, deal with it somewhere else. It’s not politics’s responsibility to deal with all of these various problems that people have.


RUSH: And if you look at the constituency groups in the Democrat Party, it’s one group after another which are not happy. They’re constantly miserable. They just — they — (sigh)

CALLER: Blame other people for their problems.

RUSH: Oh, yeah. That’s part of it. Victimology.


RUSH: So that, to me, nailed it even though it’s one of those things where when I saw that characterization? Bingo! It’s what I’ve always thought, never was able to come up with the words myself to express it. I mean, look at the arguments we are having. I mean, we are shutting down states. We’ve got boycotts of states over the fact that some states wanted to pass a law saying that boys couldn’t use the girls’ bathroom and vice-versa. We’re in the midst of a hearing over whether or not somebody should be denied a seat on the court because he’s been accused of sexual abuse.

Yet the same people think it’s okay for little boys and little girls to go to the bathroom together because they have to accommodate the latest fad or cause which is transgenderism and so forth. And it’s things like that… Militant feminism? It’s irrational. These women are angry. Something has happened to them in their lives, and their rage and anger, they take it out now on the country or on all men or men in “the powerful majority,” which is white Christian men and so forth. How do you deal with psychological disorders?

You can’t when it enters the political arena, because psychological disorders, those are victims of something, and they are… So politics now has to make an accommodation for all of this, and there just isn’t any common ground. The Democrats are using all of this to win elections and to advance and change definitions of morality and normalcy and so forth. You just try to look at things you don’t understand and rather than say, “That’s just the Democrats.” No. There’s a reason for it, and they are embracing and promoting these various psychological disorders as legitimate political causes.

These people in these groups are happy for the Democrats to take it on because the Democrats promise ’em they’re gonna fix it. The Democrats promise to fix it, and fixing it means getting even the people who did whatever was done to them. So it becomes the politics of punishment and revenge and getting’ even with people who didn’t do anything to anybody! Affirmative action! And not just with African-Americans. Affirmative action with women. People who have never mistreated anybody get punished, by virtue of new policy that is enacted to appease the Democrat Party sponsoring this stuff.

And it creates an ongoing war in the country.

Groups of people end up being pitted against one way or another precisely because of all this, and that’s why there isn’t any common ground. That’s why there is no more crossing the aisle and cooperating and understanding and so forth, because the people on the left have no interest in cooperation or getting along. They want blood. They want vengeance. They want punishment for whoever it is that did whatever happened to them.

And the Democrat Party is right there to make them think that they’re gonna get it done. It’s sad. It really is. But look. Kathryn, thank you. I’m glad you called. It’s not easy for you to call here and say what you said and to enter into this discussion. You know, they told Dr. Ford she was brave today for doing what she did. So are you. I’m glad you called.

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