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RUSH: And then the speech pattern. It’s an odd speech pattern for an accomplished woman. I’m not denying that it could be legit. But it’s a speech pattern that garners sympathy. You can’t say that out loud like I just did, but I’m known for saying things you can’t say. And again, it’s the up-speak or the up-talker. There’s a pattern. There are patterns of speech, and they have been clinically analyzed and categorized and named, and she comes off as an up-talker, ends sentences with an upward inflection, which is how young girls — young teenage girls — come off.

It makes the speaker sound uber-nice and harmless, non-aggressive, sensitive, vulnerable and so forth, like there’s not a mean bone in their body. She even appears uncertain… Her lawyers are turning pages for her. Her lawyers are covering the mic and conferring with her as to what to say and what the correct answer is. Which is fine, which is why they’re there. She has got four of them there. You can see two of them.

One of them is the Democrat activist, [Debra] Katz. The other one’s Michael Bromwich, who tried to take Apple for as much as he could in the antitrust case involving iBooks. That’s another story unrelated to this, other than who that guy is. She also admitted that she’s been in the East for a long time. Remember we were told that she’s afraid of flying? But she has been in Delaware and New Hampshire in August for her vacation and so forth.

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