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RUSH: A former National Security Agency employee is going to jail for five-and-a-half years. Nghia Pho took classified materials home, where Russian spies hacked into his unsecure computer and stole the NSA’s hacking toolkit.

The Justice Department says Pho’s reckless and illegal handling of highly classified materials put our intelligence community at risk. His conviction, they say, reaffirms the expectations that the government places on those who are sworn to safeguard the nation’s secrets.

Pho joins Reality Winner and another government employee convicted in the past two years of mishandling highly classified information.

Am I the only one who notices the elephant (or the donkey) in the room? Wearing a pantsuit and back brace?

Hillary Rodham Clinton had a private server in her basement, for goodness sake! She recklessly handled highly classified material on a daily basis.

If Russian spies targeted a lowly NSA employee, don’t you think they and every other foreign spy agency were looking at Hillary’s emails? I mean, she’s Secretary of State out there.

The only thing this conviction “reaffirms” is that Hillary got away with it because there’s a dual standard of justice in Washington. Republicans, guilty. Democrats, not even prosecuted.

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