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RUSH: Back to the phones in the Green Bay area with Attila. (chuckles) Attila, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you. I’m a lifer! In 1989, I was in high school and I started listening to you while mowing my yard.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that. It’s always great to hear from lifers. Thank you very much.

CALLER: Yes. We need lions in this day and age, not lambs — and you, sir, are a lion who inspires a lot of folks in the younger generation like Ben Ferguson and John Muir of our Green Bay radio station, young conservatives. Anyways, to my point, sir, I feel kicked in the gut, and I want your reaction. Reason guided by experience and wisdom. What is your take, Rush, on the retraction of the declassification order by the president for the text messages between Peter Strzok, Donkey Teeth Lisa Page, and Bruce Ohr and Andrew McCabe and the FISA?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I was so excited, and then the retraction came. The wind is out of my sails, and I wanted your reaction.

RUSH: You’re not alone in that. A lot of people are, and especially people like Devin Nunes and Mark Meadows. Members of Congress had a lot of invested in this stuff being declassified and made public. Declassification is one thing. Making it public is another. Here’s what happened. Supposedly, some of our allies appealed to President Trump to not make this stuff public because it would be so embarrassing to them. Translation: The Brits.

Translation: Cambridge and Oxford professors who do double time at MI6 and MI5, plus people (the spies and so forth) that work there. Because there is no doubt in my mind, given Stefan Halper and Joseph Mifsud and some of the others at the FBI hired as embedded spies in the Trump campaign — there’s no doubt in my mind — that they are up to their necks in this stuff themselves! And what’s in these documents proves the coup!

It establishes what was going on! The deep state is witnessing this unravel in front of their faces. That’s why all of this is happening with Rosenstein, and there obviously was an appeal made to Trump by our allies to not make this public for fear of damaging the allied relationship. At some point, that has to go by the wayside. I was disappointed like you and a lot of people were because we’ve been led to believe that these documents will put an end to all this and bring to light everything we have thought we’ve known that’s been going on — that it will prove it, and even more.

I am a firm believer that this stuff is gonna be made public at some point. I really do believe it is. I think Trump acquiesced to the wishes here of our allies for the time being, for the sake of other elements of his foreign policy that he wants to achieve — for example, at the United Nations today, this speech of his. It was strong. It was America first. He told Germany not to be dependent on one source of energy. This is Russia. But he didn’t ream ’em. He just pointed out the mistake that they’re making.

He really laid out Iran, all of the horrible things that Iran has done. He made a joke about Rouhani. He said, “Everything I hear about him is he’s very, very nice guy. But no, I don’t expect to be chatting with him this month or this week.” You know, Brexit is still a mess, and Trump has a desired outcome with that. So I think this is Trump balancing the alternatives and realizing he can make it public at any time. The Brits made a request; he’s gonna honor the request for whatever foreign policy considerations he thinks are important.

But I think he’s gonna publicize it at some point. Remember, we’ve still got, well, 40 days before the midterms. Take 10 off ’cause you need enough time out there and permeate. Say we got 30 days. I do believe… I don’t know anything, but I do believe that it’s going to happen. In fact, I think there’s so much going on… I mentioned earlier that the Mueller investigation, and I just have a sense. I got these instincts, these gut feelings that pop up now and then.

And I really believe that the wind is gone from the Mueller investigation, because there isn’t anything there! They knew even before Mueller started that there wasn’t any collusion, so they were looking for ways maybe make people think was. They couldn’t even find that! They couldn’t even find fake evidence. They couldn’t even manufacture credible fake evidence, after all of the newspaper stories, after all of the attempts that have been made.

I don’t think Mueller is winding down for any reason other than he knows there’s no “there” there. But I think these documents have to come out, because that would end this, and it would end this quickly. This needs to be ended like the Kavanaugh confirmation vote needs to happen quickly. There has been so much government misconduct and corruption that it needs to come to light and people need to know just how extensive it was.

People need to know exactly what happened from the files made by the conspirators and the people involved in this coup themselves. People need to know that there was indeed — from the upper echelon of the Obama Department of Justice and the Obama intelligence apparatus — a purposeful, coordinated effort to undermine a campaign first, a transition second, and a presidency third. This needs to come out. It needs to be made public.

The American people need to see the evidence. Not written by newspapers, not manufactured by anonymous sources, but actual documents created by the participants who had to (because of numerous regulations and laws) document what they were doing. There’s also something else. You know Sidney Powell, the author of a great book, Licensed to Lie, which I have cited and quoted here on numerous previous occasions. She makes the point…

Remember the Weiner laptop that Comey used to reopen the Hillary email investigation on October 28, 2016? The Democrats erupted over this. It was because some of Hillary’s State Department emails were found on Huma Abedin’s husband’s computer, “Carlos Danger.” That would be Anthony Weiner! This is the guy that was texting — another Democrat, by the way, who was texting — nude photos of his penis to young girls. Why men do that, I’ll never know, but I guess he thought he was particularly beautiful in that way.

He’s sending them out there to teenage girls and Huma is embarrassed and humiliated but Huma stays with him for the duration following the great example of Hillary Clinton. She did so, but on that computer remember they told us in that week that there were tens of thousands of emails, and in two days they told us they reviewed them all? “Nothing to see here! We are officially closing the case.” They didn’t read those emails on that computer.

And point has been made that we need to see that laptop, we need to see what was on that laptop because on that laptop perhaps the names of every person in the House or Senate for whom misconduct claims were paid from a congressional slush fund. Have you heard about this fund, folks? The members of Congress created a fund. They control the purse strings of the government, the budget.

They created a fund, a pile of money from which mischaracterize claims against them would be paid. So if you are an abused woman or an confused employee and mistreated and whatever and you charge them, file suit, the money to pay off the accusers came out of this slush fund. Supposedly the Weiner laptop has some of that evidence on it, and it’s elsewhere as well as. But especially at this juncture with what they’re trying to do to Brett Kavanaugh, it would be highly helpful and informative to find out the names of every person in the House or Senate for whom misconduct claims were paid and how much and what the allegations are.

We need it before voting starts — early voting, absence voting. That needs to happen, too, all of this. While everybody’s focusing on what Kavanaugh did or didn’t do — and he didn’t do it because nobody has any evidence that he did. We have a slush fund, and we have a money pool from which misconduct claims have been paid. For whom, how much, and for what were they accused? The double standard here seems like it’s the only standard that exists in Washington.

You’ve got a guy Kavanaugh who hasn’t done anything, nothing close to what he’s been accused of. Certainly, nobody can prove it. There isn’t any evidence for any of these allegations — and yet evidence for mistreatment of women and abuse abounds elsewhere, but it’s hidden and swept under the rug and paid off privately with government money. And a lot of this could be learned easily with the declassification of certain documents. So I’m with you out there, Attila, that it needs to happen.

The only thing I can think of is that Trump’s foreign policy concerns, policies desires need cooperation from some of these allies. But I hope this is just a temporary delay. That’s why at every Trump rally, what is the No. 1 sign they see, outside of Make America Great? What’s the number one sign you see at a Trump rally, Mr. Snerdley? (interruption) Nope. “Drain the swamp.” “Drain the swamp” is the No. 1. “Build the wall,” No. 2. (“Lock her up” is really a chant.) But “drain the swamp” is why Trump was sent there, and declassifying these documents would be a giant step for mankind in draining the swamp.

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