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Sep 24, 2018


“This week has the potential to be brutal, because this week has the potential to prove beyond doubt that the Democrat Party, the left, and the American media are bankrupt. They are bankrupt of everything good, they are bankrupt of everything decent — and in the process, folks, they are doing such damage to America.”

“One of the bedrock principles of America, one of the many things enshrined in our Constitution that sets America apart from everywhere else is in our law, in our jurisprudence, in the rule of law the concept that anybody charged with anything is innocent until proved guilty.”

National Review: Democrats, Kavanaugh, and ‘The End of Civilization’
Breitbart: Trump Dismisses Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh as ‘Highly Unsubstantiated,’ ‘Totally Political’
Daily Wire: 10 Serious Problems With New Accusations Against Kavanaugh
Business Insider: Michael Avenatti Said He Has ‘Significant Evidence’ that Brett Kavanaugh Participated in Sexual Misconduct in High School
New York Post: How Feinstein is Conspiring to Destroy Kavanaugh
National Review: Fight for Kavanaugh
The Hill: Grassley: Dems ‘Withheld Information’ on New Kavanaugh Allegation
Mediaite: Ronan Farrow: New Kavanaugh Accuser Came Forward Because Democrats ‘Came Looking’
Daily Caller: The New York Times Was Unable To Corroborate Second Kavanaugh Accuser’s Story
Wall Street Journal: Why the Left Is Consumed With Hate – Shelby Steele
National Review: Rod Rosenstein’s Resistance – Andrew McCarthy
HotAir: Avenatti: I Have Evidence That Kavanaugh Ran A Gang-Rape Ring
Daily Caller: Ronan Farrow Says Democrats Actively Sought Out Second Kavanaugh Accuser
Reuters: Rosenstein Has Not Resigned, Still U.S. deputy Attorney General: Source
FOXNews: Michael Moore’s ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ Falls Flat at the Box Office with Dismal $3 Million Opening
Daily Wire: Now Kavanaugh’s Wife Is Getting Death Threats
HotAir: Kavanaugh: Hell No, I Won’t Go, Not After “Such Grotesque And Obvious Character Assassination”


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