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RUSH: On Saturday, the Department of Homeland Security unveiled a proposed new green card rule that made liberals see red. Because it enforces the law.

Politico says the proposed regulation would provide “a more robust enforcement mechanism for longstanding statutory boilerplate that bars immigrants ‘likely to become a public charge.’”

Let me translate. America will enforce age-old American law preventing you from staying in America if you can not support yourself.

The Drive-Bys are outraged. Politico says if these rules are adopted, millions of low-income immigrant families will have to choose between accepting government benefits and being able to stay here permanently.

Gasp! Horrible.

Guess what. Anyone who thinks this rule is “controversial” is out in left field! Almost every nation on earth has laws like this. Including us!

You can’t just pick up, move to another country, and demand they give you what ever you want. It’s insane! The fact that we’ve allowed millions of people to come here and do that proves how corrupt our immigration system has become. And why fixing it is long overdue. It’s called: Build the Wall.

Puff on that.

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