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RUSH: Now, let’s move forward to Rod Rosenstein. Let me tell you what this is. You know I believe in brevity. Brevity is the soul of wit. What we know is what we have suspected, what has been confirmed with the New York Times story on Rosenstein suggesting Trump be recorded to show his unsuitable nature for the presidency. Rosenstein volunteering to wear a wire. What we know is that there was — and probably still is — a movement at the highest levels of the Department of Justice and the Obama administration to undermine the campaign and then to overthrow Donald Trump, to undo the election results of 2016.

Call it a silent coup, which many people have. There’s no question now that this was ongoing and is. That’s what all of this leads to. We have Lisa Page, Peter Strzok Smirk, Nellie and Bruce Ohr. We’ve got McCabe, and we have Comey, and we have all the evidence we need that there was a cabal of people in the deep state attempting to overthrow the duly elected president: Donald Trump.

They have been engaged in this since before Trump was elected because the efforts were to make sure he didn’t win the election. This cannot be disputed now! And we now know that the appointment of Robert Mueller is as suspect as we ever thought it was — as unnecessary and as totally, purely political as we always thought it was — and now we know that it’s falling apart. Now we know that it is being exposed. Now we know that the conspirators here in the deep state who were at the bottom of this effort have lost control of it. It is unraveling on them.

They have been exposed for doing what they were doing, and the press is now busy trying to cover that up, which is what the Mueller investigation’s primary objective actually is. The secondary objective of the Mueller investigation (very close to the primary) is to continue to look for ways that might persuade the American people to drop their support for Trump so that he can be sent packing. That objective is still real. It’s still being pursued.

The Rosenstein story basically is the New York Times came out with a story that Rosenstein had volunteered to suggested wearing a wire during a trip to the White House to trying to get evidence that Trump was deranged, insane — unfit emotionally, psychologically, intellectually for the presidency — to take that tape or those tapes (however many it took) to the cabinet and then suggested them that it’s time to invoke the 25th Amendment.

“The president is unfit, and you, the cabinet, must agree that he has to go.” So when the news hit, Rosenstein issues a denial that is half-hearted and not specific. Then in an attempt to cover for this, Rosenstein’s friends leak that it was just a bunch of people sitting around joking, that nobody ever really intended for anybody to wear a wire, much less Rosenstein. They were talking about how unfit Trump is, but they were talking about the futility they felt in dealing with it.

They felt powerless (so goes the story) to get rid of Trump even though they all felt he was unfit, even though they all felt he was dangerous and had no business being anywhere near the Oval Office or anything else. The story is that Rosenstein said in frustration, mock frustration to the rest of the group, “Well, what do you want to do? Wear a wire?” So this gets reported as a joke. Rosenstein says it’s just a joke. But Michael Schmidt from the New York Times who wrote the story is adamant that nobody was joking about this and that they were intending to do it.

Now, there’s a side aspect to this story. The Washington Post and New York Times are at odds over this, and they are both part of the deep state. The Washington Post has a different take on this. What I think would be helpful here is to understand Rosenstein and who he is and what inspires him. Rosenstein is one of these guys in Washington who has led his professional life in such a way as to be respected by everybody in both parties — meaning, he’s a wuss.

Meaning, he will say whatever he has to say to whatever group of people (Democrat or Republican, depending) to get their approval-of-approval, get their support. The proof that he succeeded in that was the confirmation vote for his appointment to deputy attorney general was like 96 to 4 or some such thing. Remember when he was appointed? You may not, but when he was appointed, remember how everybody in the media and Washington had a great, big sigh of relief ’cause finally a fair and honest, reputable guy was gonna be at the Department of Justice putting the brakes on this unpredictable, dangerous Trump.

Then Trump even got some applause for hiring Rosenstein because he’s such a great guy. He’s so, so, so honorable. I mean, he’s almost as honorable as Mueller. Not quite, but it’s a close race. And it’s all come back to bite him because offense has done far more to curry favor with Democrats than Republicans because the Democrats run that town in terms of everybody’s estimation. So the Drive-Bys were breathless today when word leaked that Rosenstein was on his way to the White House. Now, Trump’s not there. Trump is in New York at the United Nations.

Rosenstein was up there, and the word went out that Rosenstein knew he was gonna be fired so he wanted to get in front of it and announce his resignation — which can means, if it’s true, that Rosenstein wanted to play the victim. Rosenstein wanted everybody to think that he was being valiant and courageous and willing to fall on the sword. Even though it was unnecessary, he was not gonna allow this reprobate to fire him. He was gonna be bigger! He was gonna be principled. He wasn’t wait to be fired. He was gonna resign as in, “(Raspberry) you, President Trump!”

So he called the chief of staff, John Kelly, and the story is that he resigned on the phone and then drove up there with his SUV caravan to submit his resignation in writing. Now, we don’t know what’s happened. All we know is that he met with the chief of staff. There have been arguments back and forth since the New York Times story hit with Rosenstein wanting to tape Trump that Trump should not fire the guy. A lot of people say, “Don’t fire him, Mr. President! (wailing) I know he should be fired. I know it’s the thing to do. But don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it because it’s a trick. It’s a trick!

“They’re all tricking you to try to get I to fire him so that it looks like here obstructing justice right before the midterm elections. Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it!” Even Professor Dershowitz said, “Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it!” Now, Trump admittedly is between a rock and a hard place. He’s got his deputy attorney general not denying that they were talking about wearing a wire to record him in meetings in his office! If there was ever a justifiable firing, this is it! But we still don’t know what the end result of this is.


Here’s Dershowitz, jumping back now to Rosenstein. Dershowitz on Saturday on CNN with Michael Smerconish. The question: “What will President Trump do regarding Rosenstein now?”

DERSHOWITZ: If he’s smart, he’ll take advantage of this and not fire any of these people. Not Mueller, not Rosenstein, and not Sessions. We ought to have hearing on this. Put him under oath. Put the other people who are in the room under oath. But what he could do very plausibly is have his lawyers go to court and make a motion to recuse Rosenstein from any involvement in any case involving the president because he has a conflict of interest. I think a court would look seriously on a motion to recuse, and that wouldn’t make it into a Saturday Night Massacre.

RUSH: They’re really worried that if Trump fires this guy, that it’s gonna be damaging for the midterms because it will allow people to claim that Trump’s obstructing justice. You know, the same old saw. Dershowitz’s reasoning is pretty solid. I have to tell you also that we still don’t know whether Rosenstein’s quit or been fired. It turns out this meeting at the White House today was previously scheduled. There was nothing unique about the meeting today.

It was already on the calendar. So the media is already running off and jumping off the cliff with things that they don’t even know. I thought this was odd. Trump’s not there! You know, why go up there? He’s not there today. He’s up in New York. Now there’s a story that Trump is gonna be talking to Rosenstein at some point. Do we have time for Lindsey Grahamnesty? (interruption) No, we don’t.

But Lindsey Grahamnesty admits there’s a coup going on. But he’s also of the mind not to fire Rosenstein for the political reasons. He says leave him alone, leave him alone. Rosenstein’s “doing the country a great disservice by not appointing a special counsel to look into…” (chuckles) How many special counsels do we need to know what we already know? A special counsel here, special counsel there? What, another three years to find out what we already know.


RUSH: Rosenstein and Trump are gonna meet Thursday. Nothing’s gonna happen ’til then. Thank you again, media, for blowing it up. Lisa Page was at the meeting where supposedly Rosenstein was just joking about wearing a wire. She says he was not joking. Why would she want us to believe that? I’m telling you, everybody’s trying to protect themselves now. It’s falling apart on ’em.

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