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RUSH: So I’m just watching CNN. I want to be able to explain this to you exactly as I just heard this. So I’m watching an infobabe report from the White House to Wolf Blitzer at CNN. The thrust of her report is how shocked — get this, now — how shocked and stunned Trump’s aides are at how respectful he’s been to the accuser. Not the media and others, but the people that work for Trump. This infobabe said the people who work for Trump in the White House, Trump’s aides, have been blown away by how polite and accepting and gentle and nice he has been to the accuser.

They were stunned by it. And then she said that Trump has noticed that the coverage he’s getting on this has been that much better precisely because he’s been a nice guy toward the accuser. So Trump aides told CNN that they now expect this to affect Trump in the long term, that he’s going to now try to be a nice guy as often as he can because he likes the media coverage. Then she said to Wolf Blitzer, “But, Wolf, the real reason the president is so happy is because he is not the accused.

“The president is used to being the accused in these sexual harassment matters, and he’s just so grateful that he’s not the accused, that he is treating this in a responsible and reasonable way.” And then she said (chuckles) but this could all blow up on the president tonight because, Wolf, as we know, the president will be leaving in a short while for a rally in Las Vegas where he’s going to be stumping for a Senate candidate out there. And as you know, Wolf, at these rallies is where the president is unscripted and goes off message and has a tendency to be who he really is.

Implying that all of this niceness and politeness to the accuser could go out the window tonight when Trump goes off script and he could once again start insulting everybody left and right. So we’ll just have to keep a sharp eye on it, Wolf. You know, the president gets in these rallies with his supporters, and they egg him on, and he loves it, and he likes saying things that gets them all worked up. I was laughing myself silly. I just broad smile on my face watching this. And Trump…

You know, they talked about Obama — the left did and the media did — trying to tell us that Obama is so much smarter than everybody that we just can’t keep up, that if life is a game of chess, you know, he’s five or six moves ahead of everybody, that nobody can play in his league. We’re just lucky. We’re lucky to be among the countenance and the aura of Barack Hussein Obama. Let me tell you something. Let me tell you who’s five or six moves ahead of people, and that’s Trump. They are the ones shocked, not Trump’s aides.

They are shocked at Trump’s behavior here — and I’ll bet you, I will bet you that part of the calculus here — because this accuser is not alone, folks. She didn’t come alone. She didn’t spring up alone. She didn’t decide to do this in a vacuum. Just like Anita Hill. There’s a silent group of people, an army behind the accuser who are helping and cajoling and directing and producing. I guarantee you — do not doubt me on this — that one of the things they thought they had going for them in having this woman come forward would be that Trump would savage her.

I will guarantee you that’s what they thought. I will guarantee you that’s what they planned for. I will guarantee you that’s what they expected and hoped, that when this, ’cause Trump loves his nominees. He loves Kavanaugh. They were convinced that Trump would take this attack on his nominee personally as though it were an attack on him and he would lash out and he would start insulting via Twitter and anywhere else what he thinks of this woman.

They figured that if they could get Trump to do that, it would further the objective of getting rid of Kavanaugh. ‘Cause I think they have been hoping that Trump or somebody close to him would start — for lack of a better word — trashing Christine Blasey Ford. I think they were expecting some Republicans to do that. And, by the way, I think we’ve been expecting some in the media to do that. (Ahem. Ahem. Ahem!) I think they have been openly monitoring — by the second — waiting for any even outrageously wrong example where anybody in conservative media could be said to be speaking disrespectfully, unseriously, insultingly, or whatever.

I have no doubt, ’cause I know these people. I have no doubt that has been part of the calculus. So many things here that they counted on are not happening. The president is not ridiculing her. The president is not treating her with disrespect. The president is not insulting her and neither is anybody else. The Republicans have made it plain they’re eager to hear what she has to say. Trump himself has said her testifying would be wonderful; he wants to hear it. The president’s even said that if she’s credible, that his nominee would be in trouble.

Grassley has tried every which way to cajole her into speaking, offered her behind closed doors, on the record, off the record. He even volunteered to go out to where she is. They bent over backwards to let her know they want to know what she has to say and that they will listen to it, and they’ve done so with tremendous respect for her. What’s it led to? It’s led to Mazie Hirono flipping out and starting to use curse words about the Republicans and men in general.

Kirsten Gillibrand could barely keep it together. These Democrats are going bonkers ’cause they’re not getting the expected behavior they wanted from Trump or the Republicans in the Senate or some in the media. They were hoping people would jump all over this woman like some did Anita Hill, and it just isn’t happening. So the strategerizing that they did in their calculations of whether or not to do this?

They really counted on a boorish, mean-spirited reaction to this woman from Republicans that they are not getting — and now the onus has flipped and the onus is now on Christine Blasey Ford to show up and start testify, and she won’t do it, and that’s why… Grab audio sound bite No. 6. David “Rodham” Gergen, he’ll be followed by Jeffrey Toobin last night on CNN. Gergen on with Erin Burnett talking about whether she should testify on Monday.

GERGEN: I do think that she should come and testify under protest and to —

COOPER: Mmmph!

GERGEN: — lay out the case why it’s unfair, to ask for some more time, and then lay out her — her views. There are an awful lot of women this country who — who are pulling for her, and I think she has some… She’s taken on some responsibilities as a citizen to her fellow women to make the best case she can for why this is being railroaded through, why it was inappropriate, this wasn’t fair, why she did what she did. She could be a very sympathetic witness.

RUSH: See? See. She has a duty… What is this? “She has a duty to her fellow women, as a citizen, responsibilities as a citizen to her fellow women.” It’s sad that we are becoming so segregated here by virtue of surface things — skin color, gender. Well, that’s not surface, but all this identity predicts stuff. We’re not unified. We’re going the exact opposite way and it’s assisted along by this kind of thinking. “Fellow women.”

Letting down her fellow women? That’s the point. I guarantee you David “Rodham” Gergen wouldn’t be saying any of this if they had gotten the expected reaction they hoped from President Trump or from any Republican. Just a single, just one Republican senator, all one Republican senator they don’t come out and start questioning her honesty and all that and it would have been over. But they studiously avoided this. So the Democrats haven’t gotten what they wanted out of this so far, especially her testifying.

There isn’t any testimony.

All there is is a letter that Feinstein won’t even let Grassley see!

Have you heard that? Grassley has been asking Feinstein to let him see her original letter, and she will not produce it for him. This is the ranking member of this committee! She’s got the letter that started all this, and she won’t let the other committee members on the Republican side see it! So we don’t have any testimony! We just have a letter that Grassley can’t even see because she won’t show it to him. Here’s Jeffrey Toobin last night with Anderson Cooper, who said, “Both sides clearly seem to be digging their heels in here, Jeffrey.”

TOOBIN: That’s true! And I think there is a factual matter that is worth putting out on the table. If she refuses to testify on Monday, Kavanaugh is getting confirmed. If she, you know, maintains that this investigation is a sham and I’m not taking part, he is getting confirmed. Now, that may be unfair. That may not a good thing or bad thing. I think that’s just a factual thing. If she does testify, then he think all the cards are up in the air. He may well be confirmed anyway. But I think everybody should be clear about what the stakes are of her decision to come forward or not before the committee.

RUSH: See? They’re starting to have doubts. Now they’re starting to talk about Kavanaugh. “He might be confirmed anyway!” This has not played out the way they thought it would. It has not played out the way they structured it. By the way, folks, do not doubt me on this. None of this that’s happening here is improv. Every bit of this was orchestrated with her original lawyer playing a central role, this Debra Katz. She’s a longtime Democrat activist and fundraiser, and all these people have ties that go way back to both the Clintons and Obama.

None of this is improv. This woman did not write this letter without anybody knowing it was gonna happen, and Dianne Feinstein didn’t receive this letter not knowing it was coming and then when she got this letter kept it to herself. This is a plan that has… In fact, we had a caller earlier this week, and I actually have been thinking about this. I think that this whole thing here might actually have had its origins during the Romney presidential campaign when Romney was the first to mention Kavanaugh as a possible Supreme Court pick.

And I think once his name surfaced officially in that regard, the Democrats get in gear and start laying the groundwork for their destruction campaign for any nominee that any Republican might name — and that would go back to 2012. Don’t believe that any of this is improv. Don’t believe it just happened. Very little of what happens on the left, particularly with media involvement, happens spontaneously or any kind of improvisationally.

This is all part of a campaign. Everything they do is. So when Karen Tumulty says that it’s a long time between now and Monday, and there could be additional people that pop up. Like there could be further evidence of people speaking up for Kavanaugh. There could be other women between now and Monday who say that it happened to them. Let me ask you this. You think if the Democrats are gonna hatch this plan and they’ve strategized. They expect Trump to respond in a certain way, it’s gonna help them, and he hasn’t.

They expect conservative media to respond a certain way to help ’em; we haven’t. They expect Republicans to somehow start trashing her. It hasn’t happened. Do you think that they don’t have somebody in the bullpen? Do you think they’ve always had somebody in the bullpen? ‘Cause, believe me, this… I don’t know how else to say it, but this is not a spontaneous thing that caught everybody by surprise. I mean, even the people on the left.

So when you have a Drive-By Media specialist, a veteran who has been in there many, many moons talking about the possibility that there could be other women, it’s a pretty safe bet she already knows that they are. If there are, they are part of the plan too. Now, it could be that they’ve had to improvise since it hasn’t gone their way. They maybe have had to go find a couple in the past week or so. But now the Democrats and the media starting to get a little depressed here. She’s letting down her fellow women.

She owes it to her fellow women as a citizen to come testify — and even if she does, Kavanaugh may be confirmed anyway, said David “Rodham” Gergen. No! That was Toobin. And one other bite. This is Fran Townsend, Fran Townsend national security adviser, defense specialist and so forth all the way back to the George W. Bush administration. She was on CBS today. She’s a counterterrorism adviser, and she was talking to Gayle King who said, “As a former federal prosecutor, Fran, would you put a witness on the stand without some type of investigation?”

TOWNSEND: I’d take you back to the Anita Hill example; right?

KING: Mmm-hmm!

TOWNSEND: That’s an example where President George H. W. Bush did reopen the investigation based on her allegations, and look at how those 302s were used. It were used… It was a brutal, brutal cross-examination of her in public. I’m not sure that’s a model we’d really want to follow.

KING: Are you saying an FBI investigation might actually not even be helpful to her at this point?

TOWNSEND: That’s exactly right! Look, and I don’t think it’s helpful. You know, she’d asked for — she through her lawyer as asked for — this FBI investigation, and I think it makes her look political. I feel for her. It’s taken real courage for her to step up here. But I think she ought to tell her story.

RUSH: “She ought to tell her story.” Yeah, what is this business of wanting the FBI to look into it? Could it be that people on the left now look at the FBI as simply another arm of their political operation and they see the FBI as a bunch of sympathetic supporters, and so calling for the FBI to investigate is like calling for Peter Strzok to start looking for spies in the Trump campaign after he’s planted them there?

I wouldn’t doubt that, either, these people thinking they now own the FBI based on what we’ve all learned the FBI did trying to screw Trump. So if her advisers are of the opinion the FBI is on her side, then damn, yeah! Call for an FBI investigation. Fran Townsend said (summarized), “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You just never know what’s gonna turn up in one of those things, and once the FBI starts poking around, you can’t say, ‘Ah, sorry! I really don’t want to talk to you,’ when you’re the one who asked for it.”

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