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RUSH: Kingsley in Houston. I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the broadcast, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Huge mega dittos, and it’s a treat to chat with you.

RUSH: I thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: I wonder, as America’s Anchorman, I would like to know why you believe President Trump has not declassified and released the FISA and 302s and what you believe his strategy is for —

RUSH: This question — now, do not get angry with me — this question has been asked of me every day this week, and I’ve answered it a bunch of times. And I’m happy to do it again ’cause I want to reach everybody here that’s wondering about this.

The one school of thought — and there are many — one school of thought is that Trump is waiting to get closer to the election to declassify and release all of this so that it will have an impact on people’s vote-making decisions. But there is other scuttlebutt. And one of the most interesting I have heard is that the reason the president is not releasing is because it is so devastating to all the people you’re thinking about it, James Comey, Obama, Hillary, McCabe, Strzok Smirk and Page, Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Glenn Simpson, Fusion GPS.

That it is so bad those people would never want this stuff to come out. It would destroy them, it would ruin their integrity, their reputations, and Trump knows it. And Trump is holding it over their heads and as long as Trump doesn’t release it, that when this all ends it’s gonna end with a whimper because these people do not want Trump taking any serious action, or anybody else taking any serious, action against them. Now, I have to take a break, but there’s one other aspect of this that I need to attach.


RUSH: The question about Trump and releasing classified data, not just the FISA applications, but there’s a lot more, folks. Devin Nunes, the House Intelligence Committeee, and Mark Meadows of the Freedom Caucus, have desperately been seeking documents from the FBI and the Department of Justice that would indicate when this investigation began, what really triggered it, who was responsible for it, what they’ve done. Those document requests have been unanswered.

Nunes, chairman of the committee, has subpoenaed these documents, and Rod Rosenstein is simply refusing to turn ’em over. And people have been saying Trump could release this stuff any day of the week, declassify any time he wants and we would know. Why doesn’t he do it? I’ve had the question every day this week. And there’s so many possibilities. Let me quickly run through them again.

The first obvious possibility is Trump is gonna do it, just waiting until it’s closer to the November the elections to do it, to have some sort of impact. Another ongoing theory — this is relatively new from earlier this week, at least new from the standpoint of I just heard about it — and that is that all of these documents are so devastating to all of these people at the FBI, the DOJ, the names you know — Comey, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, Strzok Smirk, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, lovely wife Nellie, Glenn Simpson, Fusion GPS, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama himself, that the data, the details — ’cause remember what this all is.

All of this, this entire investigation, including Mueller, has two objectives. The whole thing started as an exoneration of Hillary Clinton. She’s the Democrat nominee. They have to exonerate her from the crimes that she did commit, and they are numerous. The Clinton Foundation crimes, the illegal fundraising, and then, of course, the illegal email server, the trafficking of secure top secret documents. They had to clear her of all crimes. They had to go through the motions of making it look like they were investigating and then exonerating her. Then they had to cover up the fact they did all that.

But it was crucial that Hillary wins, their jobs depend on it, their careers depend on it, the deep state thing in power depends on it. They had to exonerate her. In the process, all kinds of irregularities were committed. The Mueller investigation, I happen to believe, is one of the cover-up efforts to distract everybody from what was done to basically not hold Hillary Clinton accountable to the law. And so the documents that would indicate this would be devastating and destructive and damaging to everybody involved in it.

Trump knows it, he can see these documents without having them declassified. The ongoing theory is that Trump knows this, and because of this, he’s got a huge amount of leverage over all these people and is threatening to make it all public.

And the theory is that the president will not do this as long as he is assured that when everybody wraps this up, that it’s gonna be a big bunch of nothing, that Mueller’s not gonna end up having anything except a tawdry little report. That nothing’s gonna happen to anybody in the Trump campaign or anything of the sort because otherwise Trump’s gonna unload this stuff.

Now, I just heard this theory this past week. I don’t know how much validity to attach to it. There’s also a theory that in the FISA application, in addition to the stuff on the Steele dossier, the lying, stinking dossier, the lies that Hillary paid for, that it’s not intelligence, that it was nothing more than political opposition research, that the FISA application itself contains really, really bad allegations about Trump and his immoral, amoral life that Trump doesn’t want made public. And so that’s not in his best interests; so that’s why he’s not releasing this and declassifying it.

Look, folks, your guess on this is as good as mine. There are a lot of people who think none of this ought to matter, that the American people have a right to know just what the hell has been going on the last two years that’s distracted everybody, that has created all kinds of misperceptions, misconceptions about Trump and his campaign and his election, that the people have a right to know, this stuff has gone on in secret. Kim Strassel is one of these, Wall Street Journal. Just dump it. President ought to go in there, who cares what the outcome is; this is stuff people have a right to know.

He’s not doing it yet for some reason. I don’t know whether I believe this theory I heard this week that there’s an unspoken arrangement, that Trump will not ever declassify this stuff in exchange for everything Mueller and the rest of these people are doing ending with a big whimper of nothing. Because the reason I have doubts about that is because these people are salivating.

They are barely able to contain themselves with the possibility of destroying Donald Trump. It remains the reason all of this is happening, every bit of it. All of the lies they’re telling about deaths in Puerto Rico, all of the allegations that Trump’s responsible for Hurricane Florence. Every bit, everything that’s in the news is designed to get Donald Trump.

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