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RUSH: Fayetteville, North Carolina. Daniel, I’m glad you called, sir. Welcome to the program. You are up first today.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Thanks for having me.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: Just real quick, get to my point. Here in Fayetteville we’re kind of inland from the storm, so not really a lot going on, but my wife and I have been watching the news the past couple days, last night and today, and you could see, especially CNN and a lot of the other channels really hyping up the storm, and then as it got closer and closer to landfall, it kept downgrading, and you could almost see the visible disappointment in some of these people.

And they kept clarifying, now it’s a Category 1, but, but, the flooding is gonna be as bad as a Category 3 or 4. This is a very unusual Category 1. It’s gonna be just as bad. And it seems like they were super disappointed that it wasn’t as bad. And then they’re publicly humiliating, almost, people who chose to stay home and ride the storm out.

RUSH: Now that is a new phenomenon. People choosing to stay does not advance the notion that it’s a worst hurricane of all time because of Donald Trump. So you’re right. What is it that you have spied here, what have you witnessed that makes you think they are actually disappointed that it’s not a Category 4 and instead is a Category 1? What’s giving you that idea?

CALLER: Just the way they’re reporting it. They have these clarifiers. “Well, it’s now a Category 1, it’s almost Category 2, but what’s really not important is the wind. It’s gonna be just a ton of rain, which is gonna be the equivalent to a Category 3 storm.” It’s just all quantifiers, as it gets less and less they keep acting like it was gonna be worse.

RUSH: Right. It was very shrewd of you to pick up on this. I’m very happy to hear that this is being done without my advice and assistance. Very, very shrewd. You’re making me feel very worthwhile today. You’ve learned well.

CALLER: Right. Well, and then my other point is, they are going to the beach and reporting on the beach. So why are they exempt from having to evacuate?

RUSH: Oh, you misunderstand. This is media valor. Don’t you get it?

CALLER: Well, it’s elitism is what it is.

RUSH: Let me ask you a question as you’re watching this stuff. The camera shots, the actual camera images. I mean, you got the reporters standing here holding onto poles and so forth. Are the camera shots steady or are the cameras vibrating and shaking all over the place?

CALLER: Most of them have been pretty steady. There’s been a couple guys —

RUSH: Wait a minute, wait a minute, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, steady with a hurricane that should have been a Category 4? What do you mean, steady?

CALLER: Well –

RUSH: Especially hand-held. These cameras ought to be just darting all over. It should be practically impossible to hold a camera still is what I’m getting at.

CALLER: Oh, I agree.

RUSH: Hmm. A mystery.

CALLER: It is.

RUSH: A real mystery.

CALLER: And then as you just mentioned, as soon as the Manafort, I just put my daughter down for a nap, came to check the news and they already have a panel up on Paul Manafort.

RUSH: Oh, yeah.

CALLER: We cannot advance the agenda anymore, so it’s time to move on to the next thing.

RUSH: Well, as in they’ve done the damage they can do and now it’s time to move on. It’s the definition of Drive-By. That’s why we call ’em Drive-By Media, folks. They came along, they’ve shot the place up, they’ve done the damage they can do, now time to move on and start shooting up whatever’s going on with Manafort.

Now, let me tell you one thing about the rain. They’re right about something in a kind of convoluted way. This is gonna be a huge rain and flooding event, not because it’s got the rain of a Category 4. It is because it’s so slow moving. It’s not moving out of there. And that’s why there is going to be really devastating flooding, tremendous amounts of rainfall.

It would be the case if it was just a thunderstorm squall line and just came right over your house and stopped. This is gonna be pretty much a stationary, slow moving for 12 to 18, maybe 24 hours. It’s just gonna dump its load there, rather than moving at a rapid clip like most of them do. It wouldn’t matter Category 4, Category 1. But that’s just an example that you properly noted of the attempted hype. But the rain event is serious. It really is.


RUSH: I hope that guy doesn’t fall in. This guy standing on the pier — well, it doesn’t look that bad out there. There’s actually not that much wind. This guy’s dangerously close to the — man, I tell you it’s valorous what these media people are doing out there. (interruption) There is a tree down somewhere? You’re kidding. MSNBC has found a tree down that they’ve reported? Wow, a tree is down. Wow, that’s worth breaking news.

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