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RUSH: Mark in the pathway of Hurricane Florence in Wilmington, North Carolina. Great to have you on the program, sir. How are you doing?

CALLER: Doing great. Actually it’s Wendell, North Carolina, towards the central part of the state. So a little bit far away from it, but we’re preparing anyway, just in case.

RUSH: So you’re staying? You’re not gonna flee; you’re not gonna decamp?

CALLER: There’s gonna be a little bit of rain out here. It changed its path in the middle of the night, like you said. You were correct. It changes the path in the middle of the night; so you are 100 percent correct. And I wanted to thank you for helping me out with my duplicate photo issue. You helped me out a couple of years ago. You told me how to correct that issue with Apple. So I wanted to thank you about that.

RUSH: Well, you’re more than welcome, sir. Happy to know it worked and it’s still working.

CALLER: It’s still working great. Yeah, yeah, I’m just upset about the way the press covers Trump all the time. They seemed to ignore anything that Obama did wrong, like that Air Force One fly-by of New York City eight years ago. They hardly have mentioned that, but every little thing that Trump does, they like to criticize him. They take things like the poor people being displaced, you know, for the shelters, and they bring that all out of proportion, and, I mean, that’s not Trump’s fault, but yet the press can blame Trump.

RUSH: Well, you’re absolutely right about Obama being exonerated, not held to account. It’s on purpose. I don’t even think they have to think about it. The mind-set that fellow left-wing elitists, like those in the media, have with Obama, is he really is a godlike figure to them. He’s incapable of making mistakes. Even his mistakes are things we can learn from.

Their attitude of Obama is we’re not even on the same playing field with Obama, he’s so much smarter, and he’s so much more worldly, we’re just lucky that he gave us eight years of his life, when he could have been doing anything. But he chose to sacrifice it all and to be president to try to save this country from the ravages of its founding, the ravages of social injustice and all that. There’s not a scenario that I could invent where they would ever blame Barack Obama or even find a way to be critical of him. It is hero worship and idolatry on steroids.

And that kind of thing can happen to people that have no god and who have no active religion. Something has to fill that void. All human beings need to believe in something larger than themselves, even if it’s evolution. And many of them, Obama, because he checks off all the boxes. He’s well spoken, he’s African-American, he’s African-American, and then he’s African-American, and he’s well spoken, and he’s African-American. Checks off all the boxes. He’s Democrat, liberal, African-American.

As such, using the IRS against political enemies will be applauded, not held to account. When Obama actually subpoenaed members of the press, was searching them, was spying on them, even members of the press said, “Well, he must have a good reason for it. We can’t find a reason to be critical.”

The latest example, John Kerry, a former secretary of state for Obama, has admitted what we revealed on this program yesterday, that he has had four secret meetings with the leaders of Iran sabotaging Donald Trump’s Iran policy. John Kerry has been telling — he admitted it — telling the Iranians: just wait it out. Don’t make any deals with Trump, make him think you’re gonna make deals, but don’t. Wait for us to beat Trump. Wait ’til there’s a Democrat back in the White House after 2020 and then we’ll put our deal back together.

Now, where is the Republican Congress? Until this kind of stuff is stopped, the left is gonna keep getting away with it. Where’s the Republican Congress demanding to know what the hell is happening? Logan Act violation, violation of law.


RUSH: By the way, John Kerry also admitted Syria never got rid of its weapons of mass destruction like Obama and Kerry had claimed. Assad still has that stuff.

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