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RUSH: Washington Post lead editorial, lead editorial headline: “Another Hurricane Is About to Batter Our Coast. Trump Is Complicit.” I am worried. I have to tell you, folks. I’m really, really worried. The left is going insane. Traditional Democrat institutions — which only recently have tracked into radical communism, socialism, and liberalism — were always dependable in a sense that they were not destructive of the institutions and traditions that feature the founding of the country.

They’ve been trending in that direction, but however solid elements of the Democrat Party used to be, I don’t see any evidence. They are literally losing their minds. And it’s very troublesome. As I say, much of the news today concerns threats and acts of violence by leftists directed at Republicans. You have the Washington Post… Now, I understand and I’m not naive. I’m not suggesting that these outfits like the Post and the New York Times have been responsible, trustworthy, and all that, but they had not been radicalized. They were always liberal, but they had not become radicalized.

That all began with the election of Obama, the radicalization of the Democrat Party, and it happened in the undertows and it happened in the underbellies and the parts of the party that you didn’t see, including on college campuses or college campi. Now it’s right out in the open. You get a headline here: “Another Hurricane Is About to Batter Our Coast. Trump Is Complicit.” Another headline: “If Trump Cares About Hurricane Florence, His Policies Don’t Show It.” If Trump cares about…?

Somebody at the Washington Post seriously, seriously believes that Donald Trump doesn’t care about this — and because Donald Trump doesn’t care about this, he actually intends to sit by, stand by, and watch destruction take place, and he doesn’t care! It’s absurd. The problem is that this does represent a significant body of thought throughout the country now. It is a rising tide of I think genuine insanity on the part of more people than we can count or tabulate.

This radicalism that we’re seeing on the left is rapidly becoming authoritarianism or totalitarianism, and it manifests itself with censorship, weaponizing government agencies, the mass production and distribution of propaganda — all while accusing Trump of that. They accuse Trump of leading a dangerous, authoritarian regime. Yet it’s Trump who is trying to defang the administrative state. It is Trump who’s trying to unravel it, unwind it, and get rid of it!

It is Trump who is trying to end this totalitarian tendency or this authoritarianism throughout our government and country. It is Trump demanding investigations of the deep state where all of this — much of this is happening. It is Donald Trump that’s championing and standing up for the little guy for the first time in a long time. The people who make this country work. Donald Trump is actually enacting policies that are to benefit them! And because he’s doing so, he has become enemy No. 1. Well, not just that. Of course, there are other reasons why they hate his guts. But it’s Donald Trump who has put the country back to work.

It’s Donald Trump who has reduced dependency on food stamps and welfare in general. It’s Trump who’s demanding a one-tier justice system — you know, justice for all. We have a supposed blue wave on the way where these radical leftists are gonna supposedly take control of the U.S. House. Now they’re gonna take control of the Senate. CNN’s running polling data saying that 47% of the American people want Trump impeached, that more people approve of Robert Mueller than approve of Donald Trump.

What do we do with this? “Do we just discard it and say, “I’m not gonna believe this; it’s CNN”? It doesn’t matter what we do. The point is that stuff is gonna end up on Twitter and Facebook and it’s gonna get amplified and you’re gonna have a host of people who will believe it. Then you add people who want to be hip and cool with whatever they think is hip and cool who will sign on to that and also say they believe it.

But a headline: “Another Hurricane Is About to Batter Our Coast. Trump Is Complicit.


RUSH: You know, the next thing we’re gonna hear is that Trump is colluding with Hurricane Florence. I mean, if Trump is complicit, that means Trump is responsible for and working with, right? So how big a stretch is it for them to say that Trump is colluding with Hurricane Florence and that the special counsel is looking into it? And we’ll be taking grand jury testimony related to the allegation.

By the way, Washington Post again. “A new study shows that we have a lot to worry about when it comes to changing hurricanes as the planet warms.” This is a story suggesting that we need a new category, Category 6. Now, there are a maximum five categories for hurricanes now, and this clown says that climate change may cause more hurricanes to rapidly intensify. Can I remind of recent history? Hurricane Katrina. Do you remember what Algore and everybody said? It was just the beginning and it was gonna be Hurricane Katrina 10 times a season.

And we went years without a major hurricane striking the United States, years, during a period of time the left was telling us that we were going to be inundated with one Katrina after another. They were disappointed every year when no major hurricane struck the United States. They were disappointed. They do stories on how Trump is complicit? This hurricane is forecast to strike land as a Category 3.

And yet we have stories (summarized), “Well, we’re gonna need Category 6. “These things are gonna be more frequent, and they’re gonna get more intense.” None of what they say has any factual basis to it whatsoever. Not even their historical recounting of what has happened can you count on as being truthful.


RUSH: “But, Rush! But, Rush! Haven’t hurricane damages increased? Doesn’t that mean hurricanes are worse?” No, it doesn’t mean anything of the sort! Hurricane damages are worse because of inflation, because more people live in the path of hurricanes, because it’s been more expensive to build and develop so when things get damaged or destroyed it’s more expensive. It doesn’t mean the hurricanes are stronger because they’re not! There is nothing in the official record to indicate that hurricanes are any stronger for any reason than they always have been, on an average, annualized basis.

It’s all bohunk, folks!

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