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RUSH: Where’s Carl Bernstein? Today Bob Woodward’s book hits. Woodward’s making a lot of what he usually does: Allegations made by people whose names we don’t know. In fact, I heard Chris Stirewalt on the Fox News Channel today say, “Yeah, Woodward does this with every president. It isn’t any big deal. He gets into the White House and people talk to him and then he writes a book.” How does that happen?

If everybody knows that Woodward’s gonna manufacture stuff, why does every White House let him? Oh, by the way, we have the sound bites coming. Do you know that more and more people are now beginning to suggest that the New York Times op-ed was actually written by the New York Times? Exactly as I, your host, mentioned yesterday. I wouldn’t be surprised if nobody wrote it other than some editorial board member at the New York Times, and there are some people now suggesting that could be the case.

And that’s just another sign that I’m back — “show prep for the rest of the media” and all of that. But my question: Where’s Carl Bernstein? So you got Woodward out there, and he’s got his new book, and while most of official Washington is applauding and falling all over themselves in celebration, there are some people — mainly those Woodward has written about — saying it isn’t true. Well, where is Bernstein vouching for his old partner? Woodward and Bernstein, of course, were the heroes of Watergate for the Washington Post. Where’s Bernstein?

Why isn’t Bernstein out there standing up for his buddy? Why isn’t Bernstein out there vouching for his buddy, Bob Woodward? Oh, that’s right. Bernstein’s had to go in hiding here because he put his byline to a phony, fake story on CNN that CNN still won’t retract after everybody else has. This is the Lanny Davis, “Sorry, I got it wrong” story. Woodward and CNN have not retracted that because they gotta protect him. Bernstein and CNN haven’t retracted it because they gotta protect Bernstein’s reputation.

But wouldn’t you think… (interruption) What? (interruption) Oh, you think Bernstein and Woodward are no longer buddies, that there was a…? Maybe. (interruption) You telling me Bernstein wants Woodward to flame out? (interruption) No, no, no, no, no. Even if there’s a personal animus — none of which I know to be the case. But even if there were, the issue here of destroying Trump would certainly preclude any personal fight or animosity Woodward and Bernstein might ever be having.

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