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RUSH: Then we got Barack Hussein O, who decides to go out and start back on the campaign trail because he was so successful getting Hillary Clinton elected. What people forget is that Obama, as a coattail endorser, is instant death to a candidate. Remember the Democrat convention, there’s Obama up there, got Bill Clinton out in the audience with the daughter, Chelsea, and Obama says to Bill and the rest of the audience (imitating Obama), “Bill, you and I got to admit it, we can’t hold a candle to her. There has never been anybody, anybody more qualified to be president than Hillary Clinton. And not her or Serena Williams. Nobody. Nobody been more qualified. Bill, you and I have to admit it.”

Do you realize — how much did they have to pay Obama to get him to say that? ‘Cause you know he doesn’t believe that. In Obama’s narcissistic mind, there’s nobody but him in the room of most-qualified-to-be-president people. He’s in that room all by himself. And yet there he is. And then he goes out on the campaign trail and he’s telling, “If you want more of me, if you want my agenda to continue, if you want a third term, then you have to vote for her.”

What happened? Titanic, there’s an iceberg ahead. Didn’t matter. Obama wasn’t able to bring it home. So now Obama’s campaigning, and he’s out there, and he’s running through these cliche — do you believe — you remember the Charlottesville thing? The things that upset these people. I was telling somebody last week while all this stuff is being discussed, these people claim to be upset with Donald Trump’s morality.

They claim that Trump’s amorality, lack of morality, or his immorality just is beyond the pale. We can’t accept somebody like this in our club. We can’t have somebody like this as president. We can’t have somebody like this leading the country. Despicable. This guy has no character, he’s ill spoken, he’s ill-mannered, and I’m thinking, “Well, who the hell are you?”

You people that want anybody who wants to be able to use any bathroom any time or you’ll shut down a state if you don’t get your way, you want to tell us your morality is what we ought to follow? Some of the sick perversion you enforce and stand by and try to promote as normal, you people in charge of the degradation of women and African-Americans in TVs and movies, you people are carrying the moral banner that we all ought to follow?

Where do these people get off? And then Obama’s out there talking about this incident that happened in Charleston. Remember that, where we had the competing rallies. We had apparently the Nazis were out there, and then we had what? Who was it? Black Lives Matter or whatever it was out there. And they just can’t get over it that Trump wouldn’t criticize the Nazis. But he did! He criticized ’em twice!

But in their world, he didn’t. In their world Trump said, “Well, there’s good people in every group.” Which, by the way, I was always told being brought up. Anyway, Obama’s out there saying what’s so hard, what’s so hard about criticizing Nazis? The stuff these people carry around that eats away at them over Donald Trump.

Okay, criticizing Nazis, that’s such a no brainer, everybody in the world does. There isn’t anybody supporting Nazis out there. And they’re out trying to make a claim that Trump does. Obama’s out trying to say that this economy is his? When Barack Obama is the guy who told a bunch of union workers in Indiana that their jobs were gone and never coming back and to get used to it!

And then when Trump was campaigning claiming to bring these jobs back, here’s Obama said, “How’s he gonna do that? You know, it’s easy to say, but how are you going do it? You just gonna wave a magic wand?” So here’s Obama saying that it’s impossible to create our current economy, and now he’s out trying to claim credit for it.

In the beginning, ladies and gentlemen, Barack Hussein Obama created a massive stimulus package and said it was good. It wasn’t. The economy dragged. On the second day, Barack Hussein Obama created Obamacare and said it was good. And the economy sank even lower. On the third day, Barack Hussein O created pallets of cash to Iran. On the fourth day, the Paris climate change accords. And on the fifth day, Barack Hussein O opened the southern border to unaccompanied minors.

He said it was all good. None of it was. On the sixth day, Barack Hussein Obama looked at all he had created and saw high unemployment, record food stamp beneficiaries, racial animosity and strife everywhere in this country. He saw high taxes, a stagnant economy, a nation in decline, and Barack Obama smiled. On the seventh day, after promising that Hillary Clinton would win the presidency and that Donald Trump would not, Barack Obama rested.

It came to pass that President Trump won. On his first day, President Trump began dismantling all of Obama’s works brick by brick, doorjamb by doorjamb, and it was so good, the economy reignited and boomed! Record low African-American unemployment! Record low Hispanic unemployment! Record African-American job approval for Donald Trump! So now Barack Obama has returned to claim that everything that’s good was his doing, his creation, his legacy. But it was not. It never could be. And it never will be. Amen.


RUSH: Okay. Let’s go to the phones. I meant to do this about a half hour ago, and then I ran across the Serena Williams and Christine Brennan audio sound bites, had to squeeze those in. So we’re gonna start with Anna in Phoenix. Great to have you. Welcome.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Missed you last week. I just wanted to say real quick that now that the left has taken two years to teach us how we’re supposed to treat our president, I think Mr. Obama ought to be careful. Because this time, I think the gloves are off. We’re not gonna be afraid of being called racist if we don’t believe what he’s saying and hopefully this will get everybody remembering what he did to us.

RUSH: Well, what do you mean, now that we’ve had two years to know how to treat a president? You talking about people going out there and protesting Obama?

CALLER: Well, protesting him and… Protesting Obama, no. Protesting Obama? I’m getting myself confused. Trump! They’ve taught us that if we disrespect our president, that’s fine. We try to get crimes against our president that he didn’t commit, that’s fine. We try to convince everybody what a horrible job he’s doing, that he’s mentally disabled? I think Mr. Obama ought to be careful because this time I’m not gonna be afraid to say, “No, he’s wrong, and I want some more Trump.”

RUSH: You mean…? Are you saying that when Obama was president, you were afraid to be critical because of the allegation of racism?

CALLER: Yes. Yes. I’m saying that. Because nobody wants to be called that, ’cause I know I’m not a racist. But they just made you feel like you couldn’t say anything or else you were.

RUSH: Well, I gotta give you a little hint, Anna: They’re gonna keep doing it because you’re not supposed to have learned here that it’s open season on presidents. That would be the wrong lesson that the Drive-Bys think that you should learn here. You are supposed to continue to revere, to venerate, to adore and celebrate Barack Hussein Obama — and you are to welcome his return to the campaign trail. If you show any disrespect for Obama, they’re gonna level the same allegations at you. I just, in this case, wouldn’t be worried about it going forward.

I get your point. The thing about Obama is that — and it circles back to something that I’ve kind of gotten redundant saying. They still have no idea. It’s beyond tone-deaf. I think it’s a mental block brought on by supreme arrogance and this sense of overwhelming superiority. They have no idea how trotting Barack Obama out is going to reignite anti-Democrat voters. They have no clue who Trump voters are, who Republican voters are. In their warped world, they think everybody worships Obama. Everybody that counts worships Obama the way they do. The backfire they have just created by trottin’ him out.


RUSH: Here’s Ted in Raleigh, North Carolina. You’re next. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Mr. Limbaugh, welcome back. I love your talent. I just had to ask you: Do you think that the recent success of Trump-backed candidates in the primaries has baited or forced Obama to campaign to save his legacy, and hasn’t Obama turned the midterms into a presidential election?

RUSH: You know, that actually is a good question. I think Obama doesn’t need to be asked to come back, even though they may have. I think the great economic news and Trump claiming credit for it is enough to force Obama out. Look, I was wrong, but only by, what, 20 months? I predicted Obama would be doing this. Where I was wrong is I thought he’d be doing it in the first month of Trump’s presidency. I thought he’d be on TV and campaigning, trying to blow Trump up — or whoever won, whatever Republican won.

If there was ever any effort to unravel any of the Obama agenda, I thought he’d be out there using his buddies in the media to try to stop that from happening. But he didn’t. You know, he went out there and he was making speeches, making money, planning his library, or whatever the hell it is. But now he’s surfacing; so I was wrong by 20 months. Now he’s out there trying to rewrite history. Yep, protect his legacy. But see, there’s a mistake I think they’re making in doing this.

By sending Obama out… Our brilliant caller here just alluded to it. By turning the midterms into a presidential referendum — and again, that is directly tied to their arrogance, their belief that Trump is universally despised and hated now. That many people that voted for Trump wish they had it back, and this election in November is the first election, the first opportunity that people who are now embarrassed of Trump have to go and get their vote back by voting Democrat. They’re confident that’s what’s happening.

They’re arrogant about it. So they send Obama out, forgetting that Obama… It wasn’t just Hillary Clinton that Obama wasn’t able to carry across the finish line. It was a lot of other people Obama endorsed. He’s never had the juice. Bill Clinton hasn’t, really, since the days he left the White House. But part of it, too, is Obama claiming his legacy. By sending Obama out there, they’re nationalizing these elections — and that’s how Republicans win the House, by nationalizing them, as opposed to House candidates running on whatever local issues there are in the district.


RUSH: Let’s also remember something. How many seats did the Democrat Party lose starting in 2010? We had the Tea Party that organically erupted, created itself, in opposition to Obama’s spending and Obamacare and it kept growing. In the 2010 elections, 2012 presidential race outside of the presidential election itself, then the 2014 midterms, does anybody remember the Democrat Party lost nearly 1200 seats nationwide? House of Representatives, Senate, governorships, state legislatures, even down to talking about mayors and city managers.

Barack Obama dealt the Democrat Party a devastating electoral blow. People were voting against Democrats starting after two years of Obama in office. And now they send him out there to what? Run the resistance? To lead the resistance and claim — actually try to claim that whatever economic benefits are accruing to people today are because of him? I mean, forget the fact that it’s an out-and-out lie. Think of the arrogance that it must take to even try to make this case.

In effect, do you know what President Obama’s saying to Trump? “You didn’t build that. You didn’t make that happen. I did that. You didn’t do that.” But all of this is happening because so much of Obamaism has been unwound. All of those regulations, a bunch of ’em, environmental plans that Obama committed us to that we pulled out of. The Iranian deal, I mean, pretty much everything in the Obama legacy has been dismantled to one degree or another. And look at the beneficiaries, the American people. They’re fully aware.

I know that the Democrats, the media live in a what-if world. And it’s a fantasy, slash, utopian existence that is always, they can see it, it’s just out there on the horizon, you can almost reach out and grab it, and they’ve been really real close. Hillary was supposed to be the final piece, and then it blew up.

I’m gonna be fascinated to see these midterms. There’s a part of me that believes that a primary issue or impact on those elections still hasn’t happened yet. The official campaign only just began. The official campaign after Labor Day is when it traditionally begins these campaigns, and I still think there’s a lot that can happen between now and then that will help shape how people vote, things that haven’t happened yet.

But, see, this is where the Drive-Bys and the Democrats, they think they have set the table for defeating Trump already. And the Woodward book is the latest piece, and they’re hoping and praying, they’re waiting for Mueller and his report.


RUSH: Brian in north Florida. I’ve never had it described that way. North Florida. Great to have you with us nevertheless. How you doing, Brian?

CALLER: Doing good. It’s honor to talk to you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: You know, I keep hearing all these people, the media mainly talking about how the voters are waiting to abandon Trump, and I can honestly tell you, I did not vote for the man the first time around.

RUSH: Why not? I’m curious, why didn’t you?

CALLER: So I didn’t vote for him. I have been I guess poisoned or disillusioned by the Republican Party my whole life.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: I’m in my mid-thirties and I have never seen anything other than politicians and a two-party system that campaign on something and do the opposite once they’re in power.

RUSH: I got you.

CALLER: They tell you what you want to hear and then they get in there and do the opposite.

RUSH: You thought Trump was just another Republican, or are there other reasons why you didn’t like —

CALLER: I didn’t know what Trump was. That was my problem. He was something that I didn’t know and I’d gotten to the point where you have to earn my vote, you have to prove you’ve done what you’ve done. I’m no longer just gonna cast it for whoever has an R because the Democrats are insane because that just props up the Republicans getting away with not doing what they want or not doing what they promise they’re gonna do. So I didn’t know, I wasn’t gonna vote for Hillary, because that’s just insane.

RUSH: G-nay.

CALLER: I couldn’t bring myself to that point. But I cannot wait to vote for him in 2020, he has earned my vote, and I think there are a lot of other people — I know several that I have talked to that didn’t vote for him, a couple that voted for Hillary that cannot wait to pull the lever for him. It’s not gonna be a blue wave. It is going to be a red tsunami, ’cause there are a lot of people out there like me that cannot wait to vote for a man that has done like no politician in my lifetime’s ever done.

RUSH: Wait a minute. You’re talking about 2020, you see this red tsunami? What about are you gonna vote in the midterms in November?

CALLER: Oh, yeah, absolutely. Because if you don’t vote in the midterms in November there may not be a 2020.

RUSH: Well, that’s exactly right. That was a point that I was gonna make.


RUSH: So that’s good.

CALLER: They’re gonna fight tooth and nail to stop everything they can do, I mean, look at the charade that they’ve turned our government into now in the minority. If you give them control of either house, it’s over. And I’m actually glad that Obama’s been out there trying to take credit for stuff, ’cause it has turned it back into 2016. It’s a referendum on Obama and what he’s done, and or do you want to go down the bath that Trump has taken?

RUSH: I hope it eventuates that way. Obama cannot have magically recaptured a bunch — I mean, I don’t hear anybody other than these people on the left say, “Oh, my God. Where’s Obama, why couldn’t we have Obama?” I don’t hear anybody saying that, other than these clowns in the media. But I’m talking about general population voters. You don’t hear it. So, yeah, I’m with you. Put him out there. Let him go try to take credit for what’s happening.

Barack Obama is constitutionally incapable of policies that would cause an economic boom like that. He doesn’t believe in them. He couldn’t claim credit for this legitimately. I appreciate the call. I really do.


RUSH: By the way, I looked it up. Obama, one of his speeches in California, which ostensibly loves Obama, 750 people. Now, I don’t know if it was a fundraiser. If it was a fundraiser and you had to spend some money to get in, maybe I could see why it was so small. But if this was… Either way, that’s pretty paltry. Now, Trump will draw whatever the capacity of the building he’s appearing in is. If the capacity’s 7500, it will be that and maybe as many outside trying to get in. Do you know what? Trump is going to my hometown Thursday.

Did you know that?

Trump’s got an appearance in Cape Girardeau on Thursday at the Show Me Center. Now, the capacity of the Show Me Center I think is around 7300 or 7500. Cape Girardeau’s a town of about 35,000. It’s got a university there, and the Show Me Center is… Ah, it’s all part of complex there. I have done a Rush to Excellence Tour appearance there, in fact. It makes sense, it being my hometown. I think it’s Thursday that Trump’s going in there. It’s in southeast Missouri. That’s a very important Republican congressional district, and Illinois and Kentucky. It’s sort of a tri-state media market.

So I saw that last week that Trump’s going in there.

It’s cool.

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