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RUSH: Hey, you guys hear what happened with this David Camera Hogg, the kid from the school down in Florida where the shooting was? He was up in Canada with that ogre, Michael Moore. Michael Moore’s got this new movie out. It’s called 11/9 or 9/11. Well, it’s an anti-Trump movie just like his Fahrenheit thing was anti-Bush whatever. Anyway, they’re up there promoting this thing, and little Camera Hogg has the microphone.

He’s urging Canadians to get involved in American elections and to start flooding America with voters and money. Moore had to grab the mic away from him and say, “No! We are not in favor of foreign intervention in our elections.” (laughing) Little Camera Hogg is going nuts because he thinks that America has lost the ability to do elections right, that we need foreigners voting to make sure America remains what it was founded to be. Pshew!

That ogre panics and starts grabbing the mic from him.

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