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RUSH: Back to the phones. We go to Atlanta. This is Eric, and I’m glad you waited, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. God bless you, man, for all you do. It is an honor to talk to you, man.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Yeah. I tell you what. I was reading an article on Drudge, a TMZ article about this actress, a legendary actress by the name of Carole Cook. And she’s all up on stage and all that. But they were asking her about Donald Trump. And she made the statement, “Where is John Wilkes Booth when we need him?”

RUSH: I saw that story, Eric. I had never heard of Carole Cook. I think she’s a Broadway actress. I had never heard of her. Where is a presidential assassin when we need him?

CALLER: Right. And I first just laughed at the irony of what’s going on today and the overlaps. You talk about the overlaps with the Serena Williams reaction and all that. This here was stark naked amazing when I thought about it, how that here we had a Republican who was assassinated by a crazy Confederate loving person who was from the old school, the old swamp and all of that, and the overlap I thought of right now we have a John Wilkes Booth called the media. We have the liberals and all of their ilk who literally hate this president. We have the Kathy Griffins and all that, who had the head cut off.

You have all these people who have the long knives against him. You have the Antifa. You have so many of these groups, the similarities that I thought about were back at that time of course we had to struggle for freedom and truth. And right now we have that same struggle for freedom and truth. Black people right now are being liberated economically by this president.

I’m a black man myself. We’re being economically liberated by this man in ways we could have never imagined or seen in the past, but yet right now you have the plantation masters of the Democratic Party who are trying their level best through the media and the force of the Democrat Party in general to keep blacks blind to the truth of what’s going on, blacks of the day during the slave time, the slave owners, they kept blacks enslaved by thinking, telling them that the north was coming to kill them and take them away and all of this stuff.

This same type of propaganda and deception is going on now on so many fronts. But John Wilkes Booth, we have him. We have him right now, but this battle and struggle over morality and conscience, truth and freedom. And as I said, Trump’s a Republican. Well, Lincoln was a Republican. And if I may say one real quick thing, I don’t get offended by anything, including those who fly the Confederate flag. I laugh at these idiots because the first thing I think of, they lost, you lost the war. You are not American. You were anti-American, you had your own country, your own president, you were anti-American, and these dupes still fly the flag and I love it.

RUSH: You know what, you’re making a good point there, Eric. In fact, everything you said about the plantation and the left, Democrats wanting blacks to remain uninformed and loyal voters, it’s exactly right. But the only thing I could correct about what you said is minor. You said they hate Trump. I think the truth is they hate, period. And this is the great irony, because they’re out there claiming that we are the haters, that we’re ignorant. If we oppose perversion in any form which they consider progress, we are ignorant and stupid and dumb and whatever. They hate. They literally just hate, period. It is what drives them. They’re never happy about anything. Even when they get what they want, Eric, they’re never satisfied. It’s never enough.

They are contributing, I think, to the overall decline in mental health on social media because all they do is populate it with disgust and filth and hate while they then seek to ban anybody who doesn’t join them in their hate fest. But they think they’re the ones that are tolerant and love and all this. They are the most intolerant people in our culture! They’re the most intolerant people throughout our society.

You know, there’s a paradox about tolerance. And I’m not gonna get into it in great length here. But if you are a tolerant society, the point that you tolerate intolerance, then everybody is gonna become intolerant and you’re gonna have a police state, by the time process plays out and ends. That may be something worth digging into at another time, another program here. It’s a fascinating paradox about, you know, if you’re open-minded and tolerant and accepting, can you destroy yourself in the process.

Yeah. You have to be intolerant of things that are destructive. You have to be discriminating against things that are destructive and bad. That’s why there is morality, which they also seek to obliterate and blur the lines. But you’re right on the money. I appreciate it. Thanks much.

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