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RUSH: Now, this other email question I got, it’s not the only time. But I got another one today. I have several of these over the course of months, weeks. And they go something along the lines of “I’m seeing so much news about transgenderism. Are there that many transgenders in America, Rush?” Well, the answer is no. I mean, statistically, factually, equivocally, no.

The transgender percentage of the population is infinitesimal. But that’s not why they get reported on. They get news coverage for the same reason NFL players kneeling during the flag get coverage. Any group of people that can successfully portray themselves as a victim of majority America, meaning white male-dominated America, is going to be given hero status.

Any group of people, any victim group of people opposing America, is going to be get fawning treatment from the media. When it comes to transgenderism, I actually think that much of it is almost like a fad for young people. The media portrays it as cool. The media portrays transgenderism as a hip, young demographic political issue as well as lifestyle issue.

So it’s a way to call attention to yourself. It’s a way to tick off your parents. It’s built in. I just think a lot of it is just young people engaging in a fad or what have you. And, no, I’m not trying to be critical of fellow human beings. I’m simply answering questions that people pose to me here.

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