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RUSH: By the way, I want to assure you that I’m not gonna get distracted with all this stuff. I’m still gonna keep chronicling the descent into madness and insanity taking place on the left. And let me give you the headlines of those stories I have in that particular Stack today.

Miami Hurricanes, the football team, “Miami Hurricanes Will Wear Uniforms and Cleats Made From Ocean Garbage,” this season. Wait ’til you hear what the ocean garbage is that their uniforms will be made of.

Here is a story from Breitbart. “Study: More ‘Ecosexual’ Professors Are Having Sex with Trees.” These professors are women. There are more and more women having sex with trees. And I say it’s from Breitbart, but it actually comes from an academic piece published in a new journal called Feminist Theory. More and more eco-sexual professors are having sex with trees. I know you can’t wait for the details on that.

Our buddies at Campus Reform got their microphones and cameras, and they went out there to ask Millennials what they thought of Governor Cuomo’s comment that America’s never been great and isn’t gonna be great. And what do you think they found? They found a bunch of students who agree! They found a bunch of students who agree that America’s never been great, that Cuomo is right!

When this subject came up yesterday, remember Marie Harf, the former State Department spokeswoman that just is cliché, exactly what you would think a university liberal babe would look like coming out of the modern-day academy. And she was defending Cuomo in his statement that, no, America’s never been great and it’s got a long way to go to get great. And she’s asking, “Do you think it was great,” she said, “when I couldn’t vote and when I couldn’t get a credit card without my husband’s approval?”

And of course, had I been on the panel, what do you mean you can’t vote? Did you fail some test?” See, I know what she was referring to, but the fact is she can vote. All these grievances that all these people have go back hundreds of years. Problems that have been fixed, grievances that have been adjudicated, discriminations that have been resolved.

And yet they want to act like those things, women not being able to vote, permanently disqualify America as a great place, permanently. And they’re hell-bent, they’re devoted to this idea that America isn’t anything great and maybe it isn’t possible because of all of these things in the past. So, yeah, we have quite a Stack of the Insanity and the Looney Tunes’ Descent of the American Left.

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