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RUSH: We had a call last hour from somebody wanted to know, “What we can do? We know we’ve got corruption all around us. We know we’ve got people breaking the law in the FBI and the Department of Justice. We have people breaking the law in the Democrat Party. What can we do as individual citizens out here to stop it?” And as individual citizens? (sigh) I don’t know.

The best thing you can do is elect people who are gonna clean it up and fix it up. And I’m telling you, it’s exactly what Donald Trump is. Like I just saw, we revoked, what’s-his-name, Brennan’s clearance. So now there is an admiral in the Navy who was responsible for running the operation that ended up capturing and killing Osama Bin Laden. He’s out saying, “Well, I mean, Mr. President, if you’re gonna revoke Brennan’s clearance, then you may as well revoke mine.”

Of course, the media is celebrating. His name is McRaven, Admiral McRaven. They’re celebrating this guy, and I’m sure a lot of people say, “Oh, my! This is not good. Oh, gosh, this is a great military guy siding with Brennan.” Folks, they’re all from the swamp. It really isn’t hard to understand, but you can’t ever forget what is happening here. You can’t. You who elected Trump and voted for him, you cannot forget what you’ve done here.

You have sent a bomb that goes off in Washington every day, multiple times a day, in Donald Trump. He’s blowin’ the place up! And that’s what you wanted. That’s what you elected him for. He’s pushing back against how many decades of entrenched club-ism? How long is the…? I think the Washington establishment and the globalist liberal order has been running this country since World War II. I think at the office put in place post-World War II. Maybe before then, but certainly after it, starting with but not limited to the Marshall Plan and the divvying up of Germany, East Germany to the Soviet Union. Malta with Churchill and FDR and so forth.

The liberal order which still dominates the American pop culture and the American media, it’s decades old, and it has had no opposition. These are the people that have — to one degree or another — been running the country. And they are embedded throughout the bureaucracy that is Washington, D.C. They’re everywhere in there. And many of them are career people. And their loyalty is to that. Their loyalty is to that — even military people. You know, we’ve discussed this. There are two kind of generals.

You’ve got warrior generals, and you’ve got the political generals, and the warrior generals try to climb the ladder of success in the military with combat roles, combat success, beating the bad guys. The political side plays the political game; they climb the ladder that way. Who you know, who you have known, who you want to know, who you do know? Contacts. Brown-nosing. It’s thick, and they have had no opposition. Yeah, you’ve got the Republicans and Democrats, but the Republicans serve the role, I think…

The Harlem Globetrotters always played the Washington Generals, and the Washington Generals maybe in some games would lead and get close to look like they were gonna win. But the Globetrotters ended up winning everything. I know the Republicans win the presidency now and then. But how much of conservative culture actually gets implemented via Republican Party victory in a lasting way? It hasn’t and it doesn’t. So the Republicans have their role to play inside this establishment. It’s not, I don’t even think, sufficient to call it the Washington establishment.

Because they’re not limited to Washington. These are the people who believe in globalism and who work with European and other foreign leaders to set up this world order that’s basically a liberal order on things. They’re not made up of people who believe that… (sigh) Well, it’s tough. They believe in the bigness and the superpower status of the United States, and most of them don’t want to diminish that, but they don’t want to use it, either. Some of them do want to diminish it. But what matters to them is them.

Like I made a point the other day that the purpose of life is life. Life’s purpose is to exist. Life is gonna do whatever it has to to continue. Michael Crichton wrote about it great in one novel. It might have been Jurassic Park. I don’t know what. But in the prelude to a book he described that even after a nuclear detonation that wiped out everything, some organism of life would survive and continue to survive and grow and propagate, that life is everywhere, and its purpose is to keep living. Its purpose is to multiply. Its purpose is to live.

That’s kind of a good way to describe this organization. That’s what its purpose is. Its purpose is to live and to continue to exist and to dominate and to provide everything it provides for people who live and work in it. They’ve had 60 years to establish their order. They’ve had 60 years to entrench themselves and use their power to define the United States’ role in the world, to define the United States government’s role in domestic issues and so forth. And we’ve elected somebody who is not part of that club or organization and never would be, and he has now campaigned on the idea that all of that needs to be blown up.

He’s described them as dumb and stupid with their trade deals. By the way, have you seen…? I watched earlier today some brain-dead Democrat woman analyst on Fox talking about how the Democrats need to win in 2020 to bring back a good economy for the little people, that what Trump has done is nothing but provide crumbs. I’m saying, “This is absurd!” Everybody who’s working is experiencing an economic boom, many of them for the first time in their lives! People that were born and grew up during the Obama administration have never known a growing, expanding economy like this.

It’s the first of it they’ve of seen, and they were told it would never happen again. Barack Obama said their jobs are never coming back. Three percent economic growth? Lawrence Summers, an economics expert and the president of Harvard (until he ticked off some women) had said that it was irresponsible to promise a 3% economic growth rate, that it wasn’t possible! Well, here we are at 4.1%. Donald Trump’s embarrassing these people each and every day. He’s illustrating and demonstrating they’re a bunch of know-nothings!

They’re closed-minded! They have stopped being curious themselves like journalists have. So I’m listening to this brain-dead female analyst saying the Democrats need to win to bring back something more than crumbs for average, ordinary Americans. Crumbs? Have you seen the numbers? Walmart is blowing the doors off! Consumer spending is at a record high! How in the hell is that happening? I guarantee you the 1% are not shopping at Walmart!

Home Depot? Home Depot has been announcing record quarters! There’s all kinds of new jobs — manufacturing and otherwise — being created. Wages are going up. That’s why consumer spending is going up. There’s a story in the Stack here today that if you want to go out and buy a big truck, an over-the-road rig that you would use to ship things, you’ve got a nine-month wait. The backorder for big rigs is so long that it’s a nine-month wait. You order one today, and you’re not gonna get it ’til sometime next year. Why?

Because the business of shipping things is booming, and the reason for that is that the economy is! To listen to these Democrats talk about how people are being left out? They always do that in every economic boom and the reason is if the government cannot be said to be responsible for whatever improvements are happening in people’s lives, then it’s not real and it can’t be allowed. People can’t be allowed to credit capitalism or the markets or the economy itself for the improvement in their lives.

As far as these people in the club are concerned, Washington has to get that credit — and more specifically, the Democrat Party has to get that credit. The Democrat Party could not make happen what is happening today. They do not believe it is possible! They do not want what is happening today to happen! Because what’s happening in the economy today creates people who become independent! And they find out that they could become much more prosperous and even much happier without depending on the nearest Democrat to hand something off to ’em!

That’s why all of this is a threat to them, one of the many reasons why. It is patently dumb for somebody to go on TV and talk about the Democrats need to win in 2020 because all most people are getting is crumbs. This 4% economic growth? It can’t happen if just the 1% are doing well. Despite what you think, there aren’t that many of them! (interruption) Yeah, somebody tried to talk sense into her, but she was incapable. This dumb, brain-dead babe was incapable of understanding and accepting that there is a roaring economy — and the evidence, you can cite it with quarterly earnings reports from one company to the next.

I tell you, Trump has proposed something else. This would make such a big change. You know, right now the SEC requires businesses and corporations — major corporations — to report their earnings every quarter, four times a year. That reporting requirement creates the need for policy in the corporate boardroom for growth or loss or what have you, for the purposes of the stock price and investors (and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah) every three months. The need to either meet expectations or surpass them or to not get too down below them has way too much effect on the way companies are run.

So Trump is thinking of suggesting or proposing the SEC change the reporting requirements to six months, not three, twice a year rather than four times. I’ll tell you, it would free those people up in corporate boardrooms to have even more focus on the actual growth of their companies and not just the stock price. Not that that’s not important. But, you know, having to report every three months, meet expectations, that’s how you get policies that do not have enough time to take hold.

You’ve gotta show results in three months as a CEO or you could be in big trouble with the board of directors, be on your way out. It would be worthwhile thing to change. Just a little thing like that is throwing the country upside-down. “What do you mean you want to change the reporting requirements to twice a year? Who do you think you are?” They’re so etched in stone in their ways. It’s been done for so long. But my point is, this is what people that voted for Donald Trump voted for.

You voted for a guy like Brennan losing his security clearance, because he’s been trying to overthrow Donald Trump and lead the effort to do that. He’s being paid money to do it by using whatever information he supposedly has as a result of having a security clearance — and then out there lying about what he has, and he can’t prove it! While shouting slanderous invective that Trump’s the traitor. So an admiral comes along, “If you’re gonna take his clearance away, take mine away,” and you’re supposed to start getting wobbly.

“Oh, no! An admiral? Trump must be wrong about this.”


The swamp is gonna stick together. The swamp is going to hang in with itself. The one thing that hasn’t changed about the swamp is there’s nobody there — despite what I just listed as the economic improvement, despite trade deals being redone in the United States’ favor. Besides a focus on securing the border and limiting illegal immigration. All the things that Trump is being beat up every day for, inside the Washington Beltway, in the establishment, whatever you want to call it, and he still doesn’t have any new friends in there.

They’re still as arrayed and aligned against him as they were the day he won the election, even before. He has an ongoing, pressure-packed existence. He is pushing back against a 60-or-more-year order and establishment that has never been pushed back against like this before. They are willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of him, to paralyze him, to defeat him, to convict hum, to impeach him, or what have you. And he’s continuing to push back, and he’s continuing to get in their face. I don’t think he gets enough gratitude for hanging in.

I know the people that voted for him have mountains and mountains and mountains of appreciation. What has a doing is exactly what millions and millions and millions of people have been demanding of Republicans, essentially, and conservatives for as long as I’ve been doing this program — and it’s been that long that somebody’s come along and is doing it. It’s only natural they would hate him. It’s only natural that they would align unanimously against him.

It’s only natural they would want to get rid of him. It’s only natural that they would try to create as much doubt in your mind as they can. It’s only natural that they would try to make you think you made the biggest mistake of your life with your vote in 2016. But it’s gonna take more than one administration to continue this, to accomplish this. It’s gonna take another election in 2020 before it’s done. It’s a formidable challenge.

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