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RUSH: So President Trump says that he is probably gonna revoke the security clearance of Bruce Ohr next. Now, Bruce Ohr and his wife, Nellie, are involved in this whole scam to set Trump up with Russia collusion, as Hillary Clinton is. He’s every bit… Those two are so deeply involved in this, in terms of being corrupt. But people are beginning to say Trump should not revoke these people’s clearances for various reasons.

So the theory is that the president should just leave this alone because someday there’s gonna be a Democrat president, and we don’t want the Democrat president revoking all the clearances of our guys. Now, I have to tell you, I think that is such… That is mistaken thinking, to try to draw an equivalence between Republicans and Democrats in this particular area. You can’t find Republicans that were trying to undermine and corrupt the FBI, for crying out loud, in order to sabotage an opposing presidential campaign.

When have the Republicans ever done this? And when has the media ever participated in anything like this? The idea that there’s a moral equivalence, that, “Well, you know, one day the Democrats are gonna be back in office, and we don’t want them yanking the clearances of our intelligence people.” Well, the Mooch, Anthony Scaramucci is on Fox. He’s talking about this right now. His theory is, “Trump is gonna be exonerated; he doesn’t have to be doing any of this stuff.” Now, the Mooch supposedly knows Trump very well.

So the Mooch ought to understand what this is. Trump is so easy to understand. I guess that’s why people are having trouble understanding him — and I’m not saying he’s a simpleton. With Trump you’re a good guy or you’re a bad guy. You’re trying to help America get good and be great or you’re not. But he’s the guy that was the target of all these people! His campaign, his presidency, his transition was the target of all these people. And they were corrupt, and they were using the powers of the United States government in order to sabotage his legitimate campaign — legitimately victorious campaign — and now his presidency.

There’s no way these people should have security clearances just simply based on what they’ve done. I don’t care what party they’re in! I don’t care what kind of convoluted thinking is, “Well, they were being patriots, Rush. They’re trying to save America from a despot like Donald Trump.” He’s not a despot! He just doesn’t talk the way these people inside the Beltway do; so he’s like an alien. He’s not sophisticated, all this other stuff. But in terms of issues, he’s running rings around ’em! In terms of policy, he’s kicking butt on policy.

He’s defeating them every which way from Sunday, but the idea that John Brennan…? Somehow America is suffering when John Brennan loses his security clearance? Why should John Brennan continue? John Brennan. Let’s look at a few things when it comes to this guy and his supposed work and all that. This is a guy, ladies and gentlemen, who has lied to the Senate Intelligence Committee. He has not done his job well. He was involved in intelligence pre-9/11, and he was right in there at the top of the heap on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

And there’s a part of me that still thinks that that might have been a sabotage of George W. Bush. I mean, every intelligence agency in the Free World was assuring us that there were weapons of mass destruction in there, and we get in there, and there aren’t any. I know we got stories of them being packed up on trucks and moved over to Syria and that kind of thing. But that was a humongous embarrassment. That set the table… Remember that’s 2003. That set the table for destroying George W. Bush’s election in 2004.

When that failed, they began to destroy his presidency. They got his approval numbers down to the twenties, and that all started… If you can pick a starting point, it actually started when the Florida aftermath, recount, and so forth. But the weapons of mass destruction, that was the starting point for “Bush lied; people died.” Bush this; Bush that. Bush-Hitler. They were calling to assassinate Bush here left and right. Brennan was right in there in all that. He has repeatedly lied to Congress. He’s out there calling the president of the United States a traitor.

He’s being paid to say this. He’s trading on his security clearance and what he learns from it for paid television appearances on cable networks that are predisposed to oppose and hate Donald Trump. So, yeah, he’s putting himself up, he’s offering himself for hire to a bunch of anti-Trumpers who are willing to pay him to traffic and trade on information he gets because he’s got a security clearance. He is saying some of the most outrageously insulting and offensive and libelous/slanderous things about Trump and being paid to do it.

Where in the world does somebody like this qualify for a security clearance? That’s my question. Much less having it taken away, where does he qualify for it? When you get to Bruce Ohr and Nellie Ohr? You know, forget whether or not this could mean the future Republicans security people lose their clearances. These people have acted in corrupt ways to sabotage the United States presidential election and then a subsequent United States presidency! Why do they qualify for a security clearance in the first place? This is the swamp that Trump promised everybody that he was going to drain, and he’s doing a good job of it.

(interruption) No, no. I’m not… (laughing) Come on. You know, I’m not picking a fight with Scaramucci. I’m reacting to what he said. I think it’s a mistake to continue to equate Republicans and Democrats. Look, in some areas, there’s crossover and they’re the same. But we don’t do what they’ve been doing here for the last two years. I went through the outrage that is this entire investigation. I went through it again yesterday from this dossier to the whole Mueller investigation. This is absurd. It’s surreal. It’s outrageous.

All of the real crimes Mueller knows about is ignoring them — primarily to cover ’em up, in my opinion. And, furthermore, Trump’s not trying to silence John Brennan. He’s not trying to deny him freedom of speech. Brennan is running around talking about, “My freedom of speech!” His freedom of speech isn’t being affected here. Brennan can go on TV and be paid for it to say whatever the hell he wants. Nobody is telling him he can’t say X, Y, or Z. How is denying him access to intelligence — which I don’t think he has continued to earn that.

How is denying that somehow infringing on his freedom of speech? And the answer is that it isn’t. Bruce Ohr and Nellie Ohr, they’re thick as thieves with Fusion GPS. They’re thick as thieves with Christopher Steele. Bruce Ohr’s wife is a longtime Soviet apologist disguised as a Soviet expert analyst. I think that this is so simple to see what’s going on. It’s very clear that Donald Trump has a distinct view of the United States of America and who should be allowed — who is qualified — to have a role in the official position of defending and protecting the United States.

Some of these people have blown that opportunity, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t how that’s even debatable. We’ve got two narratives going on out there that are patently false. One of them was started by Andrew Cuomo with this whole notion of his that America isn’t great because… What did he say? We need every American “engaged.” What the hell does that mean? Every American engaged? I’m telling you, that comes from the multicultural technique or the curriculum or the belief system that America is not legitimate until every citizen is performing at 100%.

That’s absurd. It never happened! But to do it on the basis of identity politics and to claim America’s never been great because some people aren’t, and the reason those some people aren’t is because they’re being stepped on and discriminated against? So Andrew Cuomo runs around and talks about the fact that women are still being discriminated against, that women are profoundly oppressed in the United States. And the media’s running around saying they don’t have any freedom. And they’re running these mass, coordinated anti-Trump editorials yesterday in over 300 newspapers.

The intelligence community, the executive branch, the sitting president, a former president, the media, Hollywood, the music industry, academia, billionaires, Vladimir Putin all came together for the purposes of electing Hillary Clinton back in 2016! Let me say this again. The intelligence community, the Obama executive branch, Obama himself, Bill Clinton, the media, Hollywood, the music industry, academia, billionaires, Vladimir Putin… His operatives were trying to smear Trump. I made this point yesterday.

Every one of those groups of people came together for the purpose of electing Hillary Clinton. They broke laws to elect Hillary Clinton, and they allowed Hillary Clinton to break laws and then exonerated her in advance so that her breaking those laws would not become a factor in the campaign. They spent time, they spent money, they told any number of lies to get the most corrupt woman to ever run for office elected president, and not just so much because they love the most cheated-on woman in America.

It’s because their jobs and careers would be safe and their corrupt activities could be covered up as long as she won. We wouldn’t know 90% of what we know today if she had won. That’s another reason why they wanted her to win, and then you add to it the personal animus they have for Donald Trump. In addition to that, the left owns 90% of the media! The media say and do whatever the hell they want to do each and every day, whether it’s true or not! They make monsters out of people like Mitt Romney.

There is no politician too big, there is no amendment too valued, there is no business too entrenched to stop the media from colluding to say and do anything they want without fear of reprisal. What press freedom is being infringed? Donald Trump is not doing one thing to stop them! All he’s doing is calling them out! All he’s doing is pushing back, and this is what it looks like! All Donald Trump is doing is what we have wanted any Republican to do for the last 20 years! He’s doing it! They say it’s a denial of their freedom!

They say the presidency is broken! They say we need to amend the Constitution and get rid of the presidency because Trump won! They are the ones that have the agenda that limits and denies freedom! They’re the ones with the agenda that is punitive to their opponents! They are the ones who want to limit people’s access to speech! Can I mention Facebook and Twitter and instant chat and Snapchat and Up-Yours Chat, whatever other chats there are. You know as well as I do what’s happening on all these chats.

And the left has allowed Keith Ellison… He can have all kinds of women accuse him of things and the #MeToo movement just wafts away. The deputy chairman of the Democrat National Committee can be accused of abusing women left and right, and the #MeToo movement decides to take a coffee break. I mean, the ironies here, the hypocrisies here are too numerous to mention. The media owns most of Washington, D.C. The media owns most of New York City.

You can take your phony narratives and your phony victimhood somewhere else, media and leftists, as far as I’m concerned, because you’re just crying over spilt milk. You’re crying over the fact that you have all of this control, all of this influence, and you still couldn’t beat who you think is the biggest idiot to ever run for office! And in the process you have become elements of corruption of some of the institutions and traditions the American people have always trusted.

Now you’re crying, “Wah! Wah! Wah! My security clearance!”

You don’t deserve it! It’s not that complicated.


RUSH: This is Mark in Cave Creek, Arizona. It’s great to have you on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you so much for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: The question I have for you, like you’ve mentioned that we know of crimes that have been committed that Mueller’s not investigating and Gregg Jarrett’s book indicates so many crimes have been committed, and I’m wondering if you or anybody in your audience is aware of anything that we, the electorate, can use to compel the government to prosecute known crimes, or are we just helpless and we have to sit back and watch this corruption taking place and —

RUSH: Yeah, it’s —

CALLER: — do whatever he wants.

RUSH: It is such a great question. This is why Donald Trump was elected, in my opinion. One of the many reasons why Trump was elected is I think people have grown tired and fatigued of the things that you mentioned, and just the overall general incompetence, the not putting America first in so many ways that matter for the last, I don’t know how many years or how many decades.

People have grown frustrated with promises by certain parties and politicians to address it and fix it when it doesn’t happen. And that’s why Trump gets elected. And Trump was elected to drain the swamp, to turn the economy around, to reorient the nation’s government so that its focus was the American people. Our government seems to have been focused on the world and focused on taking the American people for granted, believing the American people will continue to do what they do to make the United States the number one superpower in the world and therefore it can be exploited and taken advantage of.

And people have grown wearied and tired of it as exemplified by illegal immigration and Washington’s insistence that every illegal immigrant continue to be allowed in and then granted amnesty, people have had their fill of it. And what people did was elect Trump to fix it. And that’s why nobody is abandoning him. Nobody that voted for Trump, not seriously, is abandoning him when it comes to these issues.

Now, what can you do. You’ve got what we think are obvious crimes committed by Hillary Clinton and her campaign. And look at the number of people — I had the list the other day, and I didn’t keep it ’cause I think the moment had passed, but I had a list of all of the people in the FBI and the DOJ who have either been fired or forced to resign because of their actions in this one case, the Trump presidency and the entire effort to prevent his election and then to sabotage his presidency and his transition.

It’s 20 people that have been forced to quit! It’s 20 people who have been fired, 20, or more. And just that fact alone, when you look at the list of names, the people that have been fired or dismissed or reassigned or people who’ve resigned. This just doesn’t happen in competent organizations which are functioning well. And these people I don’t think would have been fired or would have resigned had it not been for Donald Trump winning and what that meant.

There is a deep resentment, Mark, for people like you, because you elected Trump. The people in the Washington establishment, I believe, have a deep resentment for average Americans. I think they hold you in contempt. Your worth is during elections, and that’s about it. They think they’re much smarter than you, that you don’t have near the knowledge, education, or sophistication to understand what they do. Therefore your input in what they do doesn’t matter. Your desires don’t matter. Your complaints don’t matter. Because they don’t have the power to do anything about it anyway.

But a lot of things are being turned upside down in Washington. Taking the clearance away from an arrogant, braggadocio, unqualified guy like Brennan is something that should have happened long ago. In my estimation, somebody like Brennan should never have been cleared for a clearance, if you ask me. But he was.

You’ve got Clapper, you have a got Brennan and all these other people who are now using their clearance and they’re monetizing it to make TV appearances, to do what? To slander Donald Trump and to continue this program of theirs to eventually get him thrown out of office or defeated at the next election or what have you. They’re certainly not bipartisan. They’re certainly not behaving as though America is first. And so what can you do? I think you’re doing it by electing people like Trump, in terms of being able to make phone calls, send emails, get on social media and demand, for example, the FBI do this, I don’t know that that’s effective. It may be and we don’t know.

Your question’s a variation on one I’ve gotten my entire career: Why can’t we get the Republicans to do X? How do we get Washington to do X? The question is it’s ongoing. But electing the right people I think is the key ingredient or aspect to this. Let me find a story here while I take a break. What’s going on at the Environmental Protection Agency is classic. I mean, Trump is literally committing crimes in the sense that he is keeping his promises, but all these supposedly sacred and sacrosanct areas of government that you can’t touch — the FDA, the EPA, any number of these things are really being cleaned out.

Trump had a tweet the other day about Richard Blumenthal. Richard Blumenthal, the guy looks like a mannequin, like a mummy. He’s a senator from Connecticut. And he has lied his whole life about having been a Marine and a war hero. He never was a Marine, was never a war hero. He lied consistently to the people of his state and this country. The media never called him out, but Trump does.

Trump has just published a tweet recently saying why should anybody listen to this guy? He lied here, he lied about this. That’s called pushback and Donald Trump does it. And Donald Trump is continuing to do it with the entirety of the Washington establishment arrayed against him each and every day, led by, of course, the Washington political class, the media class.

Anyway, take a quick time-out and I’ll get this story that’s lurking here in the Stack to make the point I just made.


RUSH: NBC News story headline: “Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Says ‘Environmental Terrorist Groups’ Enabled Wildfires.” Now, there’s no doubt about this. There is literally none. The California wildfires are burning out of control because of California’s environmentalist wackos who are devoted to what they call “old-growth forests.” That’s why you couldn’t chop down anything where the spotted owl was back in the late eighties. It’s why you can’t touch the redwoods. It’s why whatever happens out there in their minds is nature, “and any time man intervenes, it’s bad,” thereby eliminating human intelligence in adapting to an ever-changing environment.

So the result in California is — or anywhere else where the environmentalist wackos prevail — you cannot clear out dead wood! You can’t do anything! You have to leave it alone. In many cases, they won’t even allow human beings into some of these forests and areas because of their belief that humans corrupt nature — as though humans are not part of nature! Well, back in the old days, what do you think cleared out forests before man was around with the ability to do it? Fire did it! Lightning strikes!

Nature has always preserved itself. The whole point of life is life. Wherever it is, life is gonna first serve itself, whether it’s a plant or a tree or whether it’s a human being or whether it’s your dog or cat, that’s the purpose of life is to preserve itself, to propagate itself! And it’s true in the forest. So do you know when we learned things as human beings, we learned to adapt. We need the forests for a whole bunch of reasons. So we learned to go in and clear-cut them. We learned to go in and get rid of deadwood.

We clear cut when necessary. We learned to go in and have controlled burns to get rid of kindling that would start an out-of-control fire if it was struck by lightning or some locoweed came along with a joint and didn’t put it out and dropped it on the ground. But we can’t do that anymore, and you can’t even criticize the wackos for this kind of behavior, which is causing fires. I mean, they’re basically… They’re creating furnaces out there!

Well, Ryan Zinke, Trump’s interior secretary, is doing it — and this is what pushback looks like. We have an administration, top to bottom, that can articulate what the cause of our problems is (or are) and then address them. Political correctness prevents anybody from being truth about the reason for any problem that involves leftist causes, and Trump and his people say, “Screw that!” So we’re pushing back against these people and their dangerous and absurd policy beliefs! Anyway, I’m not finished with this because I have to stop because of the clock.

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