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Aug 17, 2018


“On this Manafort trial, people are looking at this as a way to discredit Mueller, and the other side of it is hoping for a conviction of Manafort to justify Mueller and what he’s doing. And so this case is really not even about poor ol’ Paul Manafort. It’s about Mueller and his foolhardy, stupid, waste-of-time investigation.”

“In most marriages, if the wife ‘suggests’ something, the husband does it. There are no suggestions. It’s like the Ten Commandments are not suggestions.”

“Keith Ellison, the deputy chairman of the Democrat National Committee, can be accused of abusing women left and right, and the #MeToo movement decides to take a coffee break.”

“A lot of things are being turned upside down in Washington. Taking the clearance away from an arrogant, braggadocio, unqualified guy like Brennan is something that should have happened long ago. In my estimation, somebody like Brennan should never have been cleared for a clearance, if you ask me.”

“Everybody who’s working is experiencing an economic boom, many of them for the first time in their lives! People that were born and grew up during the Obama administration have never known a growing, expanding economy like this.”

National Review: Mueller v. Manafort: Is It about Gates — or a Mountain of Documents? – Andrew McCarthy
CNN: Manafort Jury Returns for Day Two of Deliberations; Trump Calls Trial ‘Very Sad’
CNN: Mueller’s Team Has 3 Times the Evidence for Paul Manafort’s Next Trial than His Current Trial
CNBC: Democrats Have About a 70% Chance of Winning the House, Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight Forecasts
FiveThirtyEight: Forecasting the Race for the House
The Hill: Papadopoulos’s Wife Wants Him to Scrap Plea Deal with Mueller: Report
American Spectator: John Brennan, a Security Risk from the Start. He Plays the Pitiful Political Hack and Shabby Radical to the End
FOXNews: Joke’s on Brennan for Failing to Find Humor in Trump’s Remark, ‘Dilbert’ Cartoonist Says
Vanity Fair: Trump, the Only Thing That Could Make Hamptons Traffic Worse, Is Heading to the Hamptons. The Natural Order of Things will Collapse Entirely
PageSix: Kyra Sedgwick, Kevin Bacon Urge Voters to Show Up for Midterms
Mediaite: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Banned the Media From Her Latest Town Hall Event
American Greatness: Nice Ladies Leaving the Democratic Party – Karin McQuillan
FOXNews: Kimberley Strassel: What was Bruce Ohr Doing?
Epoch Times: Strzok Joins List of 25 Top FBI, DOJ Officials Who Have Been Recently Fired, Demoted, or Resigned
FOXNews: Ex-Trump Campaign Aide’s Wife: My Husband Should Scrap Deal
LA Times: Interior Secretary Blames Intensity of California Wildfires on ‘Environmental Terrorist Groups’
Page Six: Lena Dunham Celebrates Her Hysterectomy with Nude Photos
Breitbart: Robby Mook: Democrats Should Stop Campaigning with Keith Ellison
CBS: Retired Adm. William McRaven Asks Trump to Revoke His Security Clearance
FOXNews: Special Ops Shoot Down Brennan and His Defenders: ‘You Put Your Politics Before Us’
FOXNews: Judge in Manafort Trial Says He’s Been Threatened Over Case
Wall Street Journal: Get in Line: Backlog for Big Rigs Stretches to 2019


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