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RUSH: I saw something else that just last night, I said, “Should I even bring this up? This is such old news.” I said I’m gonna bring it up because it is great evidence of — and there’s plenty of it, but it’s just a great reminder of what we’re all up against with the Drive-By Media and it’s a reminder of just how ignorant the Drive-By Media is of news itself, how ignorant the Drive-By Media is of actual events that they cover. So I want to start this with an audio sound bite. This is the wife of George Papadopoulos. Now, I’m gonna have to retrace some steps here on George Papadopoulos.

But before I do, here’s his wife, Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos. This is on Tucker last night on the Fox News Channel. The question: “You want your husband to scrap his plea deal?” See, Papadopoulos is like Flynn; he pled guilty. They don’t have anything on the guy. The whole thing has been so trumped up, it’s just amazing, and Papadopoulos has been totally cowed by this. And his wife finally has seen what’s going on, and his wife wants him to recant the guilty plea. Tucker says, “You think your husband has a better shot in court during a trial and he should just scrap the guilty plea; is that right?”

PAPADOPOULOS: Absolutely. There are many evidences already in the public domain that shows that the situation was much more entrapment, a setup, than any attempt to collusion. It’s speculating that Misfud is a Russia-file who tries to collude with Trump campaign, specifically with George. Okay?

CARLSON: Is your husband going to withdraw the plea deal? Yes or no, do you think.

PAPADOPOULOS: That’s my — that’s my suggestion. I can’t answer right now for him.

RUSH: Now, in most marriages, if the wife “suggests” something, the husband does it. We don’t… Right, Snerdley? In most marriages, there are no suggestions. Right, Dawn? There aren’t any suggestions. Not really. It’s like the Ten Commandments are not suggestions. Anyway, she’s right here. I’m surprised it’s taken them this long. Now, let’s review. You heard her talk about (impression), “It is speculating that the Mifsud is a Russian spy who tried to collude with Trump campaign, specifically with Georgie, my hubby.”

This is where the Drive-By Media is just shameful. The story I saw last night was at TheHill.com. “Papadopoulos’s Wife Wants Him to Scrap Plea Deal with Mueller: Report — Simona Mangiante, the wife of … George Papadopoulos, says her husband should end his plea agreement…” Now, it’s not a very long story, but you read down to the final four paragraphs. “Papadopoulos pleaded guilty last year to lying to FBI agents about his communications with Russians and a London professor.

“He agreed, at the time, to cooperate with Mueller’s ongoing investigation. The former Trump campaign [Papadopoulos] aide is credited with sparking Mueller’s Russia probe with statements he made to Australian officials, which were later reported to the FBI. In those statements, Papadopoulos asserted that Russian agents had obtained thousands [Hillary Clinton] of emails.” No. That isn’t true. That’s nowhere near being true anymore, and everybody paying attention to this knows it. The Papadopoulos angle as the starting point for the investigation has been blown to smithereens.

But TheHill.com’s reporter doesn’t know this, or does TheHill.com reporter know it and still copy and paste from months-old news that is no longer relevant? What happened is this: There is a British spy named Stefan Halper. He’s a Cambridge professor. He’s an Oxford professor. He’s worked for the U.S. CIA and the British MI6. He’s taught a Harvard. He has a farm in Virginia. He was one of the FBI spies implanted in the Trump campaign. Out of the blue in the summer of 2016 he called Papadopoulos — who is a fringe Trump campaign adviser on foreign policy.


I don’t mean to put him down.

It’s just that he was new to the campaign, did not have access to Trump, was not a powerful adviser.

So Stefan Halper calls the guy; says, “George Papadopoulos, I want to offer you some money and a plane ticket to come to Europe and present a lecture on something to do with energy in the Middle East.” Papadopoulos says, “Wow. This is a big deal,” and Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos says (impression), “Yes, it is big deal, George. We should go. London is beautiful city.” So they went off and they met with Stefan Halper. This is classic. This is how this Drive-By Media perpetuates lies, and these lies are directly related to this whole idea that the Russians colluded with Trump and this whole thing is not that, it’s a set up.


RUSH: Trump had it right. He’s talking to the press before he gets on the plane to go to the Hamptons. He talks to the press when he gets off the plane in the Hamptons. He talks to the press more than any president has, and he asked a great question about Brennan. He said, “If Brennan knew about Russia collusion,” and Brennan says it’s without doubt, but he has no evidence. Brennan said, “There’s no question Trump colluded,” and when asked if he has any evidence? “No, I don’t.”

But Trump says, “If Brennan knew about Russia collusion, why wouldn’t he report it when he went before the committees? Why wouldn’t the FBI tell me that the Russians were involved in my campaign?” and the answer is obvious. They weren’t. The Russians were not involved the Trump campaign. The FBI, the DOJ, the Clinton campaign, the Obama DOJ put them there — which takes me back to Papadopoulos! So Papadopoulos gets off the plane; meets Halper.

During their dinners and their get-acquainted time, Halper says to Papadopoulos, “George, do you know that the Russians have a whole bunch of Hillary emails? Have you heard that?” And Papadopoulos says, “Whoa! (stammering) I had no idea.” So they plant the seed with Papadopoulos, and while he’s there, he happens to have a scheduled, a setup time at a bar with the Australian ambassador, a guy named Howard! The point is, they planted this idea in Papadopoulos’s head, and the media still isn’t reporting it!


RUSH: Okay. Look. I’m giving you the CliffNotes version of the Papadopoulos story. I’ve been through this countless times. This is the point. I’ve been through it. It is there to know. The true Papadopoulos story is there to know. The Hill.com yesterday runs a story that is already so disproven, it’s already acknowledged to be impossible. Papadopoulos could not be the trigger for the investigation. They tried to make it that, but then we learn the truth about the dossier.

So, anyway, after Stefan Halper, FBI spy, embed, plants the idea in George Papadopoulos’ head that the Russians have thousands of Hillary emails, Papadopoulos is feeling like a real big insider. He was just told something really, really cool. He’s a young guy at the time, 24. And so they arrange for him to have a drink at a bar with the Australian ambassador, Alexander Downer.

During that session at the bar consuming adult beverages, Papadopoulos happens to mention, because Downer brings it up, “George, do you know about these?”

“Oh, yeah.” And Papadopoulos talks about thousands of emails, Hillary Clinton emails that the Russians have. So Downer then, according to the preplanned program, calls Americans, calls the FBI, and says, “Hey, I got somebody here from the Trump campaign who says that the Russians have 30,000 Hillary emails.” Now, Papadopoulos didn’t know it. The idea, the whole thing was planted in his head by Stefan Halper. This whole thing was a script, it was written and Papadopoulos was the victim, he was played.

They paid him a lot of money to come over and make a talk, give a lecture, first class air fare, bring his wife over there, treated him like royalty. Then they give him this bit of news that is not true, that nobody knows is true or not. He ends up bragging about it and blabbing, which is human nature. “Hey, I know something you don’t,” he tells the ambassador. The ambassador calls the FBI. And bammo. The FBI then is able to say a Trump campaign official is saying that the Trump campaign knows that the Russians have 30,000 Hillary emails. And bammo.

That was supposed to be the trigger for the investigation. But that all got blown up when the dossier’s truth was learned, that it was Hillary Clinton opposition research. My point is the Papadopoulos story has been blown up for six months! Minimum six months! And yet TheHill.com writes a story last night about Papadopoulos’s wife thinking that he ought to withdraw his guilty plea.

And in their story — let me read it to you again. “The former Trump campaign aide is credited with sparking Mueller’s Russia probe with statements he made to Australian officials, which were later reported to the FBI. In those statements, Papadopoulos asserted that Russian agents had obtained thousands of emails that could be used to embarrass then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.”

None of this is true! And it’s been debunked and disproven for months! And yet there it is at the TheHill.com, and whoever reads TheHill.com is gonna run into that little paragraph and think that the Trump campaign knew the Russians — it just never ends and it’s a flat-out, 100 percent lie. And it’s been debunked I don’t know by how many people how many times. It’s there to know.

Now, it may not have been widely reported in mainstream media because they’re not the ones that uncovered it. They remain duped by it. But it is there to know. It’s not hard to find this. And at TheHill.com they’re so damn lazy, and throughout Drive-By Media journalism, just laziness is the name of the game in addition to everything else. But it’s there to know. So a lie continues to be reported.

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