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RUSH: Now, let’s go to this media-coordinated effort started by some editorial writer at the Boston Globe to have America’s major newspapers unite and run anti-Trump editorials today while maintaining that they are not united in opposition to Trump!  While trying to maintain that they are not the enemy of the people — which, by the way, Trump has never said.  He said fake news is the enemy of the people.  He never said the media in toto or the media at large.  My point is they’re proving everything Trump’s alleged about ’em with this little scheme that they’re trying.

But here’s the thing about this:  They’re not gonna persuade anyone. This is gonna backfire on them because you know what it’s proving?  It’s proving something very simple.  It’s proving the media is biased — and of course, they maintain that they aren’t.  But you can’t get a more classic definition and illustration of media bias than this.  So let me just run through some of the things I collected here about this.  The AP: “U.S. Newsrooms to Trump: We’re Not Enemies of the People

“The nation’s newsrooms are pushing back against President Donald Trump with a coordinated series of newspaper editorials condemning his attacks on ‘fake news’ and suggestion that journalists are the enemy. The Boston Globe invited newspapers across the country to stand up for the press with editorials on Thursday, and several began appearing online a day earlier. Nearly 350 organizations agreed to participate, according to Marjorie Pritchard, op-ed editor at The Boston Globe. In St. Louis, the Post-Dispatch called journalists ‘the truest of patriots.’ The Chicago Sun…”

Let me give you an example of why this is BS.  You’ve all heard that Andrew Cuomo (chuckles) went out there and actually admitted the Democrat Party platform, that America was never great and Trump can’t make it great.  America never has been great.  “Make America Great Again?  It can’t be made great again because America never has been great.”  The media’s not publishing that.  You won’t find that story in Politico.  You will not find the New York Times writing about it.  You won’t find Politico writing about it.

You won’t find any of them writing about it, folks.  The AP gives little lip service to it.  But they’re covering it up!  And yet they claim that they are “the truest of patriots”? AP: “The Elizabethtown Advocate in Pennsylvania … compared free press in the United States to such rights promised but not delivered in the former Soviet Union.” What?  So this coordinated attack on Trump over something he’s never said is the perfect example of what used to happen in the Soviet Union with their one-party press?

Trump has always said the fake news is the enemy of the people, but not all the news, not the entire news media.  But for some reason all these news people think that he is talking about them.  Now, from a couple of days ago Little Brian Stelter at CNN: “More than 100 Newspapers Will Publish Editorials Decrying Trump’s Anti-Press Rhetoric — [Marjorie] Pritchard said. ‘We have some big newspapers, but the majority are from smaller markets, all enthusiastic about standing up to Trump’s assault on journalism.”

I can’t tell you what a majority of the American people — how big a majority — agree with Trump on this.  I cannot tell you how many Americans are fed up with the media, with the unfairness, with the bias.  You know it as well as I do.  Maybe even better.  Trump is more accessible than any president has ever been.  Trump talks to the media more often than any president ever has.  Trump lets them into cabinet meetings.  He lets them into little meetings that go on in the Oval Office when foreign leaders are in town.

He sometimes conducts entire meetings at the White House with the media present.  He stops on the way to Marine One — the helicopter or wherever. He stops, and he’ll talk to the press for 15 or 20 minutes.  He just happens to call ’em out on their BS! Trump has not spied on them the way Obama did.


RUSH:  No, no, no.  I just have a couple more things on this, this media thing with Trump.  Have you ever seen a greater illustration of a bunch of dopes playing into somebody’s hands?  I mean, here’s Trump out there accusing the media of this or that, and they decide to take action that proves him right.  They are colluding.  They are coordinating.  They are planning.  They are conspiring, led by an editorial page editor at the Boston Globe.

Three-hundred-and-fifty American newspapers colluding, conspiring to write anti-Donald Trump editorials today — proving everything Trump has said about them.  They’re out there saying, “No, no, no, no.  This doesn’t prove anything.  It certainly doesn’t prove our bias.  We are not the enemies of the people.”  Okay.  I have here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a story from our old buddies at NewsBusters.  The headline:  “Kimmel Begs Wolf Blitzer: ‘We’ve Got to Get Rid of [Trump], Right?’

“CNN host Wolf Blitzer was on Jimmy Kimmel’s August 13 show [three days ago], where he bemoaned the ‘dangerous’ state of journalism in the U.S. thanks to President Trump, saying he ‘encouraged dictators.’ The journalist and [Jimmy Kimmel] commiserated over how ‘serious news organizations’ like CNN were under attack…” Oh! CNN just hit a new low.  They just came in under the Shark Network or something.  I never even knew there was a Shark Network, but CNN got eaten by the Shark Network.

I mean, CNN is tanking.  If it weren’t for the fact that they’re in airports where you have no choice but than to watch them… I mean, it’s pathetic!  It is pathetic — and they know it!  And they’re continuing to do everything to shred additional audience.  So here’s Wolf Blitzer going out with Jimmy Kimmel. The combined IQ of these two, what do you think it would be?  They’re commiserating with each other over how rotten Trump is.

“Oh, my God.  We got get rid of him, right?” (sobbing) Said Kimmel, “We gotta get rid of him.”

“Kimmel complained that’s the news cycle was constant thanks to Trump.”

What?  It’s Trump’s fault that they’re covering Trump?  The news cycle is Trump’s fault?  What, Trump won’t shut up?  Trump won’t stop being president?  The thing that has to be emphasized here is the reason why Donald Trump is at 50% approval — the reason why none of these things like Omarosa and all the others are hurting Trump — is because of policy.  Donald Trump campaigned on policy more so than any presidential candidate in my memory.

Well, you always have to throw Reagan in there.  Reagan had just a brilliant three-legged-stool message that was consistent and it was easy to understand and he accomplished it.  Trump has been talking about trade. These people don’t understand. The media and the left do understand not why the American people don’t turn on Trump because of what the Europeans are saying about him.  Donald Trump is teaching the American people about trade, and he’s been doing it since the campaign!

Stop and think of something.  The subject of trade — trade deals, trade deficits — how do you get more boring?  How do you get more milquetoast?  And yet Donald Trump has persisted since the campaign, highlighting the problems, teaching the American people how the American population has been victimized by bad trade deals — and then he’s gone about changing them!  The Drive-Bys and Europeans can’t understand why the American people are not abandoning Trump because of tariffs.

It’s because Trump is teaching them.  If they just take the time to listen these rallies, if they would take the time to listen to the way Trump talks at campaign appearances and elsewhere and on television.  He is educating the American people about these things, and he’s been talking about trade and bad trade deals for longer than 2-1/2, three years.  So much of Trump’s success — practically all of it — is rooted in policy, policy that matters to people, and the left cannot fight that.  The media can’t fight that.

That’s why they’re trying to go after Trump on he’s not sophisticated enough, and he doesn’t have enough character, and they don’t understand why they’re unable to take him out.  It’s because of policy.  The answer to every complaint they’ve got about why Trump won’t go away is policy.  He is more effective in explaining it, more effective in teaching it, and more effective at telling people how he is succeeding along the way with every one of these policies that he is tackling, be it trade or anything else.  So Kimmel and Wolf Blitzer haven’t the slightest idea how ridiculous they look!  Blaming Trump for the news cycle?

“‘It’s been crazy,’ Blizer [sic] agreed. Kimmel wondered if that was ‘good or bad’ for the news business,” the news cycle. “That led Blitzer to bash Trump for attacking ‘world class news organization’ CNN, that was an ‘important part of our democracy.'”  Let me ask you something, folks.  If CNN went out of business today, would American democracy suffer?  If CNN closed up shop, went out of business, would our country be imperiled?  No.  It wouldn’t.  I mean, not a shred.

CNN going out of business wouldn’t cause a blip anywhere except to people that work at CNN and a bunch of leftists around the country who depend on ’em.  But yet here’s Wolf Blitzer really thinking that CNN and MSNBC and all the rest of them are the only thing holding this country together during the Trump presidency.  This is an arrogance but it’s also a stupidity.  You know, we assign… I’ve made this observation too.  We assign to leftists a modicum of intelligence and then claim that it’s their bias and their ideology that drives them.

I am being forced here to revise my own thinking, that a large part of what propels these people every day is just flat-out stupidity. It’s genuine stupidity, genuine ignorance, dumb stupidity and an inability to learn, an inability to have an open enough mind to observe things that are happening and honestly record them, note that they’re happening, calculate them, and try to understand why.  There’s just a flat-out, total rejection of anything and everything that happens to be Trump.

And now they’ve got themselves believing that they are the last line of defense in saving the United States.  It’s just… It’s an arrogance coupled with a condescension that is breathtaking to behold — and then you have to ask, what is it about presidential elections that liberals don’t get?  When you win, you get four years, and then you run again.  If you win again, you get four more years, just like Obama, just like George W. Bush.

It’s the way it works.

Just because your candidate loses doesn’t give you the right to run the winner out of town or out of office because his four years are up.  But because Trump is from the outside, because Trump is not from (whatever you want to call it) the club, he’s gotta go.  And they claim that they’re the last line of defense of our democracy.  These people are single-handedly attempting to upend it.  These people, Wolf Blitzer and the media, are single-handedly doing everything they can to blow up our democracy because they didn’t like the results of a particular election!

And that leads me to the USA Today piece that I referenced at the top of the program.  This is by… Let’s see. Tina D-u-p-u-y.  How would you pronounce it?  Dew-pway? Dew-pie?  It’s D-u-y-p-u-y.  Anyway, she’s an opinion contributor at USA Today.  A week ago she had a piece entitled, “Donald Trump Broke the Presidency. It’s Time to Get Rid of the Job Altogether.”  Like I said, when the Democrats, when the left lose anything, suddenly the whole system is bad.

When they lose an election, when they lose the presidency, when they lose something, suddenly it’s the system that’s gone bad and it needs to be overthrown. It can’t possibly be that they were rejected for legitimate reasons. It just can’t be. So now they’re willing to get rid of the presidency altogether and the Constitution. And of course they would never think anything like this if Hillary Clinton had won.

But let me just share with you some of — USA Today actually published this. This is no different than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez getting a degree in economics and not even knowing what it is! She is literally a dunce when it comes to basic Economics 101. And she got a degree in it. And this is happening all over the American university system, particularly Ivy League, which is where people are trained to end up in government, end up in bureaucracy, and in charge of things.

“Donald Trump Broke the Presidency. It’s time to get rid of the job altogether. Donald Trump is proof that the U.S. presidency is broken and democracy is in peril. It’s time to amend the Constitution and abolish the presidency.” This babe, Tina Dupuy, is a former Capitol Hill staffer. I don’t know if she’s a ChiCom spy like was on Dianne Feinstein’s staff, but she was a Capitol Hill staffer. She has written for The Atlantic, for the Los Angeles Times, for Vox, and for Mother Jones. And she is a host on satellite radio’s leftist channel.

“We’ve seen it: the belligerent typo-ridden tweets; the fawning press conferences with autocrats and overlords; the self-described Nazis on parade praising an American president’s name. We have seen it with our own eyes. There is a bloated authoritarian lounging in his bathrobe in a 200-year-old mansion that used to symbolize the principal republic of the world. This is a man who openly conspired to cheat with the help of a hostile foreign nation in a federal election.”

Now, this is what I mean. These people literally believe something that did not happen! The Russians did not affect the outcome of an election or a single vote. It’s the Democrats that worked with Russians to sabotage a campaign, not the other way around. And this woman, published by USA Today, a former Capitol Hill staffer, is embarrassingly dumb!

There’s no other way to describe this. It’s not enough to say she’s wrong or misguided. This is just genuinely stupid. Is it hurting my argument to call them this? I’ve tried every which way. They’re misguided, they’re incorrect, they’re wrong, they believe the wrong media, but this is just — how do you write this? You lose an election, it means the presidency is no longer worthwhile, it’s been sabotaged, the Constitution needs to be amended?

“This is a man who openly conspired to cheat with the help of a hostile foreign nation in a federal election. On election night, he came in second place, yet due to a scab of slavery in the Constitution (the electoral college), this usurper has the full power of the most powerful military in history, command of the treasury, the absolute power to pardon and he can unilaterally annihilate millions of people with his command to deploy nuclear weapons. He’s made refugees begging us for mercy into orphans hoping it will deter other asylum seekers — because he can. He’s now poised to put a man on the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, who believes in supreme leaders. Russia attacked our country; the target was Hillary Clinton and liberal democracy and they hit their mark.”

No, Tina. This is the great irony. The Russian target was Donald Trump. If what you believe is true, if you believe the Russians meddled — you go look at the Trump dossier, the Steele dossier, go look at all of this stuff, it was designed to destroy Donald Trump, Tina. If Donald Trump is Vladimir Putin’s puppet, then why are Russian agents creating material designed to destroy Trump? Hmm? It doesn’t make any sense!

“Russia attacked our country. The target was Hillary.” No. Hillary Clinton is working with the Russians. Vladimir Putin wanted a derelict in the White House. Vladimir Putin wanted somebody he knew he could dominate and manipulate and control. Vladimir Putin wanted somebody in the White House he knew he had already bought, and her husband!

“If you’re stunned that President Donald Trump is still in office because he’s so horrible and so unpopular and so obviously corrupt — you are not alone — the overwhelming majority agrees with you. Only about 25 percent of eligible voters voted for President Grab ‘Em By The P—-. Yet, the majority was apparently powerless to stop him.”

And then she goes on to say impeachment will not remove Trump from office. It’s never happened. We have to abolish the presidency. You know how stupid this is? How long would it take you to amend the Constitution and write the presidency out of it? How long would it take you, assuming you could even do it? How long would that take? Long after Trump leaves office in 2024. I mean, this is just flat-out dumb. It’s panic stricken dumb and stupid. And here it is published in USA Today as a serious piece of work!

Oh, by the way, ” McClatchy records another big revenue drop and a loss for the second quarter.” McClatchy’s part of the 100 newspapers colluding against Trump.
“Unsurprisingly, McClatchy added a new chapter to the hard-luck story of the company and the legacy newspaper industry with its second quarter financial results, announced Friday.” The bottom is dropping out of many legacy news organizations.

And how about this headline: “Aides regularly tell Trump not to call foreign leaders at odd hours because he doesn’t understand time zones.” Now, does anybody believe that this is true, that Donald Trump doesn’t know time zones, that he doesn’t know that Moscow is seven or eight hours ahead and so when it’s 8 o’clock here, not to call Putin? He has properties all over the world, he knows time zones! This is in TheHill.com! Trump doesn’t know time zones. It’s so absurd.


RUSH: Their comedians, whatever they laugh at, we’re supposed to laugh at too. We’re supposed to get their humor even when we’re targets, we’re supposed to laugh. It’s just a joke. Come on, Rush, it’s just humor. Grow up. Man up. But their humor isn’t even funny anymore. Their late-night comics don’t do comedy. Their late-night comics are where you find their policy, for crying out loud, now. Their late-night comics have Wolf Blitzer on to discuss how in the world we can get rid of Trump on a comedy show.

Trump is funnier than all three late-night comedy shows put together, or all five, however many there are. But to me this is another example of the great divide. And you know, you go back to this babe at USA Today, Tina what’s-her-face writing about how Trump is just outrageous, we’ve gotta get rid of the presidency. Trump won, which means our democracy is over. Trump won, which means our Constitution is a relic. We need to amend the Constitution and get rid of the presidency since we can’t get rid of Trump. Right.

You know, in her piece, which I shared with you, which I read very interpretatively well, she talks about all these horrible things Trump can do because he can. What does that mean, “Because he can”? They are livid when Trump executes presidential power. They are livid when Trump fires James Comey. They are livid when Trump does his travel ban. They are livid when Trump nominates a Supreme Court justice.

They can’t stand Trump exercising presidential power. That’s what they can’t come to grips with. That’s what they cannot accept. They can’t accept losing. They can’t accept that kind of power being in the hands of other people. And since it happened, then the way it happened must be corrupt. When they lose, we gotta get rid of the presidency. And USA Today publishes this?

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