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Aug 8, 2018


“All five Donald Trump-endorsed candidates won yesterday. That means that the Democrats are gonna take the House in November. It’s even more a lock now than it was before the Democrats all lost these elections yesterday, and that’s from no less than F. Chuck Todd.”

“When my mouth can’t keep up with my brain, then I can end up sometimes sounding indecisive, like I don’t know what I’m saying. It’s just a distraction, that’s all.”

“There’s no evidence the Russians had any spies on the Trump campaign. There is evidence galore that all of that and more was happening throughout the Democrat Party and the Democrat National Committee. Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, who knows who else. And it’s all being ignored. There is no investigation of this.”

The Hill: Trump Boasts He Went ‘5 for 5’ in Tuesday’s Elections
AP: Primary Night Takeaways: Democratic Optimism, women advance
American Mirror: Socialist star Ocasio-Cortez Strikes Out: All Endorsed Candidates Lose Tuesday Primaries
Daily Wire: Ocasio-Cortez Is Asked How America Will Pay For Her Socialist Dreams. Guess How Much Information She Has In Her Head
Campus Reform: Millennials Try to Explain the First Amendment
FOXNews: Dems Hang Tough in Safe GOP Districts During Special Elections, but Victories are Elusive
The Hill: Trump-Backed Candidate Wins Michigan GOP Senate Primary
UKDM: Green Party Spoiler Candidate in Ohio Election Whose 1,100 Votes Could Tilt Outcome Says His Ancestors Were from Another Planet and Can’t Remember His Own Campaign Website Address
Daily Wire: Actress Alyssa Milano Suspects ‘Russian Meddling’ In Ohio Special Election
CNN: Trump’s Legal Team Responds to Mueller Regarding Interview
The Hill: Midterms Pose Dilemma for Mueller
Daily Caller: Sean Hannity Highlights Russian Collusion Case, But Not For Donald Trump — For Adam Schiff
HotAir: Democratic Socialist Agenda To Cost $42.5 Trillion In Next Decade, Says … Vox?
Daily Wire: Here’s How Much The Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez ‘Medicare For All’ Bill Would Cost
Vanity Fair: Can Male Cheerleaders Help the N.F.L.’s Image Problem?
USAToday: Ohio Gov. John Kasich: President Trump Isn’t Appealing to Suburban Women
New York Times: Trump’s Lawyers Counter Mueller’s Interview Offer, Seeking Narrower Scope
Breitbart: DHS Nielsen Cuts Number of ‘Overstay’ Illegals in 2017


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