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RUSH: Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, the failed Democrat presidential candidate, says that young socialists taking over his party are not really socialists.

Last Friday he was on CNBC. He said, yeah, these young progressives are liberal on social issues, and they’re big on inclusion and diversity. But when it comes to economics, he says, they’re basically libertarian, they’re centrists. And that is a load of bull.

There’s only one difference amongst the young socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the old socialists like Crazy Bernie and the rest of the Democrat party. And that is the young ones admit who they are, that they’re socialists.

They all support government-controlled universal healthcare. That’s gonna cost $32 trillion dollars to implement. They all support open borders and unlimited illegal immigration. They all support identity politics. They all want government to dictate winners and losers based on victimhood status. They all support high taxes, a weakened military, massive social welfare programs. They all support guaranteed universal income, government daycare, and all the rest.

There is nothing libertarian about them. Socialists are socialists. They become communists. And these newly empowered young-uns, like the tired, old, worn out ones, they are socialists. Don’t doubt me.

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