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RUSH: Do you remember the photo of Hillary Clinton when she appeared on stage being interviewed by some other babe and it looked like she was wearing a tent? Do you know what it was? A tablecloth! It was a tablecloth! Somebody found a tablecloth with the exact same pattern that Hillary Clinton was wearing! I mean, it was a tablecloth. She was wearing a tablecloth. How do you do this? How do you set yourself up as a continuing candidate, an ongoing candidate — as the leader of a particular party — and show up decked out like that?

You know, either wearing a tent, or wearing a sack, or in this case wearing a tablecloth? I mean, for crying out loud! And it looked like a tablecloth. It looked like a tablecloth with a hole in the top of it for the head to protrude through. Anyway, she calls Trump voters and others “deplorable.”

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