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RUSH: This guy calls Trump voters idiots, and I’m sure he thinks the same thing of you. “Mark Brown, a top communications official for the Tennessee Democratic Party currently working as the leading spokesperson to help Democrat Phil Bredesen win the Senate race against Republican Marsha Blackburn, has made a number of over-the-top comments on social media, including calling the president…”

I can’t even use the word here. Uhhh… (sigh) The root of this word is the F-bomb “and ‘Putin’s bitch.'” That’s what this guy working for the Democrat candidate for the Senate in Tennessee is running around calling Trump. He says, “‘Exactly, f— “reaching out” to Trump voters. The idiots aren’t listening,’ Brown wrote in one of the tweets from 2017. In other tweets he also called Trump a ‘f—ing moron’ and ‘insane f—.'” Now, these are the people that somehow are gonna win an election? Not interested in Trump voters, thinking they can insult them?

I take you back to my first question: Why is Trump talking about shutting down the government over lack of funding for a wall? The answer or part of it can be found right here in this little story out of Tennessee.

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