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RUSH: Brian in Knoxville, Tennessee, you’re next as we head back to phones. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: I was just thinking about the Democrats and the Russians and how they go from hilarious to disingenuous, because I was telling Bo: Does the name Whittaker Chambers ring any bells?

RUSH: Whittaker Chambers! Absolutely.

CALLER: Yeah, he was a Soviet spy who defected and he told the Roosevelt administration Soviet spies had actually infiltrated his government, and they told him to take a flying leap. And of course Alger Hiss, and it’s widely believed that Stanley knew about the bomb before Truman did. You go into the fifties, one of the most vilified men was Joe McCarthy.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: And Richard Nixon and J. Edgar Hoover, people who stood up to the communists and opposed this. And then you go into the eighties, of course, Ronald Reagan. And then fast forward into the twenty-first century. Sarah Palin was widely mocked for saying the Russians were going to invade Georgia, and they did precisely that. Of course Mitt Romney was mocked by Obama saying that, oh, well, you know, the Russians were our biggest geopolitical opponent. And of course he says, yeah, the 1980s called and they want their foreign policy back. I mean, it’s just — and then of course you can go back even further where, you know, Truman lost China and how much the administrations were so rife with communist and Russian infiltration. So for the Democrats I say, “Well, welcome to the party. You’re about 80 years too late.”

RUSH: So it sounds like your basic conclusion here is that when you synthesize all that, you sift through it and you take away everything that’s extraneous, what you’re left with is a single common thing, and that is any time any public figure goes against communism or the left, they are targeted for destruction, that it’s all about targeting the left and communism.

CALLER: Well, precisely, yeah. If you oppose it, with the exception of World War II, the only time that the media was more or less on our side, it’s because so were the Russians, and that was just a shotgun marriage that was created by Hitler. Because other than that we were geopolitically opposed but, you know, all of a sudden through, you know, him declaring war on the United States and Germany already at war with Russia, then, you know, poof, instant shotgun marriage. And more to the point out if you think about it —

RUSH: What do you mean the Democrats are 80 years late to the party?

CALLER: Well, they’ve been having the Russian infiltration of our administrations and our government has been going on since the Roosevelt administration, probably even before, and they just did everything but, you know, they’ve always pushed it aside, they’ve always, you know, vilified the people pointing it out like, for example —

RUSH: Yeah, they didn’t push it aside. They were trying to protect it.

CALLER: Well, yeah, that being the point, but now all of a sudden, now they’re trying to, they’re saying they’re taking a totally 180 switch ’cause now they can try to, you know, put this on Trump and it’s like now all of a sudden the Russians are the big, you know, the scary thing that all that, you know, that’s what I was getting at. Now all of a sudden they flipped 180 degrees on this with regard to Russia. You know, it’s like I said, it’s hilarious and disingenuous at the same time.

RUSH: Well, that is true. That is true. Throughout all of our lives, ladies and gentlemen — trust me on this, for those of you who are young or maybe were not paying very close attention to this kind of stuff as you were growing up and becoming adults, but the Soviet Union has been attempting to infiltrate the culture, the education, the government of the United States for decades. And this is not arguable. It’s understood. It’s acknowledged. It’s well known by everybody.

What is argued about is how successful they were. If you try to make the point that they’ve really succeeded, then that’s when the left is gonna start mocking you and laughing at you and claiming you see a communist behind every rock and that you’re a wacko and a nut case, you’re a conspiracy kook and all that. The fact of the matter is the Soviet Union has — communism wherever it is, ChiCom communism, Soviet communism, wherever, has always been attempting to infiltrate the U.S.; we’re the enemy. We stand in the way of communism world domination, which is something they seek.

Communism does impose itself on people. Nobody would readily, openly embrace it. It has to be imposed. Then those countries have to build walls to keep people in because it’s not too long that they want to leave. So the Democrats throughout all of this, throughout my entire lifetime, the Democrat Party has been sympathetic to Soviet communism. The most recent example that’s glaring is Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan was considered to be the danger in the world, the cowboy who was unserious, finger too close to the nuke button, we couldn’t put up with it. The Soviet Union leaders were the ones who were responsible. The Soviet leaders from Andropov, to Brezhnev, to Gorbachev were all the saviors. They were the ones that were gonna moderate and tame Reagan. Those are the people we had to mollify and make sure we didn’t make mad.

That’s why Senator Kennedy is writing letters to Soviet leaders begging them to ignore Reagan, that the Democrats will take care of him at the next election. That happened. The Democrats helped the Soviet Union establish a client base in Nicaragua. They did everything they could to avoid and obstruct the Reagan administration’s efforts to stop that client state being established and constructed. When you call ’em out on that, they of course got mad, accused you of lying about them, but it’s what they were doing.

Now, the point, all of a sudden they hate Russia. Putin’s a bad guy, Trump’s a bad guy. About the only thing you could say about this is that Putin today is not specifically, directly associated with communism, and Russia is no longer the Soviet Union.

And so in the public perception of things, Russia isn’t communist anymore. It’s perceived that communism fell with the Berlin Wall. And what Putin is doing, he’s just a dictatorial strongman who’s a mean ogre and so forth. Your point is well taken.


RUSH: CNN will not let go of the Cohen story. Trying to establish that Trump is lying when he said that he didn’t know about the meeting before it happened. They’re trying to create timelines. The point about this is they’re barking up a tree that doesn’t go anywhere. Robert Mueller doesn’t even have the Cohen case. He passed it off to the Southern District of New York.

The New York Times even says that Cohen has no evidence to back up his assertion that Trump knew of the Trump Tower meeting with the Russian honey pot before it happened. So I’m gonna double back to that, because F. Chuck Todd is out there saying the economy is not the news today. The GDP is not the news today. The Cohen revelations are the story today.

Let ’em keep going, folks. I’m telling you, all of this is just cementing Trump supporters more tightly with him and I think causing some independents to head to Trump. There’s also something else happening out there, and I’ve been making this point, that it is the Democrats and the American left who have tarnished the reputation of the American electoral system.

It is they who have degraded it, not Putin. It is they who have created doubts about it. It is the Democrat Party and the American left which has done more damage to the perceived honesty and integrity of our electoral system than anything Vladimir Putin could dream of doing, and we now have evidence — not that we need it — that I’m right.

A poll just out. “A majority of Democrats believe that it is either definitely true or probably true that Russia tampered with vote tallies in order to get Trump elected.” This is a YouGov/Economist survey. This is a reputable survey. It’s not some fly-by-night outfit. Fifty-five percent of Democrats believe the Russians tampered with the votes!

Didn’t happen, isn’t possible. Even Rod Rosen… is it stein or stein? You told me yesterday and I can’t remember what the correct pronunciation is. Rosenstein? Even Rosenstein a week ago when they announced the indictment of the 12 Russians that were supposedly meddling, Rosenstein made it a point to say that nothing in the indictment suggests that a single vote was changed or that a single election result was altered by virtue of what the defendants are alleged to have done.

After all of this, they have admit not a single vote was tampered with, and yet look. Fifty-five percent of Democrats think the Russians tampered with votes. What does that ultimately mean? That means that they have succeeded in tarnishing the integrity and the reputation, if you will, of the American electoral system.

The Democrat Party has done this. The United States mainstream media has done this, not Russia, not Putin, not Guccifer 2.0. None of these so-called Russian troll farms had anything to do with this. This is directly attributable to the Democrat Party. And now every election going forward that they lose, the Democrat base is going to believe that the Russians or some nefarious outsider tampered with the votes.

Folks, this is unconscionable. I know we have freedom of speech in this country, and it specifically applies to political speech, and there’s no recourse here, but that’s why responsibility and integrity are called for. This is the epitome of disgusting irresponsibility, all because the Democrats couldn’t win an election they thought they were gonna win in a landslide, all because the media could not influence enough of you to vote against Donald Trump.

So now they have to blow up the whole system. This is exactly why I predict that at some point down the road in the long-term future, somebody on the Democrat side is going to openly say elections are the problem. They’re setting it up now. Elections are forever tainted. What’s the next step?

If you’ve got 55% of brain-dead Democrats believing that the Russians tampered with the votes and that that’s why Hillary lost, then how far is the next step to, “These elections have been so corrupted, we have got to change it, we’ve got to cancel ’em, we’ve got to do something else”? Do not doubt me.

And this is not something that’s spontaneous. They’ve been working on this since the Florida recount in 2000, Bush v. Gore. And then when they started claiming that the exit polls were more accurate than actual tallied votes in 2004, when Horse Face lost, second term George W. Bush, John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, when he lost. But now they’ve done it. They have tarnished. How can the Democrats ever think that another election that they lose was legitimate? They can’t, not when 55% think the Russians tampered with enough votes for Trump to win.

To me, this is huge. This is monumentally bad. This is not insignificant. This is not something that’s just incidental to the fog of political war. When you go this far to create this kind of doubt in this many people’s minds about the legitimacy of national elections, you couldn’t — it would be impossible. Even their superstar hero, Barack Hussein Obama, told them it couldn’t be done.

It doesn’t matter, there has been so much irresponsible lying and suggesting. It’s just plain flat-out lying about what happened in this last election. Fifty-five percent of Democrats now think — I’m telling you, how do these people ever think another election that they lose was legit? Of course, if they win, it still may be legit but that they were able to overcome it. I wouldn’t be surprised even if they win they still question the validity of the election. They could have won even bigger, they will say, if the whoevers hadn’t tampered.

Like, let’s say they don’t win enough votes to take over the House but they win enough to make them really think they’ve had a good day. “We could have won the House except the Russians tampered. The Republicans worked with the Russians to screw us in the Ocasio-Cortez district,” or whatever. This stuff has no end to it.


RUSH: Tom in Manchester, New Hampshire, you’re next. I’m glad you called, sir. Great to have you here with us.

CALLER: It’s an honor, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Been trying for years to get on, and I finally got on.

RUSH: Ah, congratulations. Congratulations.

CALLER: And I hope all my friends are listening. My question is, you talk about meddling all the time.

RUSH: Yeah. The Russians meddled. Everybody knows that.

CALLER: I’m sorry.

RUSH: No. The Russians meddled. We do talk about it, everybody knows it. Right.

CALLER: What are they doing? What is meddling? No one ever says, all right, they fooled with the figures.

RUSH: Oh, but they do. Oh, but they do. Now, seriously, when you hear that the Russians are meddling, what do you think of, you’re really curious what they’re talking about?

CALLER: Well, yes. I mean, they did this stuff with Facebook, and they post ads.

RUSH: Nah. Nah. Chump change. Chump change.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: No. By the way, to prove my point, folks, there’s already a story out there, the Daily Beast is already saying Claire McCaskill is gonna lose reelection, Missouri senate, because of the Russians. They’re already saying it, already predicating. And she is in trouble. There’s a great candidate running against her. They’re already chalking it up, her loss that they’re predicting to the Russians.

Here’s the meddling. There are two things. Fifty-five percent of Democrats think when they hear the Russians meddled, they hear Russians changed votes. Other people, the meddling is the hacking of the Democrat National Committee server and the publishing of John Podesta’s emails on WikiLeaks, which then found their way into the mainstream media. That’s the hack. That’s what Russian meddling is. But I’ll guarantee you, most Democrats, when they hear Russian meddling, they think Russia got in there and changed enough votes for Trump to win.

CALLER: Right. That answers it. I mean, no one has taken the time on Hannity or Laura Ingraham —

RUSH: Well, because it’s — look, it’s stupid! It’s stupid out there, Tom! It’s stupid! This whole idea that the Russians meddled. The Russians always meddle. Hell, the Democrats meddled. The Democrats are meddling in the Novermber election right now. The media, when they use this, and the Democrats, they have a specific purpose, they want people, when they hear the word “meddling,” to think the Russians changed votes. That the Russians were able to change the outcome of the presidential election.

That is their purpose. That’s why thee keep saying “Russians meddled.” Now, when you have legal beagles on TV talking about Russian meddling that’s when you hear about Russians hacking Democrat Party server and learning all these things about Podesta’s emails that ended up at WikiLeaks. To a tertiary sense, Russian meddling is these troll farms buying advertising on Facebook and Twitter. But the meddling is meant to be interpreted as the Russians got into the voting machines and changed enough of ’em to elect Trump.


RUSH: Roger in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. It’s great. You’re next. Great to have you with us, sir. Hello.

CALLER: It’s my pleasure. Thank you so much for taking the call. I appreciate it very much.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: Now, the president assigned Chris Wray and Rod Rosenstein to their jobs, and they’re undermining him by not providing the appropriate feedback to the Congress that they’re supposed to. And my question is, why does the president tolerate that? Why doesn’t he go down there and get ’em by the ear and say do your job like you’re supposed to. Or I’ll find somebody that will?

RUSH: Well, we have asked that question here ourselves a number of times. And all I can do is give you the best guesstimate here as to why the president does not demand the disclosure of this stuff. And there are basically two answers and maybe a third. The first answer, why doesn’t the president just order the DOJ, Rosenstein and Wray, to release all this stuff that the House is legitimately asking for? Answer, he’s afraid that everybody will accuse him of tampering with the investigation.

They will accuse him of obstruction of justice by ordering… Because he is subject to the investigation, by ordering all of this deft detailed the investigation, he’s afraid… That’s what his lawyers have told him. The second answer, Roger (which is my theory), is that the president knows there’s nothing in there that’s gonna… He’s not gonna be indicted. No president’s gonna be indicted. There isn’t a crime that anybody has found here. The only weapon that Trump’s enemies have right now is impeachment.

That’s the only thing that can come of this, and the Democrats have to win the House for that. So I think that the president kind of likes the David and Goliath story. I think he likes tweeting, which he did today, he likes tweeting about this witch hunt and about these unfair investigators. While he’s out there doing the work of the country and trying to help the American people, these little ankle biters are out there still trying to take him down in a witch hunt investigation.

And then may be a third element of this that is kind of a combination of the two, which basically says that he knows that it’s just a matter of time and that the outcome of this is gonna be ultimately positive for him and the closer it happens to the election, the better. He could declassify all this stuff this afternoon if he wanted to.

CALLER: You know, the Mueller investigation is supposed to be — what’s the word I want to use? — no conflict of interest, but there’s supposed to be a specific crime, there’s supposed to be a specific individual.

RUSH: Well, there isn’t.

CALLER: None of which are true.

RUSH: No. There isn’t a crime. Mueller does not have a crime to investigate here. They’ve been trying to look for one. They’ve been trying to make it look like one happened, just like the FBI planted spies in the Trump campaign to see if the Russians were interfering. That’s not why they were there. They were there to plant evidence that the Russians were interfering, not to find it. And they couldn’t even do that.

But, remember, the key here, every case that Mueller has had he’s farmed it out. The Russians that he indicted a couple Fridays ago, that case has gone to the Department of Justice, to the counterintel division where there are never any trials ’cause there’s no crimes in counterintel investigations. The Cohen case he has given off to the Southern District of New York.

I mean, everything he’s come up with he’s given to some other jurisdiction to prosecute or do with what they will. And impeachment, you have to understand something about impeachment. This is what this has always been about. The effort here has always been to drive Trump’s approval numbers down. Impeachment is not a criminal proceeding.

It’s political. You can impeach a president if he hadn’t committed any crime. You can try it. High crimes, misdemeanors. They are hoping to drive Trump’s approvals numbers down with all of this. They thought they would get that done in six months, Roger.

They thought they would drive Trump’s numbers down to the twenties where he had no support and would essentially have to resign. That has been the objective. Well, that failed.

So now that’s been replaced with a desire to drive his numbers down to the point that he loses, the Republicans lose the House, the Democrats win, and then they file impeachment charges and with Trump’s approvals numbers hopefully way low, no way to defend himself, he resigns instead of going through the trial in the Senate. That’s been the objective from the get-go. And they’re not close on either of those two procedures. Not really.

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