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RUSH: So here are Democrats stepping in it again. “House Democrats Pass Resolution Denouncing Trump in Wake of Helsinki.” Have we ever seen such a preposterous farce before in the long history of our nation? This is how desperate the Democrats are to try to make this nonscandal into something they can prove Russia collusion with. Everything else has failed. Now they’re trying to prove collusion because of what happened with Trump and the press conference in Helsinki, so they pass now a resolution denouncing Trump.


Let ’em go ahead and service their base. That’s what they’re doing. What they don’t realize… You know, we don’t want to say this too loud. I mean, I really don’t want to say it too much. But I have to let you know that I know so that you can be confident in what you know, because when I tell you what I know and it agrees with what you know, then you end up being confident of what you know. So I have to tell you now and then.

Were you able to follow that? It was a perfectly logical circle. The fact of the matter is, they live with this crazy belief that they can separate you from your support for Trump. At the same time, they have to service this increasingly lunatic fringe that they’ve got, this base. So they do that, and they don’t realize that they are solidifying and I think expanding — and the polling data indicates that it’s happening — support for Trump.

I guarantee you… You know the exit poll data we just had, 18% of voters in 2016 didn’t like either Trump or Hillary but they ended up voting for Trump because of policy. Well, same thing’s gonna happen this time around as long as the Republicans can get on the same page with Trump, policy-wise. There’s no reason for them to lose the House whatsoever, ’cause the Democrats are not mainstreaming anything.

The Democrats are taking themselves and their base way, way, way out on a cliff on the fringe left. They’re not pulling together a whole bunch of undecided Americans and taking them along for the ride. If the American people are doing anything, it’s resisting the fringe left, and then: “The Denver Post published a letter to the editor suggesting President Donald Trump should be executed for treason.

“The letter criticized the president and Sen. Cory Gardner (R., Colo.) following Trump’s summit with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland, and said Soviet spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who passed atomic bomb secrets to Moscow, were ” according to the letter-writer, “executed for ‘far less.'” The very same people who are calling Trump a traitor have never accepted that the Rosenbergs were. The same people calling Trump a traitor loved the Rosenbergs and they loved Alger Hiss and they loved all these Soviet spies.

Two-Thirds of Democrats Say ‘Trump Treason’ Charge Is Sincere.” Well, folks, they just continue to step in it, and what this is: “The claims that President Donald Donald [sic] Trump is a traitor are made sincerely, not for political reasons, say almost [80%] of liberals and two-out-of-three Democrats, according to a Rasmussen poll.” They’re not just saying it for effect. They’re not just saying it for show. They believe it. Keep it up, gang! That’s all we can say.

Here’s another one: “Dem[ocrat] Candidate ‘Struck by the Parallels’ Between Trump’s Rise and Hitler’s — The Democrat challenging Rep. Lee Zeldin (R) for his New York House seat said he was motivated to run for office because of “parallels” he saw between President Trump’s political rise and Adolf Hitler’s ascent to power in Germany before World War II. The comments, made in February at a Democratic primary forum in East Marion, N.Y., were captured in a video sent to The Hill from a Republican operative and also posted online on the Facebook page…”

I’ve read five lines and we still don’t have the name of this Democrat. Have you noticed that? You’re wondering, “Well, who is it Rush?” I’m getting there but you gotta read a long way to find the name of this Looney Toon. “In the video, Perry Gershon, who previously worked as a lender in commercial real estate, recalls paying a visit to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington during the 2016 presidential race. ‘I was struck by the parallels between the rise of Donald Trump today and the rise of Hitler back then,’ Gershon says.”

So you have to read a very lengthy paragraph — and even in this, this guy is not identified as the candidate. “Dem Candidate ‘Struck by Parallels…'” Even after you read the paragraph, this guy that they quote, you’re still not sure is the candidate they’re talking about in the headline. I’ve been to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, and I have been to Yad Vashem, and I will tell you there is nothing you will see in either place that makes you think of Donald Trump. There’s not a thing that you will see that will make you think of Donald Trump.

If you walk into Yad Vashem or the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and think of Donald Trump, you are sick. You are a sick puppy. This from The Daily Caller: “Democrats Roll out Their Economic Agenda and It Looks a Lot Like Trump’s.” Oh, and the Norks have begun dismantling their rocket test site! This is a rocket test site that they have used to launch missiles ostensibly at Guam and at us. They’re in the process of tearing it down.

The Democrats just yesterday and late last week said, “Have you noticed that the Norks are not doing anything and that Trump is really a failure there? The Norks…” All of a sudden, out of the blue, here come the satellite photos of the Norks getting rid of one of their nuclear installations. Now, we keep all this at arm’s length. I mean, we’re talking about the Norks and a number of crazy people. But the Norks are releasing the satellite — actually they are, and we are using our own.


RUSH: This is Noah in Rochester, Minnesota. Welcome, sir. You’re next.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Good to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Yeah, I just thought it was kind of interesting how you have to believe the Russians meddle and you have to believe in climate change or man-made global warming or whatever the issue of the day is, even though we haven’t seen any evidence.

RUSH: Yeah, you know, that’s a brilliant point. That is an absolutely, brilliant, brilliant point. Mr. Snerdley’s asking himself where he’s heard that, but, no, no, it might have been two weeks ago. But Noah, thanks. It is a great analogy. The Russians meddled. You can’t disagree. The Russians meddled. Trump has to say it. The Russians meddled. Trump has to say it. And it doesn’t mean that they colluded, and it doesn’t mean that his election is invalid. But he’s got to say it. The Russians meddled. And climate change just is.

By the way, Rasmussen, there’s been a bunch of surveys lately on what’s on the minds of the American people. And this is another — like Larry Sabato, he’s a political scientist, University of Virginia, and he’s an accredited member of the swamp. He would be establishment extraordinaire, and he’s out now saying that Democrats, it’s in the cards, Democrats are gonna win the House. It’s there. It’s indisputable for the most part that Democrats are gonna win the House.

If you look at the polling data that they trust, you look at polling data they cite, there isn’t a single issue the Democrats are making top of the line issues that anybody cares about. Even on immigration. The number one issue in this Rasmussen survey of what’s on the minds of the American people, there’s a couple. There’s a Pew survey, and number one in both is immigration, but not families being separated. It’s border related.

People are saying we wouldn’t have this problem of families being separated if they weren’t getting in in the first place. And you can’t argue with that. I mean, when you get right down to it, the reason families are separated is because people are showing up here expecting to get in illegally.

Now, let’s take a look at human side of this for a moment. Because some of this you have to acknowledge. There are people living in El Salvador and Guatemala and other parts of Central America who live on dollars a day. And up north is the United States of America. And if you can just get there, you have a chance and your kids have a chance to earn or get much more than what you at present live on.

Now, human beings are remarkably alike in a number of ways. With exceptions, of course — and they’re rare — most parents want a better life for their kids than they had. No matter how bad or good their lives were, they want their kids to have a great future. And most everybody alive is seeking an improved standard of living, however they get it. Some people are looking for better work, better job, higher wage. Some are looking for ways to game welfare systems or what have you.

But the objective is people want more. It’s a natural human condition, to want more, to be better, to acquire more, to possess more, to have a greater, more comfortable standard of living. And we can’t criticize people for that, because that’s built into who we are. I think it’s the essence of nature. Where the problem comes in is where those chances, opportunities around the world are not nearly as plentiful as they should be. Why is that our fault?

We have done so much to try to help the rest of the world become independently prosperous. We have tried to export our way of thinking. Export our way of freedom and governance. We run into tyranny, we run into dictators, we run into people that want to enslave people that do not want their people to have upward mobility at all. That would be a challenge to their power. That’s not our fault. We’ve done our best to get rid of a lot of those kinds of dictatorial leaders and so forth.

But somehow, when all of this is considered, the left in this country finds a way to blame America, A, for our prosperity, B, for not sharing it, and C, for acquiring it by virtue of stealing it from these other people. And so you add all these three up and it means that it’s incumbent upon us to let these people in. We owe it to them because they don’t have what they don’t have because of us.

American foreign policy used to be about helping other nations, what the foreign aid budget was all about originally, American foreign policy was oriented toward building up the economies of allied nations.

But the left got hold of everything after a certain passage of time after World War II and the whole mission changed. And the mission became dictated by America’s guilt and the unfairness that is America’s prosperity, and incumbent upon that or with that was the lack of understanding of how it happened.

So America’s prosperity was just accidental. It was like winning the lottery. It wasn’t the result of our system of human liberty and freedom. It wasn’t at all related to the fact that in the United States, if you could dream it, you could be it. No, no. None of that. None of that. That’s not true. That’s always a myth. For the left. But, no, it’s always been the case.

And that’s why so many people want to come. But we simply can’t maintain who we are, we can’t maintain what we are without borders and without maintaining our own distinct, unique culture, which has provided and contributed to thus our being the lone economic and military superpower in the world.

Now, you would think that something as great and as prosperous as the United States would be something a lot of people would want to copy, would want to emulate. And this is what the foreign policy of United States used to be oriented toward, helping those who wanted to emulate the United States.

But then it wasn’t long after World War II and the left took over that all of that became, “Who are we to impose our way of life on people?” Well, what were we imposing? Freedom. I never knew freedom was an imposition. But to the American left, anything American that was transferred or attempted to be installed in another country was considered an imposition, and it was our imperialist nature and our hubris and our great ego to think that we had all the answers and everybody should just be like us.

The left loved to point out our failures, our deficiencies, our pockmarks, our racism, our sexism, our bigotry, our homophobia, our slavery and all this, in order to denigrate the greatness of America. This is what we’re still up against today, this is what we fight each and every day is the left’s view of this country and their effort to take us in a direction where their view of the country would become reality.

Well, that is eventually Venezuela. That is eventually Cuba. That is eventually a wall built to keep people in. This is how communist and socialist nations survive. When you stop and think of it, it’s asinine. So we have all these poor people trying to get into the country. And I’m gonna grant ’em the benefit of the doubt. I think a lot of them are coming here simply for the basest of human desires and needs.

But then the American political system gets hold of ’em and they are seen as pawns. For the Democrats, they’re future voters. For the Republicans, they’re cheap labor and maybe there’s some overlap ’cause I’m sure some Democrats like cheap labor, too, mowing the lawn and this kind of thing. And all of us are told that they’re doing all of this for altruistic reasons, that we want these people to experience a better life.

That’s not the case. The Democrats want these people to be able to vote. Republicans want hopefully to register Republican and work cheap and so forth. It’s hideous. So these people become pawns. I mean, they’re so desperate, they send their kids alone.

I have no doubt they’re being counseled to do it because once the kids get here, the ticket for the parents to eventually be allowed in is not far away. Lost in our immigration is assimilation. People arriving are not assimilating, not becoming Americans. They’re not, in many cases, learning English, and they are not take advantage offing of the great opportunity. Some do, but those are the legal-arriving immigrants and some who have arrived illegally over the years. But when you get down to brass tacks, we’re not separating families.

They’re doing that. So the Democrats make up this phony story that the Republicans and Trump like separating families at the border because they’re anti-immigration, when in fact it’s not the case. The American people, in all of these surveys and polls, when asked what’s most important to you, immigration is at the top. But it is not the separation of families aspect. It is the border aspect. This is not a winning issue for the Democrats, but they are convinced that it is.

You know, separating families is the same thing as the Russians meddled. It’s the same thing as climate change. You have to believe it. You have to accuse Trump of doing it. You have to say it. Nobody’s doing anything to stop it other than Trump. Trump tried to overcome existing federal law with a presidential executive action. The court said, “You can’t do it.” Trump said, “I know but they made me so I’m gonna try to do it.” You know what’s way down the list? Things that people concerned about, electing issues?

Climate change! It doesn’t even show up in the Rasmussen survey. In some other survives it gets an asterisk. It’s a 1%. You know what else doesn’t show up? Trump and foreign policy and Putin and Helsinki. People aren’t concerned about that. Not in a majority. The media is not reflective of the thinking of this country, but yet their whole purpose is to make their viewers think that that’s all the media is.

“If you see it on CNN, that’s what all of America thinks, that’s what all of America believes, that’s what all of America is thinking about.” Not true. You see it on CBS, ABC, NBC, same thing. That’s their great objective, to make you think that what you see on their network is what every other citizen thinks. They’re so far off track that they don’t even know it — and if they do know it, they’re stubbornly refusing it and still trying to force what you don’t care about and what you’re not interested in down your throat.

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