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Jul 23, 2018


“The Republicans in Washington don’t understand Trump’s approval numbers rising. The elected Republicans in Washington were counting on Trump last week being the beginning of the end, because the objective from the get-go has been to drive Trump’s numbers down lower and lower and lower to the point that he had no public support to count on.”

“We get up every day and mind our own business, and we see what we believe in — we see people that we believe in and love and admire — attacked, attempted to be destroyed. We have to defend ’em.”

“This war that’s going on in America right now is serious, and there isn’t much common ground between the two sides. That’s what makes it so serious. You can’t wish it away, but you do have to pick sides.”

“They are taking us through hell each and every day with the assistance of the Drive-By Media. They’re doing their best to destroy the national mood.”

Washington Examiner: FISA Warrant Application Supports Nunes Memo – Byron York
National Review: FISA Applications Confirm: The FBI Relied on the Unverified Steele Dossier – Andrew McCarthy
Federalist: Confirmed: DOJ Used Materially False Information To Secure Wiretaps On Trump Associate – Mollie Hemingway
The Federalist: IG Report Shows James Comey Lied About Why He Publicized New Clinton Emails
AP: White House Blames Iran for War of Words with Trump
CNBC: Trump warns Iran’s President Rouhani: ‘NEVER, EVER THREATEN THE UNITED STATES AGAIN’
FOXNews: Trump Warns Iran’s Rouhani to Stop the Threats or Suffer Historic Consequences
Wall Street Journal: Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Inches Higher, Buoyed by Republican Support
Breitbart: WSJ/NBC Poll: Trump’s Approval Climbs Despite Russia Hype
Washington Post: Trump Calls for End of Mueller Probe, Saying It’s ‘Discredited’ by Carter Page Surveillance
Washington Examiner: Why is Mueller Handing Off Key Cases? – Byron York
National Review: James Comey Urges Americans to Vote Democrat This Fall: ‘Policy Differences Don’t Matter Right Now’
FOXNews: James Comey Warns Democrats Against Socialism: ‘Please, Please Don’t Lose Your Minds’
FOX & Friends: McCarthy: FISA Warrant Judges Need To Be Questioned
New York Times: Russia Isn’t the Only One Meddling in Elections. We Do It, Too – Scott Shane
Washington Post: Americans Give Trump Negative Marks for Helsinki Performance, Poll Finds
HotAir: Trey Gowdy: If There Was Any Evidence That Trump Colluded, Adam Schiff Would Have Leaked It Already
Washington Examiner: Trey Gowdy: Whoever advised Trump on Russia should consider resigning
New York Times: Donald Trump Won’t Say if He’ll Accept Result of Election – 10.19.16
Daily Wire: Hillary’s ‘Muumuu’ Ignites The Internet
Washington Examiner: Marco Rubio: FBI Did Nothing Wrong by Spying on Carter Page


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