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RUSH: I have a headline here, ladies and gentlemen. “Democratic Lawmakers Already Getting Frustrated With New Socialist Darling.” This is a story about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and how the Democrat ruling class is really wearing out of her act.

A pull quote: “A host of Democrats have expressed their irritation with the Socialist darling in the week following the tweet, even warning for her to tone down her rhetoric.

“New York Democratic congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has not been elected into any political office yet and some Democrat lawmakers are already voicing concerns over her divisive rhetoric.

“Ocasio-Cortez, a self-proclaimed Democratic socialist, rose to fame after her shocking defeat over Rep. Joseph Crowley in the primary. Crowley, the chairman of the House Democratic Caucus and the fourth ranking Democrat, was considered a rising-star within the party and was expected to soar to victory.” Except he never got off the ground.

“Since entering the limelight, Ocasio-Cortez has used her new platform to attack both Democrats and Republicans alike, causing some on the left to worry that fractioning the party will ultimately hurt Democrats in the November midterm elections,” in addition to whatever the Russians are doing.

“Ocasio-Cortez ignited a firestorm after she falsely claimed last week that Crowley was running a third-party bid against her, causing some Democrats to air their grievances.”

Did you hear about that, Mr. Snerdley? She claimed he could be on the ballot and he was actually gonna run as an independent and probably win because it was a primary he lost, but in the general he would probably sweep. He had to call her up, and he had to say (paraphrasing), “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, I promise you, I’m not running. You won the thing, I’m out, I’m moving on to other things. It’s my time to get rich in the private sector, go, go, have your day in the sun, have at it. I’m not running.”

Crowley fired back disputing the claim, calling for party unity. “Alexandria, the race is over, the Democrats need to come together.” I need to make some money. Well, legitimate money. “I’ve made my support for you clear and the fact that I’m not running,” is true.

“Democratic Rep. Bill Pascrell came to Crowley’s defense, telling The Hill, ‘[Ocasio-Cortez is] carrying on and she ain’t gonna make friends that way.’ Democratic Rep. Alcee Hastings of Florida advised Ocasio-Cortez to build relationships with members of her party in order to be productive when she gets to Washington, D.C., rather than fight them. ‘Meteors fizz out. What she will learn in this institution is that it’s glacial to begin with, and therefore no matter how far you rise, that’s just how far you will ultimately get your comeuppance,’ Hastings said to The Hill. ‘You come up here and you’re going to be buddy-buddy with all the folks or you’re going to make them do certain things? Ain’t happening, okay?'”

Bottom line… I mean, the woman’s out there saying that the Israelis are occupying the Palestinians, and then a journalist asks her, “Like, where? What do you mean?” “Well, they just are! Everybody knows the Israelis are a bunch of occupiers.” “The Palestinians?” “Yeah, you know, in the settlements.” “The settlements? The Israelis are occupying the Palestinians in the settlements?” “Yeah! Israel’s nothing but a bunch of occupiers.”

They finally kept probing and she eventually had to acknowledge that she didn’t know what she was talking about. She was just repeating slogans that she’s been taught, slogans that she’s heard from the mouths of her professors, typical left-wing ranting and raving BS that end up just being cliches. She spouts all of them and has no idea what she’s talking about. “In another speech, she promised that it will not be long before we have wiped capitalism off the face of the earth.”

Now, the Democrats don’t want to wipe capitalism off the face of the earth. The Democrats who have gotten rich with capitalism want to hold on to it. They just don’t want anybody to see them doing it. But they want to hold on to it. There isn’t a single wealthy Democrat who’s gotten rich by getting a Social Security check, a Medicare check, or a guaranteed annual income check. There’s not a single wealthy Democrat that did it. Well, I take that back. You know, there may be some of these wealthy Democrats that have lived off government subsidies to their businesses.

While Ocasio-Cortez was out mouthing all this stuff, so has been ex-President Barack Hussein O, and it struck me how similar… I mean, not identical, but how similar these two sound. It has always been our contention here that Barack Hussein O is a socialist who camouflaged it very well. But I believe he’s no different than Ocasio-Cortez in terms of what he believes. He’s just much, much better at lying about it, whereas she doesn’t lie about it at all. She proudly tells you that she’s a socialist nee communist, hates capitalism.

She starts mouthing all the slogans and all the cliches. Barack Hussein O, he doesn’t do that. He talks about American values. He talks about democracy. He talks about things in just the right way to mask his socialist roots. So I asked Cookie to put together a montage, a little side by side of statements by Ocasio-Cortez followed by something similar uttered by Barack Hussein O. This — it’s audio sound bite No. 1 — is it.

OBAMA: The pace of change is gonna require us to do more fundamental reimagining of our social and political arangements.

OCASIO-CORTEZ: Capitalism has not always existed in the world, and it will not always exist in the world.

OBAMA: You don’t have to take a vow of poverty just to say, “Well, let me help out a little! A few of the other folks, let me help them out. I’ll pay a little more in taxes.”

OCASIO-CORTEZ: What it really means is establishing a baseline level of economic and social dignity in the United States, to say, “No matter what happens, we’re not gonna go below this level.”

OBAMA: We’re gonna have to consider new ways of thinking about these problems, like a universal income.

OCASIO-CORTEZ: What we have witnessed is the unprecedented concentration of wealth at the very top, tippy-top of the 1%.

OBAMA: We’re gonna have to worry about economics if we want to get democracy back on track.

OCASIO-CORTEZ: We have to occupy all of it. We need to occupy every airport. We need to occupy every border. We need to occupy every ICE office. We’re not gonna win if we don’t stand for anything.

RUSH: So you could go through each of one of those things and point out the similarities. So Obama says, “The pace of change is gonna require us to do more fundamental reimagining of our social-political arrangements.” Meaning we’re gonna have to dovetail fast as we can back to pure, undiluted socialism if we’re gonna stop the direction Trump’s taking us. Cortez: “Capitalism has not always existed, and it will not always exist in the world.” So Obama and Cortez, same targets.

Obama: “You don’t have to take a vow of poverty just to say, ‘Well, let me help out and let a few of the other folks. Let me help him out. I’ll pay a little more in taxes.'” Cortez: “What it really means is establishing a baseline level of economic and social dignity in the United States to say, ‘No matter what happens, we’re not gonna go below this level.'” Meaning we’re gonna keep forcing people to pay higher and higher taxes no matter what, and we the baseline where we’re gonna start and never end up below.

It just kept going. Did you notice how Obama has signed on to guaranteed universal income? Guaranteed universal income. You want to know how far we have come in this country? Let me restate it: How far we’ve gone. I can tell you that 20 years ago, anybody who had suggested and been serious about it a guaranteed universal income, whatever amount — that every American was going to get a check from the federal government, 500 bucks a month, $1,000 — that person’s political career would have been over.

Today, you mention it, and a former president picks up on it and signs on to it with you. And a lot of Millennials think its one of the greatest ideas they’ve ever heard because that’s the fastest way to get to equity, and then I heard somebody say, “This isn’t good work. Socialism eventually runs out of other people’s money. It isn’t gonna…” Hey, we ran out of our own money I don’t know how many years ago.

We are $20 trillion in debt. We don’t have the money to start giving everybody 500 bucks a month. Nowhere near it! That gonna stop anybody? No. The fact that we’re running a national debt of $20 trillion, deficits of five or 600 billion, it’s not gonna matter a single whit to anybody. Now you’ve got these 30-year-old Millennials, “Hey, that’d be a great idea! That’d give me a great start.

“You know, guaranteed $12,000 a year? Hell yeah,” and remember, that’s just the opener. That’s just to start with. It starts with 500 a month, $1,000 a month, before long it’s gonna be 2,000 a month. It’s the way the Democrats work. I’m just saying, though, 20 years ago this idea would have gone nowhere examine it might have even sunk somebody’s career. Today? “Hey, yeah! Yeah! Sign me up for that.”


RUSH: Chicago’s gonna test universal income. They can’t even pay their pensions! Where are they gonna get the money for this?


RUSH: We are putting to bed the next issue of The Limbaugh Letter, and in it we have an entire section on Democrat stupidity. This section is devoted… The Democrats are actually running on this universal income business. It’s not just Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The whole Democrat Party is. They’ve got candidates all over the country running on this, a universal guaranteed income. We’ve compiled all the quotes and all the outrageous crazy things that they’ve been saying, and we put it into one little compendium there at The Limbaugh Letter.

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