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RUSH: Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general conducting a press conference right now saying that the independent counsel Robert Mueller has indicted 12 Russian military officers for hacking the Democrat National Committee computer network and they stole 500,000 voters’ information, according to Rosenstein and his press conference.

He’s pointing out that they followed the rule of law, proper procedures in tracking these people down. Twelve Russian military officers indicted for DNC hacking. They say the keystoke reading codes spied on the Democrat National Committee chair would be Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz and other Democrat National Committee linked accounts.

The Russians also tried to get into the RNC computer but failed. I don’t think there’s any real news here other than the indictment. Note the day they are announced. Note the day and time that the Trump administration announces these indictments by the independent special counsel.


RUSH: Collecting data from the Rod Rosenstein press conference as it happens. Here’s what we have. Mueller has indicted 12 Russian officers for hacking the Democrats in 2016. This was during the Obama administration. And nothing was done about it. Two specific kinds of hacks were mentioned. The old phishing attack, which we have informed you about many times, which is where they send you emails that look legitimate with a link that you’re supposed to tap to fill in more information, provide somebody with data. It looks legit, you fall for it, John Podesta did.

And the other kind of hack was just an actual hack and trying to get into Democrat National Committee servers. Now, keep in mind, if this happened, the Democrat National Committee would not let the FBI investigate this server! I don’t know if Rosenstein mentioned that today, but the Democrats would not let the FBI examine their server. Now, something may have happened since then that Mueller’s boys have looked at it.

When this was all over, Rosenstein then went and got political and he said that it’s important to keep in mind here that the people that did this are the Russians and not any of the — forget the exact words he used, but what he was attempting to do was exonerate Obama. He was trying to make sure that nobody blamed any Americans for this, because remember, it’s 2016. Obama’s in the White House.

He went out of his way to make sure everybody keeps in mind that it’s the Russians that did this. Now, he did not say what he said I think to exonerate Trump; don’t misunderstand. But he clearly was trying to make sure nobody connected Obama to this.


RUSH: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, at the end of the — well, wasn’t necessarily the end, but at the press conference where he announced the indictment of 12 more Russians for hacking and getting into the DNC servers in 2016, now, listen to this statement. This was included in the press conference.

“There is no allegation in this indictment that any American citizen committed a crime. There is no allegation that the conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election result.”

So, once again we have had another bombshell indictment or event that the Drive-Bys get to cover, that the Drive-Bys get to go overboard, “See? There was Russian collusion, there was Russian collusion.” Just like all those stories in the New York Times and all those anonymous blind sources convinced that Trump had colluded, somewhere in every story near the end or in the last 25% of the story one line that would indicate to date no evidence for any of this has yet been found.

In a 1500-word story they’d throw a little eight- or nine-word sentence, and that’s what Rosenstein has done today, announced this gigantic indictment. Man, this Mueller guy, he is on the case, he is tracking down Russians everywhere. He’s finding Russians — he had those Russian troll farms. And that was, you know, just a PR move. There’s no substance there. And now, and now 12 more Russians trying to get into the DNC server.

So people, “Yeah, look, see the Russians did? The Russians did.” Then Rosenstein practically whispers, “Well, there’s no allegation in the indictment that any American citizen committed a crime. Shh. Shh. And there’s no allegation that the conspiracy changed the vote count or affected an election at all. So there’s really nothing to see here, because whatever these Russians were trying, it didn’t affect the election at all.”

And yet we’ve got this gigantic, big announcement today, press conference, 13, 12 Russians indicted for hacking the DNC. So what do you think is the logical conclusion most people are gonna come to? After a year and a half of hearing about Trump-Russia collusion, are they gonna hear Rosenstein say, “By the way, doesn’t involve any Americans. No votes were affected. The outcome of no election was affected.” Gonna hear that? What do you think?


RUSH: We’ve now had a chance to roll some tape on Rosenstein and his press conference today announcing that the special counsel has indicted 12 dastardly Russian spies for daring, for having the audacity to hack into the Democrat National Committee network.

There were two kinds of hacks. There were phishing attacks on members’ emails, and the standard, run-of-the-mill trying to get into the computer and hack it. Keep in mind, Democratic National Committee never let the FBI forensically examine their server or their network. They hired some outfit called CrowdStrike to do it — private sector firm, third-party firm — and then they informed everybody what they’d found.

I don’t think the Democratic National Committee wanted anybody to find out what was on these servers. And I want to remind you of something that I have been maintaining for many, many months now. I think the Mueller special counsel investigation is actually the cover-up for what Strzok Smirk was being questioned about yesterday. I think this entire investigation into Trump colluding with Russia is a cover-up. I think it’s designed to cover up what Hillary and her campaign did with the Russians.

I think it’s a cover-up to make sure — the reason why they didn’t want the FBI to see that server is because there’s probably evidence on that server of how they rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders, and they didn’t want the FBI to see that. And notice the FBI didn’t press to see it. You know, Comey said they told us they didn’t want us to look at it so we didn’t look.

Can you imagine FBI coming to your doorway, there’s been a crime committed in your house. You may have been committing the crime and you said to the FBI, “We don’t want you here. We’ll handle it internally.” The FBI, “Oh, okay. Sorry to bother you.” Well, that’s exactly what happened here. Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz and Donna Brazile told the FBI, told Comey, “No, no. We’ll handle this internally.” And the FBI said, “Okay.”

I don’t think anybody wanted to find out what was actually on this server ’cause I don’t think they wanted to have to get into any kind of legitimate investigation because they didn’t want to have to uncover what everybody knew! And that was that Hillary and the DNC and Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz rigged that game against Bernie Sanders.

I think Hillary’s emails are part of the cover-up, making sure that Obama was not in any way touched in such a way that an investigation of him would be required, or that an investigation of Hillary or a trail or charges of Hillary would necessarily include Obama. So they wanted to get rid of Trump anyway. They wanted to stymie Trump during the campaign, and then they wanted to stymie Trump after he won, during his transition, and then they wanted to stymie him after he was inaugurated.

I’m convinced they thought they’d get rid of him in the first six months. I really believe, folks, that that’s what they thought they’d be able to pull off. You gotta remember, look at Strzok’s smirk yesterday. All of these people are that arrogant and that condescending, that certain of themselves, and they also, Strzok Smirk, the attitude that he had yesterday that grated on me more than anything was (imitating Smirk), “You can’t touch me. Don’t care what you ask me, I don’t care what you’ve got, you can’t touch me. I can sit here and I can lie to you people all day. You can’t touch me.”

He had the facial expressions that go along with that kind of arrogant confidence, if you will. And I think these people believe that they are untouchable and that they can slink away and hide and they will protect each other. I have no doubt they thought they’d get rid of Trump in the first six months. I think they think of themselves as having that kind of power, having that kind of ability to bend, shape, flake, form public opinion.

They were able to incorporate almost the entirety of the U.S. media in this effort. Their only problem was they really never had any facts. They didn’t have any facts. As I said, every story they ran had to include, “So far no evidence to suggest any of these serious allegations are true, but the experts say it’s only a matter of time before it’s forthcoming” or some such thing.

It’s like Rosenstein just said in his press conference, “No allegation in this indictment that any American citizen committed a crime. No allegation the conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election result.” Meaning, there’s nothing really to see here based on the original purpose of our investigation.

Meaning, we haven’t learned a single thing about this since day one. Since day one we haven’t been able to find a shred of evidence that the outcome of the election was affected. Meaning, from day one we can’t find where Donald Trump stole the election. Meaning, from day one we can’t find any evidence that Vladimir Putin stole it for Donald Trump.

They’ve got nothing. But they did all of this. They did the Steele dossier. They did the informants. They ramped up a phony investigation. And I am convinced that the Mueller investigation is to cover that up. The added bonus is if the Mueller investigation finds something like these 12 Russians, the 13 Russian troll farms, then announce some indictments and make it look like the original premise was true, the Russians interfered, the Russians tried to shape, form the outcome of our elections.

The only thing they don’t have is that Trump was part of it, but they’ve been talking about that for a year and a half so much, they rely on the fact people are just gonna assume it. Because that’s been the narrative. So the Mueller investigation is essentially to mask, to cover up, to keep out of the news that the DNC and the Clinton campaign were stupid in protecting data.

How in the world could their server get hacked? Hillary had her own private server. It was no doubt hacked. She was trafficking classified data. Obama knew it and was also replying, thus sending his own versions of classified information. That’s pretty stupid. That’s pretty lazy. That’s pretty risky and dangerous.

Then John Podesta gets phished. These are people supposed to be above all of that. These are Harvard, Yale people, folks. These are from the highest rankings of academe. They’re not supposed to fall for phishing tricks. That’s what you Walmart shoppers do. You Walmart shoppers fall for the Nigerian money scam, but they don’t.

So when they get an email from American Express or Federal Express or something that has a link and the sender is asking for additional information the account, John Podesta’s supposed to be smart enough to know not to click on that link, but he did. And so this Mueller thing is I think designed to cover-up the abject stupidity, technical stupidity and ignorance of the DNC and the Hillary campaign.

They got phished. They allowed all kinds of bad actors access to their computers. It’s a cover-up of how stupid the Democrats are. It’s a cover for the original fake reason for the special counsel. It’s a cover-up to mask who really needs to be investigated here. And that’s the one person that’s been exonerated. Can you believe, in all of this, only one person has really been exonerated, Hillary Clinton? And she’s the one who committed all the crimes that Comey listed!

Meanwhile, we’re going after Manafort and then we’re gonna go after Flynn and we’re gonna get these Russian troll farmers, then we’re gonna get these 12 Russian bad actor hackers. The people that actually engaged in all of this are laughing about it, walking away scot-free and testifying before Congress saying, “You can’t touch me. You can’t touch me, you little dim bat congressman. You’re nothing compared to me in the FBI. Nothing! Can’t touch me.”

So here’s Rosenstein announcing his indictment, and in this first bite he’s decrying the partisan warfare in the indictment. Let’s listen.

ROSENSTEIN: When we confront foreign interference in American elections it’s important for us to avoid thinking politically as Republicans or Democrats and instead to think patriotically as Americans. Our response must not depend on which side was victimized. Free and fair elections are always hard fought and contentious. So long as we are united, in our commitment to the values enshrined in the constitution, they will not succeed. A partisan warfare fueled by modern technology does not fairly reflect the grace, dignity and unity of the American people. The blame for election interference belongs to the criminals who committed election interference.

RUSH: So right there, I guarantee you, everybody watching this, the media, “He’s gonna mention Trump! Oh, my God.” They’re having orgasms. “He’s gonna mention Trump! He’s gonna mention Trump! This the moment we’ve been waiting for!” And then Rosenstein says…

ROSENSTEIN: There’s no allegation in this indictment that any American citizen committed a crime. There’s no allegation that conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election result.

RUSH: Oh, no, another lead balloon disappointment. Oh, my God. How could this happen? They get us all worked up, they get us all ginned up. We’re all hoping that Trump’s gonna be met with people and handcuffs when he gets off Air Force Once, when he gets back from meeting Putin, oh, my God. Oh, my God. Nothing happening.

“So long as we’re united,” Rosenstein said. We’re not united. We’re not even near being united. We’re nowhere near being united. But so long as we are, “in our commitment to the values enshrined in the Constitution —” We are not united about the values enshrined in the Constitution. Let’s just face it. The American left today looks at the Constitution as an obstacle, looks at it as a threat, looks at it as an enemy. We are not united in the values enshrined in the Constitution.

He says, “these bad actors will not succeed. A partisan warfare fueled by modern technology does not fairly reflect the grace, the dignity, and the unity.” Could somebody explain to me, somebody — I’m serious — what is meant by the grace of the American people. People throw that out all the time. I understand the dignity of the American people. Dignity and unity, but what is this about the grace of the American people? I think loaded leftist term in its modern context.

What does it mean to you, when you hear Rosenstein say the grace of the American people, what does that mean? I got three people shaking their heads. Haven’t the slightest idea. You just hear the word, aw, it’s a nice word, the grace of the American people. I guarantee you Strzok Smirk didn’t find any grace when he went down to that Walmart in Southern Virginia where he could smell Trump voters. He didn’t see any grace down there, and he wasn’t exhibiting any at the same time.


RUSH: Here’s George in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. I’m just listening to everybody’s frustration with Strzok. And, you know, the thing that really frustrates me — and I think the key to all this — is Hillary’s emails, and who’s behind the scenes I think is Obama. And we have him on sound bites saying he didn’t know about her server, right, until the media told him. But then we have emails so in previous testimony that he did know. If you remember, you used to say, “Obama doesn’t have to say anything to the FBI or the IRS. They just know the marching orders.”

RUSH: That’s right.

CALLER: Why isn’t there an investigation on this server? That is something we absolutely know as fact, where we got ’em in a lie. Once you start to unpeel the layers of it this onion, maybe something more substantive comes out and we can actually get something.

RUSH: Well, look, people have been asking… This is one of the questions people have been asking of Jeff Sessions since Donald Trump took office! “What is the point of winning if you’re not gonna get to the bottom of some of this stuff? Why is it that Hillary isn’t being investigated for anything?” Now, the FBI and the DOJ has already exonerated her on this email stuff. So there may be double jeopardy. I don’t know if it’s a… It was a decision not to prosecute, but I don’t know if it’s the equivalent a full exoneration. But it doesn’t matter. There are still things that they can investigate, such as her work and her ties to Fusion GPS and the Steele dossier and the FISA court and all of this. I mean, it’s perfect subject matter for an investigation. Everybody’s been wondering, “Where is it? Why doesn’t Trump make that happen?”

CALLER: Right. There is some “there” there.

RUSH: Of course there is! Well, look at this server today, the DNC server for which these 13 or 12 Russians have been indicted. When that is server was hacked, the FBI asked to see it and the DNC told ’em “no.” Now, who gets to do that? Who gets to tell the FBI to go home? Maybe if your kid gets kidnapped and they want to come in and help you can tell ’em to go home, but you’re running around claiming your server got hacked and the government FBI investigating unit wants to find out what happened and you tell ’em no?

So there’s obviously something you know that been going on that you don’t want the FBI to find out. The FBI said, “Okay. Fine,” and they went away. The DNC hired a third-party outset called CrowdStrike. CrowdStrike analyzed it forensically and then reports what happened. And that’s how we know supposedly the Russians tried to hack, phishing. And now all of a sudden here’s comes Mueller? After all of this time in the FBI does not investigate this server, and now here comes Mueller claiming, I guess, he has, and now there’s an indictment of 12 Russians for trying to hack their server and running phishing schemes? This is a —

CALLER: And they were warned ahead of time too, just like Republicans. But they acted on it, and the Democrats didn’t.

RUSH: What do you mean “warned ahead of time”?

CALLER: Yeah. Wasn’t the report out that there was some hacking going on and that you need to beef up your security —

RUSH: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

CALLER: — and the Republicans did but the Democrats didn’t?

RUSH: Well, there’s something else going on. Unfortunately, bringing this up is just gonna take us into the weeds because the reporting on this has been in the weeds. But there’s another bunch of actors here that had hands-on access — I mean, clearance at the highest level access — to the DNC servers and a bunch of Democrat congressman, and that’s these kids, these guys from Pakistan. The Awan brothers or family. They have been allowed to leave the country and go back to Pakistan. They’ve been allowed to skate on all of this.

That’s probably where the hacking was. That’s probably where the… I mean, the Democrats turned the hacking over to a bunch of Pakistanis or turned the security over to a bunch of Pakistanis. I don’t think they want anybody knowing that. A little of it is known, but when you start reading news stories about it… Even I, folks, cannot decipher it. It’s written by some of the journalists whose names you’re all familiar with. I’ve tried to decipher these news stories and try to figure it out, and it’s so convoluted that I could not explain to you.

Beyond the fact that these Pakistani people, the Awan brothers were involved intimately with the highest security level into the DNC network and other Democrat members’ computers and so forth. They had access to everything going on at the DNC. They could have off-loaded it. In fact, you, one of the big mysteries is how did WikiLeaks end up with all of this stuff! Like the Podesta emails and some of the… How did they end up with it? This has been a long argument over how it happened. Now, the Democrats want you to believe that the Russians hacked it and then turned it over — in collusion with Trump.

But trust me on this. There have been serious analyses of the data that was transferred off of the server. The data speeds that were used… All of this… There’s a record, the metadata. Any time a computer’s hard drive is used, there’s the log kept of what happens, including data transferal or data transformation. CrowdStrike found this; it’s been reported. The speeds of the data that ended up being on WikiLeaks and elsewhere could have only occurred if somebody had plugged a jump drive into a port and transferred the data that way.

There was no way that an outside hacker could have downloaded data on this server as quickly as it was off-loaded. Even the highest network speeds do not have the transfer rates of plugging in a thumb drive or an external drive connected to a port on a computer or a server. But they have maintained that the data was obtained by virtue of offsite hacking, which means somebody using the internet or some other kind of network got in and started transmitting data after stealing it from the DNC server to whoever it was that was hacking.

Well, the transfer speeds that were used could not have occurred. It could not have happened that way. It had to happen with somebody plugging in a thumb drive or an external drive and transferring it over wires. This much is known. That’s why it’s led back to the Awan brothers and what the hell were they doing. Now, the Democrats don’t want anybody knowing any of this. And that’s why they didn’t want the FBI doing the forensic exam. They wanted it thought that outside hackers, Guccifer 2.0 and some other people with Russian-type identities — which can be faked, by the way.

Don’t forget, the CIA has software that they can hack a computer and make it look like the ChiComs are doing it or the Norks or the Russians. All of those tools were stolen by the way from the CIA by somebody who has now been found. But there are many mysteries behind this, and the DNC knows what they are, didn’t want anybody finding it. I’m so suspicious of these indictments today because how does Mueller find out when the FBI wasn’t even allowed to forensically examine here?

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