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RUSH: The latest on Kavanaugh nomination. The thing you need to understand about that, among all other things, the left is not opposed to Justice Kavanaugh. They are opposed to the Constitution. It’s the Constitution that scares them. It is the Constitution that threatens them. That’s the nature of their opposition.

So Kavanaugh is somebody who believes in the enforcement of it and the construction of the Constitution as a means of judging statutes and law, then he’s a threat. But it’s not him per se; it’s anybody who reveres the Constitution that they have a problem with or object to. We’ll get to all the latest examples of the insanity and the liberal crackup on that aspect as the program unfolds.


RUSH: So we still have the Kavanaugh Stack here today. The left continues to implode over the Supreme Court nomination, and there are a couple of plans that they have developed. I think it’s dawning on them they cannot stop the confirmation, but they think they can delay it, and somehow they think delaying it through the midterms is going to help them. And some of them think they can stop it. Chuck You Schumer is out there saying, “I’m gonna do everything I can to stop this.” Well, if they stop it, there’s just gonna be another name that Trump will it forward.

But that isn’t going to happen. But one of the tactics that they’re going to use is there’s this kid named Brian Fallon. He was the PR director or the campaign manager for Hillary 2016, and he’s got an idea. He said (summarized), “You know, this Kavanaugh guy was instrumental in writing the Starr report — and this Kavanaugh guy, there’s obviously a lot of stuff he’s written. This guy has written a lot of stuff this guy has said has part of the Ken Starr team.”

You know, they turned Ken Starr into a sex pervert from Mars, the Clintons did, during the Clinton impeachment period. So they’re gonna start demanding all of his outtakes. The Starr report was the final report, but there are things that didn’t make it. So this guy claims, “I’m gonna demand — we should demand — everything that the Starr report collected and find out what Kavanaugh had to say there,” and then the other part of the plan… It’s a two-pronged plan. The other part of the plan involves one of the judges on the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

His name is Alex Kozinski, and he has been accused by people on his staff of harassing them, sexual harassment and abuse. This guy is one of Kavanaugh’s friends. So they’re going to suggest that the relationship between Brett Kavanaugh and Alex Kozinski be investigated and turned upside down to see if Kavanaugh knew that his buddy Kozinski was abusing women and didn’t say anything about it. So these are the two areas that the Hillary campaign manager has suggested that they look into as part of a plan.

Hopefully, they think, they can, derail, but, if nothing else, delay what happens here. So they have to do this to placate their base. But I think some of them would do it whether their base was demanding it or not. The crackup continues because, again, folks, what really scares them is not Brett Kavanaugh. What scares them is the Constitution. That’s what they’re opposed to. The Constitution is the obstacle in their way, and they are deathly, literally scared of any judge who will use the Constitution in deciding cases. The left doesn’t want to do that. They want judges to impose their political beliefs as judicial decisions in cases — and in that way, they get around the Constitution. We’ve got some details and some interesting little funny bits that the left has engaged in when we get to that Stack.


RUSH: Remember on the day Anthony Kennedy announced his resignation from the Supreme Court? I was doing the program from Los Angeles, and 30 minutes after the resignation I made a prediction to you. I predicted that before the end of the day somebody somewhere on the left would claim Trump should not be permitted to select a justice to the Supreme Court because he’s being investigated for collusion with Russia and maybe having stolen the presidential election in 2016. My prediction came true, and in about that time frame.

Before the end of the day, you could find any number of places where prominent leftists in both media and academe were making that observation. None of them, of course, credited me. I have yet to find myself credited for being the first to make the prediction. But the prediction continues. Grab audio sound bite No. 12. This is Maude Behar on The View yesterday. Meghan McCain says to Behar (summarized), “You know, elections have consequences, and Republicans have three branches of power now.

“They have the House — they have Congress — we have the White House, and of course the Supreme Court is largely arguably a 5-4 conservative structure.” And she to Behar “it’s why voting is so important. The idea that we’re living in some totalitarian, fascist country where this was just appointed by a dictator?” Meghan McCain says, “It’s just a lie. You people are just making all of this stuff up.” And this is what Maude Behar said.

MAUDE: Why would a president who’s under investigation by the FBI for obstruction of justice and collusion be allowed to pick a Supreme Court justice who will be there… I’ll be dead. There are many people in this room who will still be alive and need abortions and what have you, need health care? How dare he (thumps desk) be allowed to do this when he is under investigation?

DINGBATS: (applause)

RUSH: Yes, and of course the dingbats in that studio audience began applauding left and right. I mention this only to remind you, do I know these people or do I know these people? And of course did you note in her comment here? “There are many people in this room who will still be alive and need abortions and what have you.” Let me take the occasion of that for two things — and if you’re watching on the Dittocam, I want you to be particularly ready for something coming your way from Planned Parenthood in mere moments.

If you’re watching with your children, you might want to go have them play with the Lego or the Romper Room set for a while. Just a little warning here. We keep hearing that the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh at the Supreme Court’s gonna result in people dying. Terry McAuliffe yesterday, governor of Virginia, said “millions will die.” Nancy Pelosi said it is “the end of civilization as we know it.” I asked Vice President Pence yesterday… He was on in the second segment, the first hour.

I said, “What is your timeline for ending civilization, and just how many millions of deaths are you calculating and what’s your timeline for that?” He, of course, chuckled, knowing the absolute stupidity and deranged, delusional nature of such comments — and yet the left keeps making these comments. “People are gonna die! Millions of people are gonna die! We’re gonna have massive civilizational collapse because…” They’ve been doing this for 30 years, and I’ll tell you what’s happening. It’s starting to fall on deaf ears.

You can’t tell people for 30 years that conservatives rising to power is going to end life on earth and be believed if life continues on earth. They have been shouting these dire warnings for 30 years, and they never happen, and I think people have become immune. But let me address this directly. Leftists say that people are gonna die because of Kavanaugh. How many have died because of Neil Gorsuch being confirmed to be on the Supreme Court and now having decided some cases? Has anybody seen any reports of death attributable to Neil Gorsuch being on the Supreme Court?

How many people have died since tax reform was signed into law? How many people have perished and on the death certificate it says, “Killed Due to Trump Tax Reform Act”? How many people have died since we repealed the Obamacare personal mandate? They told us people were gonna die if we did away with the mandate, the mandate requiring people to have health insurance. How many people have died because of that? None. How many people have died since net neutrality was erased?


RUSH: How many people have died since net neutrality was ended? Answer: zero. How many people have died since Donald Trump called out North Korea? How many people have died since Donald Trump had the summit with Kim Jong-un in North Korea? Zip, zero, nada. How many people have died from Trump being tough on the G7 or any other globalist organization and meeting? How many deaths, how many people have died since Kavanaugh was nominated a couple days ago? How many injuries? How many deaths?

This is what they’re claiming is gonna happen. Meanwhile, while there are no deaths associated with conservative policies such as nominating and confirming Gorsuch, passing tax reform, getting rid of the Obamacare mandate, wiping out net neutrality, having an arrangement with North Korea… There aren’t any deaths associated with any of those policies. However, how many deaths are associated every year with abortion? (Gasp!) Sorry. How many deaths are associated every year with women’s reproductive freedom?

The answer: 1.3 million.

It’s 1.3 million.

People die, literally die when liberal policies are implemented and maintained. Illegal immigration. How many innocent people have died at the hands of criminal illegal immigrants wandering free in our country? The best number we have is 4,380 Americans murdered annually by illegal aliens. Roughly 22,000 Americans have been murdered by illegal aliens since September 11th, 2011. How many people have died from leftist immigration policies, open borders? In 2016, more than 63,000 drug overdose deaths in the United States. How many of those deaths due to Democrat open-border policies — and, I should say, Republican.

There are many mainstream Republicans who favor open borders as well. So the point is, liberalism kills. Socialism kills. How many people are dying in Venezuela? How many people are dying in Cuba? How many people are dying in North Vietnam? How many people are dying in ChiCom China? Wherever you find liberalism, socialism, communism, death is a common occurrence. It’s not a common occurrence with conservatism or Republican policy, and yet look at the campaign to defeat Kavanaugh.

“Millions of people will die!”

“Civilization will end as we know it!”


RUSH: We go to Hurley, South Dakota. Greg, great to have you, sir. Thank you for waiting. How are you?

CALLER: Thank you, Mr. Limbaugh. My comments are about Judge Kavanaugh. When he was doing his acceptance speech Monday night, he made a statement there that I believe the left in time will show their real true colors. He praised his mother and father, his judge mother. I believe down the road — and they probably already looked. But they will attack his mother for rulings that she made from the bench in some of her writings and findings that she made.

RUSH: Oh, I wouldn’t put it past ’em to look into them. I wouldn’t put it past them to research them. Look, as far as they’re concerned, there’s nothing to lose here.

CALLER: Yes. I agree. Yeah. They will do whatever they think to get him — and I hope he’s strong enough. Because the one thing that man, I can see will work on him is when they attack family. And, you know, it just tear the left up when he talked about his mother and father. “Why, how dare he say something like that? A real family is like Barack Obama. He had a mother. He didn’t have a father involved. He’s the only one that gets the right to talk about family life!”

RUSH: Well, of course, there are a bunch of reasons why all that stuff with Obama was off-limits with the Drive-By Media. But your point about… Do you actually…? Did I hear you right that you think Kavanaugh might cave if they go after his parents?

CALLER: No. I believe it’s the one area that could make him. I hope and pray that he doesn’t. But it’s the one area being a family guy that he may not tolerate. Let’s face it —

RUSH: Let me tell you something. No, no. Wait a minute you now — and I addressed this with Vice President Pence yesterday. I will guarantee… Even though I don’t know this per se, I’m not privy to it happening. But I can guarantee you that Kavanaugh knew well in advance he was the pick. But even before he had been chosen, even before he had gotten the call from Trump he was the guy, I guarantee you he sat down with his wife and his parents. They’re not idiots. They know what happens in these hearings.

They saw what happened to Mrs. Alito during the confirmation hearings of her husband. She was sent crying in tears from the hearing room over what was being done to her husband. They know full well. He wouldn’t have done this — he wouldn’t have accepted it — without the family assuring him and him assuring them they know what’s coming and that they’re prepared for it and will stick together. Believe me on that. His parents, to me, sound like a couple of tough characters, the way they’ve lived their lives. They’re not gonna be intimidated out of this. Don’t doubt me.


RUSH: Oh, look. Let me tell you something. While the Kavanaugh reactions were going on, I thought that I — and it makes sense that I would have the best question. I had the best question, the best observation of the entire day. Because we had all these people saying, “Well, Kavanaugh? God, Rush, he’s not conservative enough! Trump could have blown the doors down! He could have gone for Amy! He could have gone for Amy Barrett! He could have thrown pro-life right in their face, but he chickened out! Trump went establishment! H e went Kavanaugh!”

I’ve heard a couple of the complaints like that. Not a lot, but I’ve heard some that they thought Trump would behave as the outsider they know and that that meant Amy Barrett and that meant somebody who is advocate-ly, avidly, without-doubt-about-it, pro-life. and these people thought Trump would make that pick. So these arguments are being bandied about. Of course my reaction to it was, “Any of the top four names that were on that list, all of them are fine with me.” The important thing to me is just get ’em confirmed.

By the way, I have been studying some of the reaction late-night comics to Kavanaugh, and based what I’ve seen, they’ve got nothing, folks. It is time to get this whole process started so that it can end and get this guy voted on and confirmed. I don’t think the Democrats should be given weeks and months here to conduct these hearings, these investigations. We know what’s gonna happen. They’ll make up some phantom thing that Kavanaugh said once or did, like Clarence Thomas and his so-called sexual harassment of Anita Hill.

Just get this goin’, Grassley.

Grassley runs the Judiciary Committee. Just get this process started and get it over with. But here’s the observation. You can worry that it wasn’t Amy Barrett. You can worry that Kavanaugh is too establishment, not guaranteed to be pro-life, not guaranteed to overturn Roe. The only thing… No, not the only. But the big thing was that it was not Hillary Clinton making the choice. There’s no better way to put in perspective what’s happened and what’s important and how fortunate things have turned out that it was not Hillary Clinton making that choice.

Do you realize…? I want you to try to just imagine. You’re on the losing side on election night in 2016. It’s been bad enough watching these leftists and media try to destroy Trump and takes him out and all of that. But imagine they had won, and imagine Ruth “Buzzi” Ginsburg retires, and then Kennedy retires — and then imagine Hillary Clinton getting two choices. Imagine how you’d be feeling if it was just one choice.

But there would be three, ’cause Ginsburg, if Hillary had won, she’d be gone pretty sure. As it is, she’s gonna hang around as long as she can. But just imagine if Hillary Clinton were choosing this justice. Imagine the futility that you’d be feeling, or worse. That’s how big this is. So whether it was Kavanaugh or Kethledge or Amy Barrett, it was Trump making the choice — and he came through.


RUSH: Here is Bob in Nashville. Bob, great to have you. Glad you waited. What’s happening?

CALLER: Rush, mega dittos. It’s a privilege to speak with you. I know I’m up against it on time so I’ll get right to the point. At what point do you think the Democrats and the Drive-By Media start to scream at Robert Mueller to charge Trump with something so that we can slow down, stop, do something to derail the Kavanaugh appointment?

RUSH: There is a story you have in the Stack here today of the unrelated to NATO and Kavanaugh that I didn’t get to, and it’s a Byron York story, and it is about what Mueller has in his case against Manafort that encompasses Trump. I mean, it’s something, but it’s insignificant, and Byron New York asks at the end of the story, “We needed a special counsel for this?”

Now, this is not a comment on the fact that Mueller’s court filings say that Manafort’s charges here have nothing to do with collusion. Your question is: When are the Democrats and the media gonna force Mueller to come up with something, leak something that might make it look like Trump’s guilty of something so as to disqualify his choice. I think if that existed, it would leaked long ago. But this is one of the unknowns percolating out there, and the Democrats will try anything to derail this. So that’s a good thing to keep a sharp eye on.

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