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RUSH: My friends, a couple of House Democrats are having a hissy fit over who’s gonna pay for feminine hygiene products. New York Representatives Grace Meng and Sean Patrick Maloney are demanding the federal government pay for everything here.

They want feminine products to be distributed free in all congressional bathrooms, and they want a reimbursement check for any congressman or woman who buys the products elsewhere.

This demand was sent to the speaker of the House last week.

These New York Democrats say all women are entitled to feminine hygiene products. Women deserve them, and it’s high time government makes them available the same way paper towels and toilet paper are provided in bathrooms.

Congressman Maloney already buys the products using his office budget, and he distributes them to his women staff and visitors. Now he wants payback from the government.

So, okay. Free feminine hygiene products, because people are entitled and deserving. Why not free congressional condoms? How about free shaving cream and razors? How about free jock straps? How about free condoms? Oh, I said that, but there are still a lot of other things they could choose.

Where does the list of entitlements stop? Surely not with tampons. Has anybody called Sandra Fluke about this?

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