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RUSH: Folks, by now you may have heard that we totally revamped the Rush Limbaugh Show Store at RushLimbaugh.com. We did this due to popular demand. We kept hearing from people, “Rush, this new website, the app, they’re modernized. They’re up to speed; they look great. You really gotta do something about the shop.” They really did. It became something we were hearing more and more often. So we fixed it. We shut the old shop down.

We redesigned it; we rebooted it with all brand-new merchandise. Ever since the launch about two or three weeks ago, we have received some of the best feedback, and it means so much to us that you take time out of your busy day to compliment us. Now, I’ve always said I’ve got the best audience anywhere, and I do. You never hear from people unless there’s a complaint, but we are hearing from people in droves about what an improvement it is and how much they love the stuff once they get it.

If you haven’t seen it, just go to RushLimbaugh.com, the home page, and up there at the top, click on “Store.” Bammo! You’re in there. Now, we’re also adding photos of Dittoheads in their new gear. We’re asking people to send us pictures, and we post some of them, and always remember that a portion of sales in the new store goes to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, which is a phenomenal organization committing to helping the children of Marines killed in action. It’s college scholarships that are provided.


RUSH: This is Lea in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Wow. Great to hear from you. How you doing?

CALLER: I’m good, Rush! How are you?

RUSH: Never better. Thank you.

CALLER: Hey, I wanted to tell you that I’ve been shopping in your new store, and we love everything.

RUSH: Well, that’s fabulous. What did you get? What did you choose. What did you select?

CALLER: Well, my husband got a hat, and he got a polo shirt, and I —

RUSH: Stop right there. Let me ask you, does your husband like that cap?

CALLER: He does like that cap.

RUSH: Well, good. Because that cap is of a higher quality than any other person’s cap that you’re gonna buy. I personally chose that cap and the manufacturer, New Era. They make all of the caps for Major League Baseball for over 75 years.

CALLER: Oh, he loves it. It fits great, and he’s been excited to wear it.

RUSH: Well, you know, it’s great, because that cap is not flimsy. You put that on your head, it looks big. If you have a big face, it makes your face look smaller. I’m glad to hear he loves the cap.


RUSH: The white one is just to die for. The navy one’s cool, too, but the white cap — I got it right here.

CALLER: I think he got a navy one because he decided white wouldn’t be a good color for him, but he went golfing the other day and the guys were green with envy.

RUSH: Well, either one — you know, it’s personal preference, and neither one is right or wrong. If he likes the navy one, that’s perfect.

CALLER: Yep. And I got the jacket, which is wonderful. Of course we’ve had a heat wave here in Ohio, so I haven’t had an opportunity to use it much lately, but I can envision when it cools down a little bit that it will be great. And so we placed our first order, and then said, “Gosh. I wish we’d have gotten a T-shirt,” so then we both ordered T-shirts, so now we have those too.

RUSH: See that, folks? Repeat customers. This is what you strive for. Repeat customers, happy, satisfied. Well, Lea, you have made my day, and it was quite coincidental she’s the first call of the day, by the way. You might think that I staged this, but I didn’t. Whatever Snerdley puts up there — unless, you know, I see them. And if it is something I just said and I don’t want to repeat it, I’ll say, “Look, I just talked about that, broom the caller.”

But normally I take ’em as they are listed. And, Lea, you were the first caller today, from Cuyahoga Falls, which is mentioned in the lyric line of my theme song, My City Was Gone by The Pretenders, by the way, which is why I kinda thought, “Wow, Cuyahoga Falls.”

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