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RUSH: Michael Scherer writing in the Washington Post: “A Bad Week for Democrats Gives Rise to a Big Problem. Outrage Could Become an Obstacle in the Midterms — Growing liberal agitation over a pivotal Supreme Court retirement and a simmering crisis about immigrant child separation have left Democratic leaders scrambling to keep the political outrage they’d counted on to fuel midterm election wins from becoming a liability for the party.

Wait, wait, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. Liability? I thought you wanted all this energy. I thought you wanted this motivation. I thought you wanted all of this desire! I thought you Democrats want this. But they know. They know that the radical left is becoming the face of the party, and you know what else? Who is making this possible? The media! The media’s making it. You know, I still chuckle when I see stories talking about how, “The media, following the lead of Democrat Party leaders…” Give me a break. It’s the other way around.

It’s the media that’s taking the Democrat Party to the left by making stars out of these radical fruitcakes. By heaping endless praise on them. But even in the media they are torn because they like these old war horse Democrats like Joe Crowley and Pelosi and all these other people that have been around there for years. They’re their cocktail party buddies, babysitters and all this kind of stuff. Now here come these new young radical Millennials and everybody’s a little worried about ’em ’cause nobody knows how to control ’em.

And I think this is the whole thing about chickens coming home to roost. You know, you can’t, as the Democrats have done, as the left has done, you cannot radicalize people two generations in a row and have it not take. They have been radicalizing people in kindergarten. They’ve been trying to radicalize people in elementary school, middle school, high school, certainly at the university level. They’ve been teaching them; they have been promoting some of the most wacko, extremist, radical stuff, and you can’t blame it for taking. I mean, these kids have been exposed to it for how many years.

It’s always taught with a bunch of utopian romance, idyllic dreams of a perfect future where there is no suffering and where there is no pain and where there is no sadness and where there’s no disappointment. This is the kind of stuff that’s taught. And it’s taught combined with an uncontrollable rage and hatred for conservatives and Republicans. And so I think there may be, there may be some of these professors — not many, but a few — some professors and some ranking Democrats who privately are saying, “Gosh. We never intended these people to go this wacko.”

But, you know, they’ve exaggerated and pounded in order to get through to young skulls full of mush, they have exaggerated to make the point, they’re radicals themselves. And so what they have been teaching has taken hold among some of these young people, and they appear to be dyed-in-the-wool believers. The big difference is that whereas your traditional Democrat would learn to camouflage and mask his genuine liberalism and radical leftism, these young kids don’t care about hiding it. They don’t want to mask it. They don’t want to camouflage themselves. They don’t want to win under moderate pretense.

They want to go out there, they are loaded for bear, they’ve been taught to hate this country, they have been taught to believe that this country is unfair and unjust and immoral from the get-go, and they are hell-bent on fixing that, changing that, correcting that, by getting rid of borders, by letting anybody who wants to come into the country get in by not pursuing any criminal activity, by letting people in prisons go. And they don’t care to hide this from anybody. They’re right out in front with it.

And your rank-and-file experienced Democrats like Pelosi and Chuck You Schumer, they’re cringing because they know that this is not how you win national elections. America is not socialist. America is not Venezuela. America is not Cuba. America is not China, it’s not North Korea, it’s not even close. And in order for liberal Democrats to win, they have had to hide who they really are. They’ve had to hide what they really believe. And, like Obama, they had to hide what they were really gonna do.

Oh. Obama. Obama was in Beverly Hills last week and you know what his message was to liberals? He went to a Beverly Hills fundraiser and apparently he was introduced as “still the president of the United States.” And apparently a lot of people said, “We wish you’d come back, oh, my God, we miss you so much, we wish you were still president.” And you know what Obama supposedly told ’em? You gotta stop loving me so much. You gotta stop being in love with me so much.


RUSH: We got Keith in Los Angeles. I’m glad you called, sir. What’s shaking?

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Good to talk to you. Just scanning through the news this weekend, you know, it wasn’t really hard for me to see, you know, why so many people are taking to the street to abolish ICE or why a bunch of politicians were, either, if you accept the premise that, A, the Democrats are still in league with the media, you realize that the media’s the one that drummed up the story about the families being separated. Your only logical conclusion is to get rid of the people that are separating ’em; is that correct?

RUSH: Meaning, Trump.



CALLER: The media is screaming about —

RUSH: See, ICE is just following the law. That’s what is caca. You asked me a question, get rid of the people separating. Well, that’s Trump. Trump’s demanding the law be enforced. That’s the difference here. You think ICE. ICE — (crosstalk)

CALLER: — get rid of Trump, they’re trying to get that.

RUSH: ICE is just the enforcement mechanism. Getting rid of ICE doesn’t change anything.

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: Actually it would if you just banned the law that they enforce. But you think the media is driving this. That’s your point?

CALLER: Absolutely. And, you know, getting people on the streets, it’s the one move that they’ve still got. After so many losses, after suffering so many losses at the polls, I think they’re struggling to realize or to demonstrate that they still got it, you know, they can still throw tens of thousands of people out on the street to rally behind —

RUSH: I do think there’s validity to that. I think since this program started in 1988, to be quite honest with you, folks, the media has taken advantage of several occasions to prove to themselves they still got it. Trying to get of Trump. They got rid of one president, Nixon. They’re trying to show themselves as much as anybody else that they’ve still got that juice. Or destroy any political opponent. They love demonstrating or attempting to illustrate that they still have that kind of influence.

But I’m telling you, these people marching, I don’t disagree with you that the media plays an active role here, but without the money from George Soros and the community organizing skills — don’t think Barack Obama’s not involved here, folks. You know, everybody says, where’s Obama? Yes, he is. Obama’s got a staff of 20 people working at his house. Organizing for America. That’s his PAC. It may be called Organizing for Action or some such thing.

I was half wrong in my prediction of Obama’s behavior post-president. I thought he would be in front of cameras, openly disagreeing with whichever Republican president won any time an unraveling of an Obama policy or agenda was taking place. And I was right that he would do it, but I was wrong about how. I think, you know, Obama is the guy who knows Alinskyite tactics. Obama’s the guy that was taught them and then spread them around from the White House.

The same people that were wearing the vagina hats after the first week of the Trump presidency are the same people out there demanding we get rid of ICE. It’s the same people, folks. It’s the same groups. They’re either called Black Lives Matter one day, Antifa the next. It wouldn’t happen without George Soros money and other money from big Democrat donors. The media may be motivating them to get on the street, but these people are being paid in many ways to get out there as well.


RUSH: Here is Averon in Toms River, New Jersey. Averon, great to have you. How are you?

CALLER: Very good. Rush, thanks for all you do. I’ve been listening for maybe three years. I love your show. It’s great. It’s always something interesting to listen to, and this is the first time getting on the air.

RUSH: Glad you made it.

CALLER: Yeah. Thank you for all that. Anyways, is over the weekend when I was catching up on all the random, you know, piece of information that gets pushed to the side. I saw an ad by Alexandria Cortez, that, uh, crazy socialist woman in New York City?

RUSH: Mmm-hmm.

CALLER: She said in the ad, “In order to make our community feel safer, we need to abolish ICE.” I mean, that’s as ridiculous as someone suggesting that in order to stop the opioid crisis, we should make fentanyl an over-the-counter drug.” I mean, so you’re gonna take away law enforcement in order to make the streets safer? It’s clearly insane, and I just don’t understand that people fall for that.

RUSH: Okay. Now, this is good. I’m glad you called because here’s the thing. I’ve been trying to impress upon people — in the face of this genuine insanity — that they believe it. So I want you to try as you’ve just… Put yourself in your head, put yourself in their shoes, and I want you to imagine actually believing that the route to success or happiness or whatever it is they want is getting rid of ICE and eliminating border control. Can you imagine in any sane moment actually believing that?

CALLER: No. I think I’m a little too sane to believe that.

RUSH: They do! They’re not just saying it. This is the thing that people have to realize. They literally believe it. If these people ever become large enough to win elections, they will try to do this. You have to ask yourself: What’s the starting point? What is the status quo in their minds that makes them believe getting rid of law enforcement on the border makes America better? Well, you have realize that the starting point is — in their minds — America is unjust, America sucks, America’s immoral, America needs massive fixing. And that should scare everybody. If you take the time to actually put yourself in their shoes and situations and start thinking the way they do, you’ll find, A, it’s very difficult to do. But it’s scary, ’cause they do believe this. This is not just rhetoric to gender and gin up support. They believe it.

CALLER: I just can’t imagine myself believing that. It’s too insane, you know?

RUSH: Well, then here’s the next step. Whatever percentage of the country that’s supporting these people, 10%, 15%? They believe it. It’s not just Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It’s all the numskulls that voted for her — and now, because she won an election and is a media darling, now you’ve got Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand and a number of other so-called mainstream Democrats — Dick Durbin! — picking up the theme. So now the entire Democrat Party, ostensibly, is echoing that theme, that America could be more just.

America could be better if we get rid of law enforcement at the border. In other words, let anybody in who wants in. Now, if that’s what you really believe, then what must you think of your country? You must have a lot of hatred for it. You must think this country has really done something massively wrong by constructing borders and controlling who gets in here. You know, this is the multicultural thinking that believes throwing all kinds of different cultures and skin colors and religions…

You take whatever demographics you want, and you mix it all together and somehow that’s the only way anything can be just and fair. It is just… The question is… It’s very simple, as I asked in the first hour — and it’s not a question. It’s a statement: There’s nothing wrong with America remaining America, but it certainly is wrong to these people. They think there’s something terribly wrong with America remaining America.

This all starts with a popular conception of this as Barack Obama’s transforming America, but it all traces back to these people being genuine communists and socialists. Communism and socialism are the avowed enemies of the United States of America, and they always have been. These people are now attempting to say that, of course, capitalism and constitutional liberty and freedom are the problem because they’re exclusionary and they are only for certain people. The majority only guarantees those things for certain people, not all.

“Evidenced by the fact that we have a wall! If we were really devoted to freedom and liberty and justice for all, we would let anybody in, because we would give them whatever they want to have a nice life.” It’s unsupportable. It’s unsustainable. But as you say, when you really try intellectually and emotionally to become one of these people, you can’t do it. You can’t do it. You cannot actually make yourself believe this country would be vastly better and improved by getting rid of law enforcement on the border. But they do, and that’s why they must be constantly, continually hammered and defeated and never allowed to get anywhere close to winning national power.


RUSH: Just this year alone ICE has made 4,800 gang arrests in 2018, and more than 90% of those arrests were convicted criminals, serious criminals, serious felonies. It has nothing to do with border crossing. It’s just gang-related arrests.


RUSH: Folks, I think it’s safe to say that the radical left now owns and controls the Democrat Party. Not just because this dinosaur Joe Crowley was defeated by the Marxist young woman in Queens and the Bronx. But this has been happening while for a while, and it was really goosed during the presidency of Barack Obama. There have been signs — there have been positive signs — throughout the past three, four years, but they were tough to believe.

They were positive signs that America wasn’t interested, positive signs that America was not going the way of the media and of the Democrat Party. You know what one of the most visible signs was that people just refused to believe because it was too hard to believe? That was the abject failure of Barack Obama. You got Obamacare, but if you look at the first two years of his first term, they could have done anything, because the Republicans didn’t have the votes to stop anything in the House or the Senate.

But it’s primarily the second term where these lessons took place. Well, no! You can start in 2010, Obama’s first term. Look at the 60 seats the Republicans won to take back control of the House. The Tea Party comes along and organically develops out of nowhere because of Obamacare and this endless, rampant spending that people genuinely feared was going to rob the futures of their kids and their grandkids. The Tea Party grows and comes along. The Democrats create Occupy Wall Street — a phony, manufactured group.

Just like this border story is a phony, manufactured crisis about Trump putting kids in cages and so forth. The whole thing was faux. It was made up. But Obama presided over — and this is the upbeat, positive news. Barack Obama presided over the Democrat Party’s single greatest loss of power since the 1920s as expressed by seats of power held — governor seats, seats in the House, seats in the Senate, statehouses, all the way down to town council. The Democrat Party, under Barack Obama, lost over 1,200 seats of power nationwide.

Every candidate… Practically every candidate Barack Obama endorsed went down in flames, with the biggest one being Hillary Clinton. Yet while it was happening, there was understandable and palpable fear of Obama, and that was generated by the fact that the media was embarrassingly in love with the guy — and I mean in love. I don’t mean like, and I don’t mean supportive. They were genuinely in love with the guy, and they still are. But Barack Obamaism did not translate.

His objective was to transform America. Donald Trump has come in and won one of the most unpredictable elections in the history of America, and in the process has begun to unravel much of the Obama agenda at a record pace. And the left is going batty because they can’t believe any of this. They cannot believe that Trump won. They can’t get over that. They cannot believe that Trump continues to win they can’t deal with it. They can’t believe that Trump is unraveling their agenda that Obama had implemented.

They can’t accept and believe any of it. And coupled with what they already believe, they literally are being driven mad. And they’re putting this madness on display daily. Here’s a story from TheHill.com: “Democrat Generation Gap Widens.” This was a big discussion topic on CNN today. Because CNN and MSNBC and the rest of the media, they are totally invested in the health and future of the Democrat Party — and they’re all worried, folks.

They’re worried about the generation gap. What this is about is these young Marxists and communists are coming along and actually winning. I got news for you. They’re not just winning; they control the Democrat Party. You look at Keith Ellison and this Tom Perez guy? Tom Perez is an avowed communist/Marxist. These guys… John Brennan, who is Obama’s CIA director. These people are the real deal when it comes to socialists and Marxists.

That is who they believe. They are not just liberals anymore. And they certainly are not progressives.

“Democrats in their 70s have started pushing back against some of the more youthful members of the House Democratic Caucus who are making noise about launching leadership bids in the wake of caucus Chairman Joe Crowley’s stunning primary loss last week to 28-year-old democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York.

“Older lawmakers argue that just because House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), 78, and her top lieutenants are getting up there in years doesn’t mean they’re not progressive or effective. Instead, they say it’s their decades of experience fighting in the trenches on a range of issues — from the gender pay gap and gun control to LGBT rights — that make them the right ones to lead the fight against President Trump and the Republicans.”

They are losing the fight. Now, don’t misunderstand. I’m not growing overconfident here. But they are losing the fight. Trump is rebuilding the traditional United States of America. Trump is rebuilding the capitalist foundation that created the greatest human prosperity known in all of history. Trump is rebuilding the original founding of this country, which led to the creation of the greatest nation in the history of the world.

The people opposed to Donald Trump do not want America to be strong, do not want America to be right, and do not want America to be powerful. They think that is the root of all evil in the world. They believe America must be destroyed and then rebuilt. And that’s why they really believe shut down ICE. They’re not just mouthing this as rhetoric, folks. They do believe it. And they’re becoming unhinged.


RUSH: Bob in Peoria. Bob, you’re next. I’m glad you waited. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. This is an honor to speak to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. I appreciate that.

CALLER: I agree with everything you just said. My heart is totally into that what you’ve just said. I’m a former Democrat. I’m a retired union leader — led a union here in Illinois for about 30 years — and right now I, as I watch the Democratic Party do what they’re doing… They used to stand, it seemed like, years and years ago on moral grounds. They stood on marriage and family and truth, it seemed like. But they’ve left that. That’s why I have left it. They used to be against open borders. Today, they’re for the open borders.

RUSH: Wait just a second. When were the Democrats opposed to open borders? I missed that.

CALLER: Well, through the unions, I know —

RUSH: Oh. Oh! Oh! Oh! Yeah, your qualifier is union. Yes.

CALLER: Exactly. And today, and the unions are doing the same thing. One of the things that I have seen happen with the Democratic Party is they’ve taken the Constitution, which was set up with our Founding Fathers both saying that it was set up for a moral and religious society and it will not work otherwise. And we have taken all of those things, the morality, we’ve taken God out of everything, and then we’re wondering why the Constitution isn’t working.

RUSH: Wait a second. We haven’t; they have. That’s what you mean.

CALLER: That’s correct. So I don’t know if you’ve ever heard, Rush — and I’m sure you have — way back in 1958 there was a 45-point summary, it was a communist agenda to subvert the United States —

RUSH: Oh, yeah, I’m very familiar point by point. It’s shocking how much of it already has been implemented.

CALLER: Absolutely. If I could just say a couple things about it, first of all, one of the things was to capture the political parties, one or both. The other was to control the schools, soften the curriculum, use students riots to foment public protests, infiltrate the press. Continue to degrade all forms of artistic expression, of course, eliminate all laws governing obscenity. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscene books. Present homosexuality and promiscuity as normal. Infiltrate the churches and replace religion with social agendas. Discredit the American Constitution. Discredit the Founding Fathers. Eliminate all laws and procedures which interfere with —

RUSH: I’m familiar with it. Much of it has been implemented. One thing about that stuff, though, it wouldn’t matter who was behind that, all of those things would be great tools to undermine the United States or any other free society. Not a nation, if you wanted to undermine a city, if you wanted to undermine a neighborhood, all of those things would do it.

Now, he’s right. Those things do trace back to Marx and his interpreters. And in the old days when this program started 30 years ago, if I were to bring up something like this or the Communist Manifesto, I would discredit myself. Remember those days Snerdley? “Oh, come on, Rush. You see a communist behind every rock. There aren’t any communists out there. Don’t start sounding like McCarthy.”

But now these people are openly admitting who they are and what their objectives are, and they are living all of that. They’re trying to implement all of that right in front of our faces. And they’re doing it under the guise that most of America supports it.

That’s the role the media plays in this, among other things, is to make it look like a majority of Americans are all for all of this. A majority of Americans are clearly in favor of anybody using whatever bathroom they want at any time of day anywhere, including a school. America is totally in favor of whatever social aberration you want to come up with.

This is one of the roles the media plays in creating this aura or this image that all they’re doing is reflecting where a majority of America is because you watching it are supposed to feel marginalized and part of a small minority, and you’re supposed to feel like, “My God, I’m losing my country, God, I’m weirdo, oddball,” when you’re not. They are. But they have control of the mechanisms. They’re even losing those, though, slowly but surely. Look. I appreciate the call out there, Bob, very much.

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