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RUSH: When there is a new Supreme Court pick, it obviously makes sense that somewhere in the Drive-By Media there will be an analysis of what America’s Real Anchorman (me) has to say about it. This happened last night on Fox News @ Night on the Fox News Channel with Shannon Bream — who, to her credit, uses a lot of audio from this program. I just have to observe that. I’ve noticed it and we are appreciative. Anyway, this was in the segment. She introduced and played a clip of me talking about the impact of the primary elections and Kennedy’s retirement, coming midterm elections all rolled into one.

BREAM: Conservatives like Rush Limbaugh think this tilts in the president’s favor.

RUSH ARCHIVE: So let’s review. The Supreme Court has been clawing back freedom for the American people at breakneck speed. Close calls, but it doesn’t matter; a win is a win at the court. Trump-endorsed candidates winning on the Republican side; Bernie Sanders socialist-communists winning in key places on the Democrat side.

RUSH: And that’s good for us ’cause communist-socialists are nowhere near the majority of the country. Now, they are Democrats, and they’re gonna get some additional Democrat votes; but this is gonna split the Democrat Party. Mark my words going forward. And whenever you see the media start writing about unease and upset in the Democrat Party, understand that it’s much worse than even they are writing about. They don’t want to write about that stuff at all, but they are. And, you know, Pelosi, she had a… She had a funny reaction.

She had a press conference yesterday, and she was asked about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ousting her waiting in second command to become speaker, Joe Crowley. Pelosi said (summarized), “Yeah, it’s just one girl, just one district. Doesn’t mean anything. You know, don’t — don’t lose your minds here. Keep everything in perspective. It’s j-just one seat. It really doesn’t matter. We’re Democrats. We’re all in this together. Doesn’t matter.” She got really, really frustrated over this.

Do you know that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez only had one story about her campaign in the New York Times? The New York Times totally missed the existence of this woman, and you know how we know this? Because the former executive editor of this place, Jill Abramson has just written a scathing piece about the Times, about how they’re getting lazy and they’re missing everything and they’re letting a bunch of things go. And what she means is they’re not noticing enough what the communists in America are doing. (laughing)

Well, that’s what it is! I mean, they’re all over the collusion story, and they’re all over the obstruction story. But they missed this. They really missed this whole… I mean, the polling data had clown Crowley up by 15 points. They missed her candidacy. They weren’t even thrilled about it — and it’s in their backyard, Queens! It’s in their backyard, and they missed it. They had one story about this. Now this woman, by the way, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is saying (paraphrased), “Yeah, yeah, but I want to be el presidente.”

She’s gonna be president, she says. That’s what this is all about. Pelosi: “This is one little seat. It doesn’t matter. We have all demographics. We have all ages. We have all kinds of mixtures here in our party. You’re making a big deal over nothing.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, when she hears that, a big deal about nothing? (chuckles) Believe me, the Democrats are headed for some rough times ahead. Last night on… Let’s see. Oh, this is Shannon Bream’s show.

She had Larry O’Connor (who is on WMAL in Washington) on. She played sound bite you just heard of me, and she said, “Talk about the impact of Kennedy’s retirement. Sounds like Mitch McConnell wants to get his replacement confirmed before the fall elections and before the Supreme Court term starts. Who does this motivate to get out and vote? Because if the seat’s already locked down, what motivation does the right have to go out and vote?”

O’CONNOR: This is easy. First of all, Rush Limbaugh is right. Rush Limbaugh is always right. (chuckles) He was right about this. He absolutely was. I just finished reason Salena Zito’s great book, The Great Revolt, and she interviews all of these voters in Ohio and Pennsylvania who voted for Barack Obama. And one of the prime reasons they went for Donald Trump — even though they were against him on a lot of the things — was that seat.

BREAM: — get to that —

O’CONNOR: So I think it’s gonna motivate those voters.

RUSH: But the question was, “What if…?” Frankly, I would love to see this, but I wait with bated breath for it. But if Trump’s nominee is confirmed before the fall elections, her question was (translated), “Does this mean Trump voters get what they want and don’t show up to vote? Would it be better for Trump to wait until after the election to make the nomination and then start confirmation hearings?” You know, that’s kind of a toss-up. I don’t think so. I think Trump voters are far more sophisticated than any in understandings their importance.

I don’t think they’re traditional. You know, the traditional way of looking at politics? You can’t plug Trump into that. Now, one of the traditions is, “Well, yeah, the party in power, their voters kind of… They’ve already won. They won two years ago. Thee simply not as excited. They’re not as enthused. The out-of-power party? That’s the party that you’ve gotta look out for. They’ve got all the energy. They’ve got all the motivation.” In the primaries that have happened, Republicans are showing up in greater numbers than Democrats.

But again, that’s an old formula. It applied for years and years and years when the establishment was running thing and it was establishment candidates, but this is all brand-new. And Trump’s voters are highly sophisticated, and they understand the need to continue the enthusiasm and the involvement. The idea that Trump voters are gonna take an election off because they’ve run out of energy? Did you see that rally last night? Where was it, Fargo, North Dakota? You talk about energy? I’ll say it again: There isn’t a politician in America who could draw a crowd like that. There’s not a politician — and could hold a crowd!

Those people did not want to leave last night. They wanted Trump to go on and on and on. And if you watched it, you saw Donald Trump include them. As he talked about himself and his successes, they were as much a part of it, in his view, as he is. They’re not going anywhere! They’re not gonna take an election off. This is just the Democrats and the Drive-Bys — the political establishment — trying to comfort themselves that things are gonna start going their way as they usually always do. But until they understand that this is a whole new dynamic, they’re going to continue to be surprised daily over the new things happening in politics that they just think can’t happen.

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