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RUSH: I had this yesterday; I didn’t get to it. I had both of these yesterday; didn’t get to it. Does anybody know who Steve Schmidt is? Does the name ring a bell? Yeah, you know who he is. He ran McCain’s campaign. And he was very much anti-Sarah Palin, but he at times has tried to inform everybody, assure everybody he’s conservative.

Well, when Trump won — I mean, he was starting to lose it even before Trump won. He was losing it during the campaign. When Trump won, he threw in the towel and went over to MSNBC, and he joined a bunch of other former McCain, Bush Republicans and became a MSNBC liberal Democrat like Nicolle Wallace, which I was really sad to see. I really thought Nicolle Wallace was — when she worked for Bush, I thought she was just the best.

I don’t know what happened to these people. But they were all on the McCain campaign in one way or another, and something must have happened there. The Palin business I don’t think is all of it. But Matthew Dowd is another former Bush advocate, used to be on TV promoting Bush. Now he’s totally anti-Trump, totally pro-Democrat.

Anyway, Steve Schmidt has been on a descent, an inexplicable descent for months. But what he said earlier this week on MSNBC is just incomprehensible. And why MSNBC — well, I guess I can understand why they keep him on the air. He actually said, the only difference between the United States, Venezuela, and Cuba is that those three countries don’t have child internment camps. Now, this is the guy that ran McCain’s campaign, folks, Steve Schmidt. In other words, we’re no better than Cuba.

In fact, we’re worse now. We’re no different than Venezuela. The difference between us, Venezuela, and Cuba is that they don’t have child internment camps. Noted political pollster and analyst Charlie Cook, said, “Political Twitter has never been sillier, never been more hysterical, never been less like the real world outside of it. It always was a bubble, but now it’s a bubble floating off in space millions of miles above the subjects it’s discussing. It is a video game.” How in the world — I mean, you say this, Schmidt says it, you really believe this?

A former ranking Republican, something has soured this guy beyond any ability to explain it. That’s almost beyond description. And to go on MSNBC and actually say it. I’ll tell you, this hatred for Donald Trump that they harbor — and it’s all because he beat them. And then Ron Perlman, the actor, do you know who Ron Perlman is? Ron Perlman, stop and think, he said hopefully somebody will urinate in Donald Trump’s bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

He’s a Hollywood actor. In addition to that, he said that he knew Harvey Weinstein was a bad guy. He knew it so long ago. He knew that he was gonna meet Harvey Weinstein one day, so he went to the men’s room and he peed on his hand and then didn’t dry it off, didn’t wash, and then went out and shook Weinstein’s hand. He’s on Twitter bragging about this.

And we’re supposed to be lectured to from these people about civility? “The only difference between us, Venezuela and Cuba, is they don’t have child internment camps”? We don’t, either. And these are just two of the examples that we could probably fill a segment with of people. Ari Fleischer also tweeted something interesting. He was the first press secretary for George W. Bush.

His tweet is, “After 9/11, Osama Bin Laden called for the killing of Americans and Jews. I asked the Secret Service if I needed to be concerned, and they told me not to worry about it. Imagine how nutty and real the threats against Sarah Sanders must be for the Secret Service to take this step. People have lost their minds.”

She now has Secret Service protection at her home after this Red Hen shack restaurant event. And Ari Fleischer’s point is after 9/11 — you know, he’s Jewish — so he asked Secret Service, do I need some protection? Do I need to be concerned? “No, no, no, no. No, no, no. That’s no big deal.” But his point is Secret Service is protecting Sarah Sanders, there must be some really hellish stuff that they have heard about left-wing rabble.

And the advocates, by the way, there are advocates on the left that are now calling for bombings like there were in the seventies. And the Democrat Party finds itself right in the middle. These are Democrats, people that vote Democrat, advocating for this and now running for office and in some cases winning elections.

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