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RUSH: Now, there’s another ruling. The Supreme Court has ruled for crisis pregnancy centers.

This was a case evolving free speech. “The Supreme Court today ruled in favor of pro-life groups that counsel pregnant women to make choices other than abortion such as adoption.” Now, what this ruling does is “invalidate a California law that requires them to prominently post information on how to obtain a state-funded abortion.” The pro-life groups sought access to these women to be able to counsel them on other options.

The State of California says (summarized), “Screw you! There is no other option. Abortion is our sacrament, and you have no standing. You can’t tell people, you can’t counsel.” The Supreme Court told California to take a hike, go pound sand on this. This is an abortion defeat. This is huge. Right now, it’s getting second fiddle attention to the travel ban. But they’ll get around to this, and they’re gonna have a cow over it.


RUSH: Here, folks, ’cause this is important. I want to go back a few years ago. You know, Winston Churchill said many quotable things, and one of those quotable things, “There is nothing more exhilarating than to be shot at with no result.” I imagine that that’s true. Well, let’s go back a few hours. Just one vote could have obliterated the Second Amendment. That was a squeaker 5-4 decision, and there is a constitutional amendment about guns.

This was District of Columbia v. Heller. It was a 2008 case. The Supreme Court held that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual the right to possess firearms independent of service in a state militia and guarantees the right to use firearms for traditionally lawful purposes, including self-defense within the home. All of that was on the chopping block in a case called Columbia v. Heller. And the Supreme Court by the narrowest of margins, one vote, one vote upheld the Second Amendment.

Four liberal votes. And they voted a bloc on every case, every ideological case they vote in a bloc, and it doesn’t matter what it is. They exist as a single unit of four votes. One vote, and we could have lost the Second Amendment. Back to present day. 5-4 opinion written by Justice Thomas. The court found the California law forcing pro-life centers to advertise taxpayer funded abortions violates the First Amendment.

I mean, the pro-life groups sued to deny that. They wanted access to women having abortions to give them other options. The state of California wanted to deny them that and, further, the state of California wanted to force pro-life centers to advertise abortion availability. Justice Thomas, 5-4 opinion, did away with it. One vote, again.

The third 5-4 opinion published today, the Trump v. Hawaii travel ban case, and this is the one that held that Trump’s immigration restriction fell squarely within the president’s authority. It does, and there’s no question about it, and yet there were four votes to deny the United States Constitution, as written, four votes.

Now, for all of you Never Trumpers who have this twisted, distorted hatred for Donald Trump based on you don’t like his manners, you don’t like his tweets, you don’t like the way he talks, are you really that surface? Are you really that shallow?

We’re one vote away. If the left gains control of the Supreme Court in this current climate, the Constitution is going to be rendered null and void. It won’t matter what it says. After the court rules, there’s nowhere else to go. If the United States loses Constitutional Liberty and freedom, there’s nowhere else to move. The Constitution is in the crosshairs of the American left, as is individual liberty and freedom. The reason these lunatics on the left want power is to be able to tell other people what they can’t do.

It’s not about universal liberty and freedom. It’s freedom for them to punish people they disagree with. They want to be able to tell other people what to do. They want to be able to tell people who to think, what to love, what not to hate, whatever. One vote away, and we’ve got Never Trumpers treating this as cavalierly as gonna vote for the Democrat opposing Trump. I’ve never seen a degree of selfishness from people like this. But that is what it is.

Ronald Reagan said freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. And Thomas Jefferson was saying similar things too. We are one Supreme Court justice away. Leonard Leo, who is one of the head honchos of The Federalist Society, which is the pool of great judges from which Trump’s Supreme Court choices eventually come from, Leonard Leo said the other day that he thinks Trump is gonna get a chance to appoint two more. Hope that’s true, before 2020. And wait ’til you see those battles.

The left is gearing up, folks, they’re losing everything. I didn’t get too much email on this yesterday. I thought I would be flooded. “Rush, you’re being too optimistic. It is not as rosy as you say.” I didn’t get a whole lot of that. I got some, but I didn’t get nearly as much as I thought. The left is losing, folks, and they’re vacant. There’s nothing that they’re doing or saying that’s building on anything. They are turning people away. They are repulsing people. And they know it. They know it.

What they’re trying to do, get Maxine Waters to shut up. They know exactly how this stuff is playing out. But the Democrat Party’s lost control of people that vote for ’em. The Democrat Party’s not running that show. The Drive-By Media is running that show. That’s the home of radical leftism, and that’s where every other radical leftist in this country goes for backup and support is to the Drive-Bys. The Democrats, I mean, they’re radical leftists themselves, but they are not running this thing. And they haven’t for a while. The media has, I think, been much more impactful and influential in moving people — or advancing the liberal, radical leftist agenda.

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