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RUSH: Yesterday on this program I drew an analogy to the modern-day left and what they’re doing at the border and these faux conspiracies, these manufactured crises, sanctuary cities. And I said they are the modern equivalent of slave plantations back in the antebellum days. They are the ones in open defiance of federal law. I mean, the parallels are many.

And now you have Maxine Waters, you have the owner of that Red Hen little shack restaurant down there in Lexington, Virginia, telling a customer, “You are not welcome here. We don’t want your kind.” It’s no different than Rosa Parks being told to get off the bus. It’s no different than Rosa Parks refusing to sit at the back of the bus.

It really isn’t. The only thing missing here is the racial component. But this is still a bunch of people, “We don’t like your kind. Your kind are inferior to us. We don’t want you anywhere near us. Get out!” Well, there is a young female journalist, a conservative journalist by the name of Laura Loomer. We have referenced her on this program before.

Last night in Washington she caught up with Maxine Waters and had a little chat with her about where conservatives are allowed to go. This is in the halls of the Capitol.

LOOMER: I just wanted to ask you, where are conservatives allowed to go?

WATERS: Please come to my office —

LOOMER: Are there separate —

WATERS: — and talk with me.

LOOMER: Do we sit at the back of the bus?

WATERS: Please come. Please come to my office and talk with me.

LOOMER: Where can we eat?

WATERS: We’ll be happy to talk to you.

LOOMER: Where can a conservative eat at a restaurant in D.C.?

WATERS: Please come to my office and talk.

LOOMER: I’m asking you right now.

WATERS: Please come to my office and talk.

LOOMER: You’re talking about civility.


LOOMER: Do you think it’s civil to call for the harassment —

WATERS: Please come to my office and sit down and talk with me.

LOOMER: No. I’m asking you right now.

WATERS: Will you please come to my office?

LOOMER: Are we supposed to sit at the back of the bus?

CONGRESSIONAL AIDE #1: This elevator is members only.

CONGRESSIONAL AIDE #2: This elevator is members only.

CONGRESSIONAL AIDE #3: It’s a members elevator. Ma’am, it’s a members elevator. Ma’am, it’s a — ma’am, it’s a members elevator. Members have to vote.

RUSH: It even happened there. (imitating Waters and aides) “You’re not good enough to get on my elevator, it’s members only, you can’t come, you can’t play at my golf course, you can’t get into my elevator, you can’t, you don’t rate. Please come to my office and talk.” And if she ever did go to her office and talk, the door would be shut or else there’d be a camera crew there with Maxine having already made a statement with Loomer walking into a trap not knowing what she was running into.

But this is an excellent way to illustrate the point. Since we started with Maxine, let’s continue here with the roster at audio sound bite number 11. Maxine Waters has become the face of the Democrat Party urging resistance, urging restaurant owners to kick Trump supporters and conservatives out, urging the harassment of Trump employees, White House employees working for Trump. She is encouraging more in-your-face behavior, more denials. She’s agitating for people to just approach the cusp of violence and then pull back from it.

And there aren’t a whole lot of Democrats happy with Maxine, Auntie Maxine becoming the face of the Democrat Party. But she has seized control. There will be ongoing protests. The journalists are on her side. The journalists are further encouraging her, which makes her encourage it even more. Last night in Washington on Capitol Hill, Maxine had a press conference and a reporter said, “Is the president someone you can respect? You said that he lies, that he holds children hostage. Is he someone that you respect?”

What a setup question. You think that question wasn’t arranged? It probably had to be, because Maxine can’t fly blind anymore. She can’t do improv. I mean, she has to be set up. She has to be confident that she’s not gonna be challenged and set up. So this question is the setup. Here is her answer.

WATERS: For the first time in my career, I see the journalists calling him a liar. Almost every major television station now and on radio stations, et cetera, we have people openly calling him a liar. So I think he’s earned that description. Protesting is being done. It got started before I even made my comments, and I suspect it is going to continue. There’s going to be ongoing protests, I believe, against this administration and this president until they come up with a credible plan that they give to the public, that people can say, “Okay. This president hears us now.”

RUSH: Translation: President’s gonna give up. We’re not stopping ’til the president hears us and agrees with us and tells we’re right and apologizes. Of course it’s never gonna happen. So she set up with the question. Now it’s time for the rest of the panicked Democrat Party and media to react. So let’s start with Good Morning America, George Stephanopoulos with Jonathan Karl, Cecilia Vega having this little chat.

STEPHANOPOULOS: This is dividing Democrats as well.

KARL: Absolutely, George. This is something that some Democrats think is, frankly, just crazy.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Okay, Jon Karl, thanks very much. Cecilia?

VEGA: A lot of Democrats say this come back to hurt them in the midterms.

RUSH: “A lot of Democrats say this could come back –” what about the blue wave? What about this massive Democrat sweep? Are you telling us that Maxine Waters single-handedly can destroy the blue wave? How could that be? How could criticism of Trump, whom you all hate and whom you haven’t stopped hating since he arrived on the political stage, how in the world can this now hurt?

CBS This Morning cohost John Dickerson, Gayle King, the BFF of The Oprah, and Norah O’Donnell are talking about Maxine calling for people to publicly harass members of Trump’s staff of and his cabinet.

DICKERSON: There is a message coming from the leadership, we’re not gonna get voters that we need to win back the House if this is the rhetoric that defines our party.

GAYLE KING: Yeah. They seem to be reluctant to mention her by name. I come from the two wrongs don’t make a right school. It does seem like we’re on a big slope to get to the bottom as fast as possible. I think a lot of people could use Michelle Obama’s memo, they didn’t get the memo, when they go low, we go high. A lot of people need that memo again.

RUSH: It’s a nonexistent memo. That wasn’t the Obama philosophy. The Obama philosophy was, “They bring a knife; we bring a gun.” “They go low; we go high.” The idea that Maxine Waters is the first Democrat here to go low in terms of her rhetoric? This has been the state of the Democrat Party and the media since Trump arrived on the political scene!

But now look. Now they’re starting to lay all of this off on Maxine. “The message coming from the leadership we’re not gonna get voters that we need to win back the House if this is the rhetoric that defines our –” The rhetoric that defines your party? This has been your rhetoric for almost two and a half years now. Can’t blame Maxine. Maxine thought she was doing what the leadership wanted, getting big crowds. Now they’re telling her to shut up. That’s something, ask her husband. You do not tell Maxine to shut up.

Here’s Chris Coons on with CNN last night. He’s a Democrat from Delaware. And they’re talking about all this. Wolf Blitzer says, “What’s your response to what Maxine Waters said?”

COONS: I frankly disagree with Congresswoman Waters. I don’t think we’re at our strongest or at our best when we simply pay back hate speech with hate speech, when we further inflame disrespect for each other. I think it’s important that we try to maintain civility as we also express strongly our disagreement with President Trump and his administration’s policies.

RUSH: Just a bunch of babble. Certainly not powerful, not persuasive. But what’s interesting about it is, “I finally frankly disagree with Congresswoman Waters. I think we’re not at our strongest and our best when we simply pay back hate speech with hate speech.” This has been their modus operandi from the get-go. This is all they know. Maxine didn’t originate this. I think there is a little racism going on. I think Maxine embarrasses them. I think Maxine Waters embarrass ’em, because, folks, she’s not saying anything anybody else isn’t saying.

In fact, Maxine hasn’t kicked anybody out of a restaurant. The restaurant owner did that, and Maxine didn’t show up where Kirstjen Nielsen was eating and demand that she leave the restaurant. Maxine is just talking. The rest of these Democrats are actually engaging in action that could be called bullying, leading to violence. And they’re trying to shut Maxine up.

They ought to be telling restaurant owners, “Don’t do it. Let ’em sit there, go to the back room if you can’t watch it, but don’t do this!” Instead they’re telling Maxine to shut up? Maxine Waters, the great Auntie Maxine from South Central Los Angeles, they’re telling her to shut up? Democrats are telling an African-American duly elected member of Congress to shut up?

Here’s Jackie Speier. Jackie Speier is a Democrat from California on with Erica Hill on CNN. “Have you reached out to Maxine about this?”

SPEIER: No, I haven’t talked to Maxine yet. I would say to her that this does not serve our purpose nor the American people’s purpose. I think everyone has the right to be able to dine in restaurants regardless of your political affiliation. I don’t want to be kicked out of a restaurant because I’m a Democrat, and Sarah Sanders shouldn’t have been kicked out.

RUSH: Yeah, well, that’s only because you’re losing the outcome of the aftermath. But once again Maxine’s gotta be looking around, “Where’s my backup? Where’s my support? I’m doing what the party wants, I’m taking the lead, I’m Auntie Maxine,” and they’re telling an African-American woman in the Democrat Party to shut up.


RUSH: I just got an email note. Somebody was listening to the Laura Loomer sound bite where she was interviewing Maxine Waters asking where she’s permitted to eat, where she’s permitted to go as a conservative. And when they got to the elevator, Maxine and all these aids said, “This is not your elevator! It’s a members-only elevator. You can’t get on! You can’t get on! You can’t get on! I’m gonna go to my office.

“You can’t get on the elevator! You can’t get on the elevator!” It sounds like they enforce the elevators more than they enforce the border. I wonder if an illegal immigrant was in the Capitol trying to talk to a member of Congress, and they got you to the elevator, if they’d say, “You can’t get on this elevator! This is a members-only elevator! You’re not allowed here.”

You can’t even get a tour of the Capitol if you’re not a citizen, never mind a foreign national or one that’s here legally. But here this journalist was not allowed to get on an elevator. They have no problem telling certain people, “You can’t do this! You can’t get on here! You can’t,” and it’s always where they are that we can’t go, that you can’t go. But when it’s you, anybody wants to invade where you are, you have to stand aside and let it happen.


RUSH: Jim in Burton, Ohio. Great to have you with us. How are you today?

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I’m doing great. How you doing?

RUSH: I’m never better.

CALLER: Great. Hey, I just wondered, I haven’t heard one thing about all this business with Sarah Sanders being asked to leave this restaurant. What about the Starbucks that asked people to leave? I mean, they were asked to leave, and they didn’t leave. What if Sarah wouldn’t have left, would she have been arrested? Would we end up having counsel for Mexican restaurant owners how to treat people?

RUSH: Okay. I’m not sure I understood. Are you asking why the Starbucks guys were treated as heroes and she’s not?

CALLER: Yeah. There just seems to be a different standard here. They’re celebrating that she was asked to leave, but these guys there’s a big uproar about it, and I haven’t heard anything about that.

RUSH: Well, there’s some obvious answers here, and of course the first answer is politics, but the second one, the guys at Starbucks happened to be African-American. And Starbucks happens to be the coffee shop of the left. African-Americans are not supposed to be kicked out there. Just not supposed to happen. It did, and it even required sensitivity retraining. But as far as the left, Sarah Sanders being kicked out, that’s something the owner of the restaurant should get an award for.

But I think this is the kind of thing the American people are starting to see. Let’s compare Sarah Sanders to a bunch of malcontents that go into a bakery who are gay and know, they target the bakery ’cause they know the bakery is owned by people who are going to reject the request to make a cake for their wedding reception. They know. That’s why they go there. They go there to cause a confrontation. They go there to cause a public scene.

And when the proprietor says, “I’m sorry, my religious beliefs prevent me from baking.” Then they run right to the media, they file their lawsuit, blah, blah. Sarah Sanders, on the other hand, did not make a scene, did not object, left quietly, did not lose her temper, didn’t do anything, just grabbed her party and left and didn’t say anything about it. They left, they found a restaurant somewhere down the road.

What we’ve now learned is that the owner of that restaurant and some of her buddies followed Sarah Sanders and her party and harassed them at the new restaurant they went to. And those are the heroes in the media. They’re the ones being celebrated.

The American people, say what you think about the media being able to fool people, but I think we’ve reached a tipping point here where more and more people — and I’m not saying everybody, but more and more people are recognizing the — I don’t want to say injustice, but they’re recognizing the tactics of the left, and they’re not attractive, and they’re certainly not compelling. They’re not the kinds of things that are encouraging people to want to join that movement.

But Sarah Sanders being treated, “What made you think you should have gone there in the first place? Who are you to think you should be going to the Red Hen?” This treatment that she and her party are getting is a teachable moment, is a great illustration of who the left is. The more this happens, as painful as it is for the victims of it, the more this happens the better it is.

And all of the evidence that’s coming in so far is that the left is not winning any of this. They’re not winning converts. They’re not building their movement. This is raw hatred, undiluted, raw hatred that is governing them and defining them.

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