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RUSH: Patty in Maple Valley, Washington. Maple Valley, Washington. Where is that? What side of the state is it on?

CALLER: It’s off of really I-5, actually 405. It’s in the bedroom community of really Bellevue and Seattle.

RUSH: A-ha! I love Bellevue communities, bedroom communities especially. I’m glad that you called. What’s up?

CALLER: Well, I’ve been listening to you, and I raised my kids up on you, although some went to college and have diverted over to a different viewpoint, but ultimately the majority of my kids are tried and true solid Republicans, and therefore I’m a proud parent. I have six kids. But, anyway, getting to my point, I do want you to know I love listening to you every day. I’m a sales rep, I’m on the road every day, and I listen to you, I tell people don’t even call me between nine and noon, I’m listening to Rush Limbaugh.

RUSH: God bless you.

CALLER: The other day my brother — I actually got my brother back to listening to you again. He loves you but he’s on the road a lot, too. He works for a company in Redding, California. And I told him, I said, “You have to listen to Rush, he cracks me up.” I’m a very satirical person so I get all your humor. I said, “He’s funny, Norm. He sounds just like you. There’s days I hear him laugh. There’s days where his satirical humor or his gestures, and I go, ‘oh, my gosh, this is Norman on the other line or on the radio.'” But on Friday —

RUSH: Wait, whoa. Do you want to answer it? Go ahead and answer it.


RUSH: I’ll wait. I’ll wait. I got things I can do. Go ahead and answer it. You say he’s on the other line.

CALLER: Oh, no, I wish he were on the other line because —


CALLER: — when I was in Spokane —

RUSH: I thought you were getting the call right now. I’m sorry.

CALLER: No. No, no, no. I wish we could do a conference call, ’cause this is why. He’s now listening to you, you know, if he’s not in the office, he’s on the road, he’s listening to you between nine and noon as well. But, you know, he called me yesterday, “Did you listen to Rush?” I said, “Well, intermittently. I had to go into my stores, I probably got an hour and a half into him and everything.”

And he goes, “Did you hear what he said?” And of course he talks like you, he talks and talks until he gets to the point. But it’s so animated and it’s just fun to listen to, but the point he says, he goes, “Do you remember what I said last week?” And I said, “I do. I remember the conversation we had.” And he goes, “I was trying to get in. I was trying to call Rush, I never can get in.” He tried yesterday to call you to tell you why his view of why it’s so important that the liberals make the open borders, catch-and-release happen. And it is the truth of what really lies before us, and it’s the fact that really, it’s not about that they care. I mean, you’ve spouted that off, and they don’t. I’m not fooled by what their intentions are at all —

RUSH: It’s about eliminating the middle class. It’s about wiping out the middle class, is what this is about.

CALLER: He said that. Listen. You are always right. I tell people all the time, it irritates my kids sometimes if I’m telling them something, “Where’d you hear that?” and I say, “Rush, and he’s always right.” But I have to tell you, as of Friday, he was right, and you had not said it yet, at least you hadn’t articulated it right. So I give Norm — the fact that he does listen to you and were able to just really understand what’s gone on, you know, you articulate truth so well, and I live in truth, I believe in truth. And I just wanted to let you know that we are listening here in Washington and Northern California, and we are, you know, tried and true of who you are and what you’ve done for, you know, raising up a people to listen and to start getting involved. Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you.

RUSH: I appreciate that. You know, you’ve made my day in one regard, because what you’ve done here is you’ve demonstrated that the reason people like you are out there is not because you were wandering aimlessly in the desert, then you heard me and all of a sudden found things to believe in. You already believed in what you believed in and finally some guy on the radio was thinking what you were already thinking, saying what you already say, and you weren’t —


RUSH: — hearing it anywhere else.


RUSH: So it was validating what you believed, and it was uplifting for that reason. I’ve known that from the day the program began, but I’ll tell you, I never tire of hearing stories like you and your enthusiasm. Man. That’s infectious. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really do. I’m blessed to have people like you and your brother and your whole family in the audience. And if you want your kids back that you’ve lost, gotta find a way to get her — how many kids do you have that you would say you’ve lost that you raised ’em to be Republicans and then they’ve wandered off the reservation?

CALLER: I have one.


CALLER: And she now works for one of those big companies you order online. But I think it started back —

RUSH: I wonder who that would be. A big company you order online. How old is your daughter?

CALLER: Oh, she’s 25.

RUSH: Twenty-five.

CALLER: Yes, 25.

RUSH: All she needs is the Rush Limbaugh app. Does she have a phone? I’m sure she has a phone?

CALLER: Oh, yeah, she does. They all have phones.

RUSH: Just tell her to get the Rush Limbaugh app [iPhone | Android] and —


RUSH: I mean, that will save her.

CALLER: I’ll figure out a way I can sneak it on her phone if I can. But you know what? She’ll come around. I have hope that what her father and I have taught, instilled in our kids and the values, it’s not just the values of America, but they’re just values that we hold to and what’s true.

RUSH: That’s the key, isn’t it? The truth. What’s true. That seems to be a floating variable definition these days. And it’s frustrating when people don’t get it. But you do. And look. I really appreciate it again, Patty. Thank you so much.

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