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RUSH: It doesn’t happen very often, folks, but I erred. I made a mistake. The Quinnipiac poll ranking worst presidents since World War II is from 2014. I looked at it, it’s in today’s Stack. I thought it was a recent poll, but it’s 2014. Let me give you the numbers anyway. New Quinnipiac University poll — again, now, this is four years ago, and Obama is still in office.

Thirty-three percent name Barack Obama the worst president since World War II. Only 8% named him the best. This is while he’s in office. Trump’s approval numbers are continuing to — well, they’re more than trickling up. I mean, they are ratcheting up, as are the polls which show public happiness, contentment, and a positive outlook for the future. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Twelve presidents, World War II, Obama’s the least popular, the worst one. Thirty-three percent, George W. Bush at 28%.

Now, you know what? I know this is four years old, but this is interesting to me. I understand Bush at 28% because the media, for the last four years of Bush’s presidency, let’s say just the last three, after the first year of his second term, they just pummeled Bush. Remember they got his approval numbers down to the high twenties in his second term. You could almost say they paralyzed his presidency and ruined it.

So I could understand that 28% of the American people think he was the worst, but the media did nothing but practically gaggle over Obama and promote him and all of the worst kind of sycophancy you can imagine, and yet he becomes more unpopular than George W. Bush? How does this happen? It has to be the substance of things because the media was not uttering a single bit of criticism of Obama. And I think it may not have changed much, and I think it might explain why Obama is silent.

There’s another thing I erred on. I really was wrong about this. And there has to be a reason. I thought you — and I mentioned this whole bunch of times. I really believed when I learned that Obama was not gonna leave Washington — most presidents do. Most ex-presidents leave. They go wherever their other homes are, or they go wherever some big donor’s gonna buy ’em a house or whatever, but Obama was gonna stay in Washington.

I said, “Well, there can only be one reason for this. And that’s to protect the legacy.” I really thought that whoever the next president was, the first time the next president started anything that looked like it was gonna unravel any part of the Obama legacy, I thought he would be right on TV with the Drive-Bys defending him and attacking the new president. And that hasn’t happened. And I really thought it would. I am surprised Obama has remained so invisible and become so dormant. And so are they on the left. ‘Cause they got nobody, after Obama, who do they have? Maxine? He-he-he. Maxine Waters.

I mean, if you look at the triumvirate running the Democrat Party right now, you could call ’em the witches of Salem or Eastwick. You’ve got Pelosi, you got Maxine, you got Hillary, who made a speech — she’s over in Oxford — and she’s now over there ripping the Electoral College. “I won. I had more popular votes. The Electoral College is –” the woman can’t stop whining.

And maybe throw Dianne Feinstein in there, instead of a triumvirate, you know, have a quadruplet that is the face of the Democrat Party. It certainly isn’t Barack Hussein O. He’s nowhere. He’s not offering help. He doesn’t appear to be publicly trying to save his own legacy from being dissolved.


RUSH: It’s Margaret, Defiance, Ohio. Great to have you, Margaret. Thank you for calling.

CALLER: Hello. Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, madam.

CALLER: Rush, I have had a question about something you just said. You said that you thought President Obama was dormant and that you had been wrong about your previous theory, and I want to know: Is he dormant or is he the man behind the curtain that we’re not supposed to pay attention to?

RUSH: Well, that may be. I mean, it could be that… You mean that Obama is secretly directing all of this destructive stuff behind the scenes. Nobody can see him doing it so he’s not attached to it, but that he’s actually providing guidance and strategy, raising money for it and all that? You think that’s what’s going on?

CALLER: I think it’s entirely possible.

RUSH: Well, it may well be, but that’s not Obama’s value. You know, Obama’s value is as a public face. The media loved Barack Obama. Remember what we’re told, now. Remember what we’re told. The media told us Obama was loved, he was respected, he was adored, he was brilliant! He was sophisticated. He was a man that we had all been waiting for. He was gonna lower the sea levels, and he was gonna cool the planet, and he was gonna end discrimination and end racism and end partisanship.

He didn’t do any of it! In real terms, his presidency was not good. I don’t want to say it was a disaster, because I don’t want to incite people here. It’s not the point. But it was horrible, based on the expectation. But as far as the press and the media and the Democrats are concerned, Obama’s value is in public shaping and influencing public opinion. If he’s not doing that, if he’s unseen, then how influential can he be? I don’t deny that what’s happening… You’ve got a good point about this, that all of the rigmarole on the border and harassment of…

Obama telegraphed it during his presidency, during the campaign. He said, “They bring a knife; we bring a gun.” He told people, “I want you to get in their face and shout them down.” So people are what I give as Obama community organizer techniques believe, and he may be directing it behind the scenes, but he doesn’t want to put his name to it. He doesn’t want to put his face to it. Why? I think it’s because he’s not that popular nationwide. I think it’s all a myth how popular Barack Obama is. I think Obama… Look at the campaign. Barack Obama staked his reputation on Hillary winning.

He campaigned. He went out there and said, “She is my third term. You love me! You want more of me! The Constitution says you can’t have more of me. She is the way you get more of me.” What happened? She lost. This was a huge slap in the face at Obama. It was a rejection and a repudiation, and Obama’s not the kind of guy to go public and try to rehabilitate. He would do that behind the scenes. You may have a point about that, but even if he’s the guy doing it behind the scenes, he’s not alone. I think it’s noteworthy that Obama’s nowhere to be seen in any of this, given the power they think he had or has to shape public opinion.


RUSH: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hang on here just a second. There it is. Okay, greetings. Greetings, and welcome back, my friends. Great to have you. Rush Limbaugh, having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have. We are in Los Angeles. We’re gonna be here for the whole week, but doesn’t matter to you. As long as I’m here, it doesn’t matter where “here” is. Our telephone number is the same: 800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program. The email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

I think, ladies and gentlemen, the real reason that Barack Hussein O has gone dormant and is essentially hiding or is invisible is because of what is going to come out in all of these investigations of the FBI and the Department of Justice. What’s going to come — well, it already has. I mean, it’s already there to be learned and digested. It’s just a matter of it having be proclaimed as part of official investigatory record.

It was Barack Obama, I think it’s gonna be confirmed, who ordered the spying, the tapping, and even if he didn’t order it, he authorized it. He knew. You know, one of the texts back and forth between Strzok and Lisa Page was Obama wanting to be kept in the loop on everything. Now, people have said, “Well, Rush, there’s nothing really big about that. Presidents always want to be kept in the loop.”

No, they don’t. Sometimes presidents want deniability. Sometimes they want plausible deniability. They want things kept away from them so that they can be able to say they didn’t know, they had nothing to do with it. But in this case, it’s going to become readily — it already is to those of us who follow. I’m amazed at how slow the actual investigatory process is to catch up with all of what we know.

The inspector general report, we essentially knew 90% of that. It took him a year and a half to formally investigate it and formally discover it and formally present it, but we knew it. And a lot of the things that we know about the FBI, DOJ, attempt to screw up his campaign, deny him the presidency and then sabotage his transition and presidency. We’ve known about these things for months now, and they are going to be confirmed as time unfolds.

I think Obama is very much aware of that. You can’t just wantonly start wiretapping and spying on people without somebody authorizing it. He was really the only one who could, and I think that’s one of the reasons this was never supposed to be discovered, folks. Remember — I know I sound like a broken record on this. They were supposed to have gotten rid of Trump in six months. This whole thing, they were never gonna need Robert Mueller. They were never gonna need a special counsel.

In six months they were gonna make this country regret it had ever voted for Donald Trump. In six months they were gonna make the American people demand that Trump be sent packing. That was their objective. And nothing has worked out for them in that regard. Trump’s more popular than ever. He’s continuing to mount and rack up successes. Their operation is in the process of being exposed.

In fact, yesterday Devin Nunes gave the DOJ and the FBI a 5 p.m. deadline to furnish information on the informants that they deployed into the Trump campaign, such as Stefan Halper and Joseph Mifsud and whoever else there was. And the FBI and the DOJ are declining. They’re declining to answer these demands.

These are not requests anymore from Devin Nunes; they are demands. And the Justice Department yesterday declined to answer requests for more information about the reported use of informants while investigating Trump’s campaign.

Nunes had given Rosenstein until 5 p.m. to say whether the FBI had used informants against members or associates of the Trump campaign, and if so, how many were used, how much money was spent on their activities. Steven Boyd, the assistant attorney general responded to Nunes and said many of the requests relate to documents and information regarding issues surrounding confidential human sources that are solely in the custody and control of the FBI.

Folks, nothing is solely in the custody and control of the FBI. They work under the executive branch. They were created and are funded by Congress. Congress has oversight. Congress can see whatever it wants from the FBI and the DOJ. We do not have an independent secret police. You know, ICE and the Border Patrol, they are not the Waffen-SS as the left is trying to convince people they are.

I’m not trying to make you Trumpists angry, but there is one man who could force all of this released and he could do it five seconds from snapping his fingers, and that is D. J. Trump Jr. And why doesn’t Trump demand it? Because he’s having too much fun with this. I believe Trump has calculated, and properly so, that there is advantage here to being David in the David versus Goliath scenario. Trump as a victim of this massive deep state.

Because he literally could demand all of this be released. And he I think at some point will. But for now he’s letting the battle go on because it does create an illusion or a picture that it’s him alone over there in the White House up against this massive deep state, and they must have something to hide ’cause they’re not releasing anything. And that’s actually not a bad picture.

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