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RUSH: So over the weekend, Texas Democrat Congressman Joaquin Castro went to a temporary detention facility for the children of illegal-border-crossing parents.

Joaquin Castro admitted the kids are being properly cared for, but he called the facility part of a “morally bankrupt system.”

Democrats like Joaquin Castro encourage illegal immigrants to pour into our country by promising “sanctuary” from American law. These same Democrats fight tooth and nail to make American taxpayers house, feed, educate, and deliver healthcare to those who have no legal right to be here. We’re guilty, they’re innocent.

And when U.S. citizens call for America’s laws to be respected and enforced, Democrats like Joaquin Castro call them racists or bigots, maybe even xenophobes.

After decades of supporting lawbreaking and lawbreakers, Democrats like Joaquin Castro are now mad that our laws are being enforced. They refuse to hold those breaking the law accountable. Their only anger is toward those enforcing the law.

Mr. Castro, it is you and your fellow Democrats who are morally bankrupt. It’s not American law, it’s not American compassion, it’s not the American people. It’s you who have lost your respect for the rule of law and American law.

Shame on you, sir, not us.

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