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RUSH: Some media person asked (paraphrased exchange), “What about zero tolerance, your zero-tolerance policy? Your zero-tolerance policy so cruel and inhumane.” Trump said, “If we didn’t have zero tolerance, we would be overrun at the border. If we didn’t have zero tolerance, we would lose our country. There would be no way of stopping all the people that wanted to get in.” I will guarantee you that the woman, the reporter asking that question was seething with that answer and doesn’t have the slightest idea what Trump is talking about.

Anyway, let me get to the phones because people have been patiently waiting, and I, of course, have had my usual case of diarrhea of the mouth. So we’re gonna start in Sterling Heights, Michigan, with Carl. And as always, I appreciate your patience. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hey, thanks for having me. Good afternoon. You know, I’m sick of these bleeding heart liberals, career Democrats like Pelosi — or down the way in the water there, Marcy Kaptur — complaining about these immigrants. What have they done for 30 years? You know, tell me. What have they done? It’s why we have these problems. All of a sudden they come on and they’re so heartfelt. It makes me sick. People need to obey the law.

RUSH: Let me tell you something, Carl: You’re not alone. You are right on the money here. Because what’s happening, you’re essentially asking, “Who are these people? They’re the ones that pass these laws that we’re governed by here. They’re the ones passing the laws that everything has to be obeyed down there, and it’s why it’s all hap, and they’re acting like a bunch of bystanders who had nothing to with it! They’re running around criticizing President Trump for following their law!” which is exactly what they’re trying to get away with.

They want people to think Trump is so autocrat, some king who is indiscriminately applying his own version of law ’cause he’s a mean-spirited child hater. And of course the media helps portray that image and amplify it. But you’re exactly right. They passed the law, and they act like bystanders. By the way, this is by no means the first time that this is happened. Obama himself did it. As the economy was tumbling and any other things were going wrong, Obama never… This is the trick.

The media always made it look like Obama had nothing to do with his own policies, that he was constantly outside and fighting these invisible, powerful forces trying to undermine the first African-American president. It was called the Limbaugh Theorem to explain this anomaly. How is it that the guy is not ever held accountable for his own policies? And the answer is, it’s same way here. Democrats, all members of Congress are getting away with acting like they had nothing to do with this. They sit there on the sidelines, they fulminate, they complain, they whine, they moan, they accuse. And all that’s happening is the laws they wrote are being enforced.


RUSH: Here’s Robert in Burke, Virginia. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. First-time caller. So glad to have gotten through.

RUSH: How long you been listening out there, Robert?

CALLER: Oh, off and on for years. I generally get to catch the last hour on my way home in the car.

RUSH: And how many times have you tried to call in?

CALLER: Oh, just a couple just because of the timing of it.

RUSH: Yeah. Well, I’m glad you made it this time ’cause you sound like you’re on fire out there.

CALLER: Ha! We try. Yeah, I was just thinking about it, and something was bothering me, and I just came up with — and you may have discussed this before. But we don’t have an immigration problem; we have a problem with people trying to colonize. It’s like they’re coming over and they’re getting the support of the country sending them, and when something happens, they’re not trying to become American citizens anymore. They’re raising their flag at these times, and their first loyalty is still to that home country. They are colonizing versus trying to become citizens.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: They’re not immigrants anymore.

RUSH: That’s, I think, pretty accurate. We have talked about it before. The way we phrase it here is that they’re not seeking to assimilate and become part of a distinct and unique American culture. They are coming here to derive benefits from America but not assimilate. Now, here’s the question. You made an observation here that the countries from which they are coming are urging them to leave! In Guatemala they’re saying, “Yeah, go on to America.” Same thing in Mexico. In Mexico, there are TV ads on how to gimmick the American health care system.

In Mexico, there are TV ads on how to get on the food stamp rolls. In El Salvador, the government does train people how to get into America. They want that to happen. So the questions arise. You’ve heard people say from a wide variety of examples of people that there is an effort on the part of the Mexico and others to actually reclaim America because of historical grievances that. You know, America was once possessed by others.

And America shows up — these evil, white Europeans — and they just ran over everything and everybody. They took what they wanted and they settled the place, and if you happened to live here when the evil white Europeans got here? Well, then too bad. So now there is a movement on to reclaim. Okay, I know some people believe that. If so, who’s involved in this? You say the countries from where these people are coming are encouraging them to do so.

The reason this is interesting to me is because I know, as do many of you, that the United States — as a great nation — is at risk in a dangerous world every day. And there are people — and there have been people our entire lives — whose objective is to infiltrate and undermine this country and transform it into something it was never intended to be by virtue of our founding. This is undeniable. I mean, the Soviet Union in the old days where it ran the communist world was forever infiltrating American institutions, including academia.

None of this is even arguable. It’s true. The thing that has always been of interest to us is that there are Americans doing this too. This is not just external. There are efforts underway by people who live here to destroy capitalism, to destroy the quote-unquote, “American way of life” or to transform the country out of and away from the way it was founded. So could this mass immigration effort be part of that?

I think yes.

But does it extend down to the actual people who are getting on these trains in Guatemala and El Salvador and taking this harrowing, death-defying journey all the way to the American border? Are they part of this or are they just pawns? I think they’re pawns. I think they’re powerless people. They don’t have anything. They’ve probably forever wanted to come to America and live here. Now they’re being encouraged to do so — and in some ways, being paid to do so. Many of them are being charged to get here.

They’re encountering all manner of hardship and in some cases torture to get here, and yet they persist. I don’t think the individual people here are arriving saying, “Okay. I’m gonna get there and I’m gonna establish the neighborhood. We’re gonna keep colonizing! We’re gonna take it all away from America.” But they are being sponsored and urged and so forth by people who I do believe harbor such desires — and again, I don’t think it’s arguable. Now, saying it to people who’ve never considered it can sound like kookism.

“Come on, Rush. You really think a bunch of peasants from Mexico and El Salvador are trying to take over America?” No, and that’s not what I said. But there clearly are public interest groups, PACs, people like George Soros. George Soros has spent who knows how many billions of dollars to undermine and overthrow the basic ingredients that define America as America. There’s no question about this. I think President Trump thinks what’s happening here maybe is not colonization, but he clearly thinks it’s an infestation or an invasion, and it is.

And when you have a political party not opposing it — when you have a political party or even half of another political party, for the most part promoting the concept of open borders… For whatever reason you conjure up. Whether it be moral or economic, basically humane, whatever reason they claim to support this, it still doesn’t deny the fact that there are a lot of people that do not want to stop this. And it’s plain as day. Trump was right today when that little sniveling reporter tried to get on his case about his so-called zero-tolerance policy.

And Trump didn’t run away from it, said (paraphrased), “If we didn’t have this, we would be overrun. They would lose our country faster than you could shake a stick at it. If we didn’t have zero tolerance, if we didn’t have any deterrence at all on the border, you wouldn’t be able to stop people from coming in — and we can’t take everybody, even though people think that we should, because it’s just not right we have so much and they have nothing.”

And that becomes a justification for much of socialism and many of the attacks on America as they exist now. It’s all rooted in the unfairness and inequality of America versus the rest of the world. Nobody ever stops to analyze, “How did this happen? How did America, in less than 300 years, become this gigantic superpower, economic powerhouse where nations in the same hemisphere — who have been here thousands of years — haven’t gotten much beyond the dirt? How did it happen?”

And the critics, they don’t really care how it happened. To them, it’s just unfair and it’s gotta change — and to make things fair in that world you take away from people who have achieved. You take away from people who’ve succeeded and you spread it around. You redistribute it. That’s called fairness. Seems to me what ought to be happening here is the spread, the exportation of whatever it is in America that makes America America. If America is great and good, then why not have a bunch of Americas out there?

Well, now, that opens a whole other can of worms that makes total sense, but now you’re into, “Well, why don’t dictators give up power? Why don’t authoritarians want the people that live in their countries to do well?” And that’s… But it still remains the solution. “Rush, there can only be one America, you know, it’s such unique circumstances, with natural resources. It’s…” Well, maybe. But it’s not the sole explanation. That’s not why America became America. Not because the geography.

It’s a part, but it’s not the answer. Natural resources and all of this. There are much more salient reasons why America is America, and the fact that people want to tear it down and destroy it rather than copy it and emulate it? This is why we oppose it. We don’t want to have anything to do with people want to tear this apart and anything that would result in this being torn apart or weakened. And yet those are the people we’re against. And, sadly, there’s a whole lot of Americans in that group that we’re against; and one of those groups is the media. Again, misnamed and misidentified. But there’s no question that is the result if what they support happens.


RUSH: Here’s the sound bite. Here is Trump getting a question from a reporter. (impression) “Is there zero tolerance of the system? Zero tolerance? What about it, Mr. President?”

THE PRESIDENT: If we took zero tolerance away,you’d have millions of people pouring through our border. Right now they’d be getting there little belonging, unfortunately, and they would be heading up. You would have a run on this country the likes of which nobody’s ever seen. So we have to have strong borders. Frankly, the wall… In terms of drugs, in terms of keeping certain people out that we don’t want in this country, the wall is imperative. We have to have the wall.

RUSH: See, you’re just not supposed to talk that way. You’re not supposed to talk about “keeping certain people out that we don’t want. ” Like, you can’t call a bunch of animal gang members “animal.” If you do, the Drive-Bys will lie about you and they’ll say you’re calling all immigrants animals. I mean, that’s the kind of lying and misreporting this story features prominently. But he’s right about this. If there were no deterrents at the border, if we didn’t stop them, we would be overrun.

And then what do we do? You know, even at that, there are people who say, “Okay, well, then, fine. Who are we to stand in the way of people who want a better life?” I’ve had conversations with those people. “Who are we to stand in the way of people who want a better life? If anybody wants to come to my country, Rush, and make a better life for themselves, I am not gonna be the person to tell ’em they can’t come. Who do we think they are?”

So there’s a person already wracked with and overwrought by guilt. Is not even thinking. But it’s an attitude a lot of people have.

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