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RUSH: On Tuesday evening, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen went to a Washington D.C. restaurant, she wanted to have dinner. But before she could finish, she was harassed and heckled by a mob from the local chapter of the Democrat Socialists of America.

Turns out, a member of that mob, Allison Hrabar, is a Department of Justice paralegal. She was identified on video calling Secretary Nielsen a villain for locking up children of illegal immigrants.

She said that people like Secretary Nielsen who make a living “terrorizing” immigrants don’t deserve peace. They should be harassed whenever they’re spotted in public.

The DOJ won’t comment on their employee’s behavior, because it’s a personnel issue.

When President Trump visited the Capitol this week, another young woman hurled the “F”-bomb at him. This one was wearing an intern badge. Although it’s on video, she is still unidentified. Odd, isn’t it.

Imagine if a congressional intern did that to Obama. By now, we’d know everything about her. But when it comes to anti-Trump hate in Washington, I guess it’s just another “personnel issue.” And in private everyone is applauding and telling them to keep doing it.

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