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RUSH: This today, ladies and gentlemen, may be one of the biggest See, I Told You So opportunity days I have had in years, maybe ever. And that’s really saying something, because I’ve had a lot of these over a stellar broadcast career. So forgive me if I point out your host — your beloved host, I, El Rushbo — predicted every single reaction that we are seeing from the news media and the rest of the Democrat Party. I have been chomping at the bit all night to get here.

It started shortly after the program ended yesterday, and I know all of you were watching the news and keeping track. I know you all noticed it. I know you’re out there saying, “It’s exactly what Rush said was gonna happen,” and it has happened. I don’t know if Donald Trump is a strategic genius, but I can tell you that he is an instinctive one. I don’t know how much Trump sits around and strategizes and tries to play, for example, a long game and say, “Okay. If I do this and do this, I know they’re gonna do this and this. So, after that happens, I’m going to do this.”

I don’t know if he’s that many steps down the board or not. But I know that his instincts are practically infallible here. He has turned these people inside out, upside down. He has forced them, made them, caused them — his enemies — to expose their hypocrisy, to expose their lies, and to expose the fact that they’re dishonest when reporting so-called news. For starters, ladies and gentlemen, I predicted the press would say that Trump caved, that they would begin to take credit for it, that they indeed had put so much pressure on Trump that finally they had made him cave.

Dana Bash at CNN was the first to start shouting with great happiness that they had made Trump cave. It was their first reaction. There were lots of articles with headlines claiming that Trump caved. There were other stories talking about Trump’s base supporters being tragically saddened and disappointed by this, that Trump didn’t have the guts to stick to his policy, that Trump is even less committed to this than Obama was. There was all kinds of stuff. But then — and you remember this — they began to realize, as I also predicted they would. (laughing)

In fact, the first guy to get up was a little bald head guy yesterday afternoon on CNN. (laughing) It was so fun to watch. We had the sound bite from the guy, Zac something or other. He’s the guy that the Fox infobabes love having this guy on. You can just tell that they are as amused as hell. He’s like a pet! You know, he’s like a talking pet. They’re just amused as hell when this guy gets wound up and gets going. He stands up out of his chair, starts gesticulating wildly, and they look at each other with the suppressed smiles. (laughing) They don’t even try to stop him!

Anyway, he was the first to figure it out. (laughing) They realized that this only meant one thing, that Trump was gonna keep families detained, if we’re gonna keep ’em together, they’re gonna stay detained, quote-unquote, “behind bars.” What the left has been looking for here all along is catch-and-release. That’s what they want to return to. They thought Trump caving meant that his executive order was gonna be, “We no longer detain children,” and since we can’t separate families, if we’re gonna detain the children, we can’t deign the adults.

Therefore nobody’s detained, thereby everybody is free to roam America and get lost. (laughing) Well, that’s not what the executive order says. And then I predicted that there would be a court challenge to this before the next day — today — arrived. And I predicted that the court challenge would be on the fact that Trump had usurped his executive authority, that he cannot trump (no pun intended) existing law as written by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals regarding the Flores decision, which the media never talked about during any of this.

When they’re clamoring for Trump to end his supposedly policy of separation, the no tolerance. It isn’t his. It never was, which you know. But they’re demanding that he end it. And all during those days where they’re demanding that he end it, they never once said that there was an opinion from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals called the Flores decision that prevents him from ending it. Then when he signs his executive order, then all of a sudden they discover Flores to say that his executive order may not be valid. (laughing)

They fell right into this at every step!

This is why I’m asking if Trump is a strategic genius or just instinctive. Because this executive order, the way it has played out… I don’t like to overuse the word “genius,” ’cause I really think it’s reserved for a select few. But in this case, it suffices as being accurate enough in terms of my attempt to characterize and describe Trump in this particular episode. The reason this executive order was very, very smart, is it not only proved that this zero-tolerance policy was not separating children, the executive order also proves to the world that the news media and the Democrats really don’t want families to be kept together if it means they are in detention.

Remember, all of this was about separating families, separating the children. “We can’t do that. That’s not who we are. That’s not us. Those are not our values. Trump is mean-spirited and extreme like all the Republicans and like all of his supporters, and they want these children to be separated from their families.” We had the photos of the children crying. By the way, I never said the photos were “fake.” Does anybody remember me saying “fake”? I never said they were “fake.” I know they’re real.

What I said was that they were not from present time.

Many of these photos that the media’s been trotting out with crying children are from 2014 when Obama was president. Has anybody noticed that in all of these videos and photos where the children are crying for mommy and daddy, they’re speaking English? We don’t know where these photos were actually taken. Later on in the program, I want to share something with you. I was reading a piece at the blog Power Line last night. Well-known intellectual and overall media raconteur, Steven Hayward, who’s a Reagan biographer, remembered that he had read a book by Daniel J. Boorstin back in 1992 called The Image.

He wrote about it, and I was fascinated. So I went and I got the book, bought the book, and I started reading parts of it. This guy — and I knew who Daniel J. Boorstin was. He was amazingly prescient. In 1992, he explained how stories like this happen, that this is exactly what we know it is. This is not reporting news; this is making news. And how does it happen? What triggers a story like this? In this case, what is the one event that made this whole thing news when it’s been going on for years and years and years and was never news, was never reported? What was it that made it news now?

Well, first and foremost was the desire for the media to make it a story. There is no reporting the news or discovering it. There is making the news. That’s why I called it a manufactured crisis. Boorstin’s theory is that it usually happens with an image, a still photograph or a video that somebody in the media trots out and uses the image to begin shaping the emotional reaction of consumers of news and then others in the Drive-By Media. Of course, this is no great revelation. We remember the reason we want to Somalia when George H. W. Bush was president. So we’re talking circa 1990.

The New York Times ran on its front page a black-and-white photo of an emaciated young Somali child with insects buzzing around his nose. The caption to the picture was something along the lines, “How. Can. We. Let. This. Happen?” The media glommed on to it and demanded that Bush do something. I think it might have even been Clinton. I think it’s what… Yeah. It’s what led to Black Hawk Down. Yeah, it was Clinton. That one photo led the Clinton administration to an invasion of Somalia.

The media was there two days in advance and was camped out with their camera crews on the beach as the media got off their boats and was storming the beaches of Somalia. Dan Rather already had his hotel revelation booked on the black card. They were just waiting for media to show up. That’s when we learned about the warlords — particularly Mohamed Farrah Hassan Aidid Skyhook — and then the Black Hawk Down, the disaster that happened as we were trying to get out of there, and the DOD did not provide what the military needed to conduct its operation.

There were deaths with the nude bodies of American soldiers dragged through the streets of Mogadishu. Anyway, this is same thing. It’s manufactured news, it’s a faux crisis, and it was started by news media who had long-ago since given up reporting news but instead now making it. They decide what news they’re gonna make based on their agenda, and the agenda here of course is get Trump. But Boorstin’s description of this — and he’s the one who was characterizing it before it was officially understood and announced. I want to share with you the way he writes about it as the program unfolds.

At any rate, the reason I know that all of this is manufactured and made up is because it’s not the first time anything like this has happened. And it only happens when there are Republican presidents. It rarely happens with a Democrat in office. This operation, this entire media operation would have never happened when Obama was in office. Never. A, Republicans do not make news stories like this, and they are not in any way sufficient present in numbers in the Drive-By Media to force what happens there. This is something that only could happen with Republicans in office. When Obama’s in office and this is happening — and even with worst circumstances than are happening now — they fully ignore it.

Even now when it has been discovered that what’s happening now pales in comparison to the severity and numbers of children suffering while Obama was president, it’s ignored. It’s ignored and the reaction is, “Well, that we can’t look back. That doesn’t accomplish anything. We need to look forward.” Now, they will look backward when they want to make everybody think that slavery still exists in America or when they want to think some other human rights violation we alone in America are guilty of.

They’ll look back as long as they have to to find it to try to draw parallels to the present day. But none of this technique is ever used against Democrat presidents. Unless one of them is so bad, they got get rid of him, like Jimmy Carter. But in the case of Obama, it would never happen. So what we end up with here — and I’m gonna go through all these stories to document this ’cause this is just too juicy. With the signing of this executive order, Trump has shown the world that the news media and the Democrats are really not about keeping families together.

“But, Rush! But, Rush! They are. That’s how this started.” Yes, it did! That’s the point! “We can’t separate these children from their families. Who are we? This is horrible.” That, of course, leads reprobate human debris like Peter Fonda to start leveling threats and insults at Melania Trump and her son, Barron. You know the drill on that. You know as well as I do that the focus of this was, “Trump’s zero-tolerance policy is separating families! Children are alone. They’re being kept in cages. We can’t do this.”

So Trump signs the executive order saying that no more is that gonna happen, and yet the Drive-Bys are not happy when they realize that the only way to keep the families together is to keep them together detained! “Well, we can’t have that! No, no. No way.” Democrats don’t want families to be kept together in detention. So maybe the objective isn’t to keep families together. Maybe it never has been the real agenda. That’s just been what they’ve done to sell it to you.

But Trump signs an executive order that will keep children together for the 10 minutes it’s gonna survive before it’s overthrown by a court. (Also predicted here.) But Trump’s executive order unites families. It keeps them from being separated. That’s what the media told us must be done. Trump did it, and they’re still wailing away. They’re still screaming and whining and moaning. Why? Well, because the families are going to be kept together, not being separated, by keeping them all detained. Remember, the parents are here illegally!

They are here in violation of the law. They have been caught. As such, they are detained. That famous Flores case said that you can’t detain children in this circumstance longer than 20 days. Trump writes an executive order which pretends Flores dissents exist and says you can’t separate children at all. But to keep them together, they must be detained. The left has thus been forced — and I don’t think they saw this coming — to admit that keeping families together is not the objective. The real objective is to have nobody prosecuted.

The real objective is open borders. When these people arrive here illegally, you catch ’em and release them. All of them. Mom and dad, the kids — or the coyotes, whoever the adults are. That’s the objective, because the objective has always been open borders. The objective has always been anybody who wants in gets in. The objective has always been amnesty for everybody here illegally. So it’s not about keeping families together. Trump found a way to do that, and they still oppose it.


RUSH: Yeah. My friends, it’s just delicious. I mean, to me, it is delicious. The Democrats and the Drive-Bys are now screaming about children being detained with their parents, when just yesterday they were screaming about children not being detained with their parents. It’s classic. They got exactly what they want and then they figured out that it wasn’t what they want and that Trump outsmarted them again. Now, here’s Trump speaking about outsmarting them. We have to… Oh, yeah. Grab sound bite No. 19. Trump from his rally in Duluth, Minnesota, last night…

THE PRESIDENT: We talk about the forgotten men and women. They’re the smartest people. They work the hardest. They pay taxes. They do all of the things, and yet they were the forgotten people. And believe me our people are the smartest and the hardest working — smarter than anybody and the hardest working.

CROWD: (applause)

THE PRESIDENT: You know, a little thing I was talking about today. You ever notice they always call the other side — and they do this on purpose — the elite! The elite! Why are they elite? I have a much better apartment than they do.

CROWD: (laughter and applause)

THE PRESIDENT: I’m smarter than they are. I’m richer than they are.

CROWD: (applause)

THE PRESIDENT: I became president, and they didn’t —

CROWD: (cheers and applause)

THE PRESIDENT: — and I’m representing the greatest, smartest, most loyal, best people on earth, the deplorables. Remember that?

CROWD: (applause)

THE PRESIDENT: The deplorables!

RUSH: Hey, folks, he’s right. He’s the most accomplished human being to ever be president., and he is one of the most educated to ever be president, and yet the elites think he’s the biggest bumbling doofus that’s ever been in Washington.


RUSH: Now, with a little time, I want to go back and replay this Trump sound bite because I have an open question. Is Trump a strategic genius — is he actually many moves ahead of people — or is he just instinctive? Like this executive order. This executive order has blown these people to the moon, folks. It has exposed their hypocrisy. It’s exposed their dishonesty. It has exposed the lying way they report and do news, and it was predictable that it would happen.

It’s also not gonna survive the rest of this day.

It’s gonna be thrown out of court or it’s gonna be challenged in court. But the effect that this executive order has had, like the Drive-Bys and everybody’s running around, saying, “Trump caved! Trump caved! Trump caved!” Trump didn’t cave. What Donald Trump did has forced the Democrats to publicly admit that what they really want is nothing less than open borders and amnesty for every illegal immigrant in the country. Which, heading into the November elections, matters.

Exposing the Democrats and not letting them get away with lying about what they want and what they believe in. Trump has exposed all of them — the media, the Democrats. He gave them exactly what they were demanding. Now inside of 30 minutes of getting it, they realize they’ve been snookered and they’re saying, “It doesn’t accomplish anything. It keeps everybody detained.” Thereby admitting they don’t want people here illegally to be deported or charged or even held accountable to the law!

There’s no way that that hurts Trump going into November elections. There’s no way the Democrats take back the House with an agenda that includes everybody that gets here illegally simply is allowed to stay, be a catch-and-release. They’re not gonna win the House in November with an agenda that basically says anybody caught entering the country illegally will not be held accountable to the law. These are not winning positions. These are positions the Democrats normally mask, camouflage, and try to hide, under the guise that all they care about is compassion.

They care about the children. They care about families. They want to keep families together! They don’t care about keeping families together. If they did, they’d drop their support for Planned Parenthood. If they cared about keeping families together, they would drop all of these welfare programs that in the past have paid women — single women — to have baby after baby after baby. They don’t care about the things that he profess to care about, and Donald Trump has come along and exposed that to anybody who’s paying any attention.

So is he a genius? Did he intend this? Was there a strategy session? He, Stephen Miller, whoever got together and said, “We do this and do this. They’re gonna react this way, and then they’re gonna blow up when they realize and…” Well, I don’t know. But instinctively Trump’s timing, when to do it, how he did it, knowing full well what’s gonna happen? He’s not the bumbling boob that they want you to think he is. He happens to be the most of every…

Outside of George Washington, maybe, and John Adams, Donald Trump is, without question, the most personally accomplished and achieved person to ever be president. And he may be one of the most educated. And yet he is considered to be persona non grata. He’s not qualified to be in Washington for all the usual reasons — dumb, idiot, barbaric, bad manners, all of that. And it’s the elites, these faux intellectuals who haven’t accomplished anything compared to Trump.

I don’t care what you think of Trump’s business, real estate development and building buildings. I don’t care what you think of that. The people criticizing him as incompetent could not do what he has done. They wouldn’t know where to start. They haven’t done anything, and yet they deign to sit in judgment of him — and not just him; all of us.

If we don’t have their educational pedigree, if we don’t have the family connections, if we don’t have the proper education and training leading us to positions of power and influence in Washington, then we are undesirables, deplorables, what have you. And there’s no doubt these people — many of them, not all, but many of them — look at average, ordinary Americans (people they consider to be average and ordinary) with a degree of contempt.

Yet they couldn’t do anything that the people they criticize do. What are they gonna do, sit think tanks and think and write and tell each other how brilliant and smart they are? They alone are the arbiters of good manners. They are the arbiters of civility and so forth. It just frosts them. So here’s Trump throwing it right back in their faces again with the idea that they’re elite and that he is rabble.

THE PRESIDENT: We talk about the forgotten men and women. They’re the smartest people. They work the hardest. They pay taxes. They do all of the things, and yet they were the forgotten people. And believe me our people are the smartest and the hardest working — smarter than anybody and the hardest working.

CROWD: (applause)

THE PRESIDENT: You know, a little thing I was talking about today. You ever notice they always call the other side — and they do this on purpose — the elite! The elite! Why are they elite? I have a much better apartment than they do.

CROWD: (laughter and applause)

THE PRESIDENT: I’m smarter than they are. I’m richer than they are.

CROWD: (applause)

THE PRESIDENT: I became president, and they didn’t —

CROWD: (cheers and applause)

THE PRESIDENT: — and I’m representing the greatest, smartest, most loyal, best people on earth, the deplorables. Remember that?

CROWD: (applause)

THE PRESIDENT: The deplorables!

RUSH: Okay. Let’s break this down. In the first place, it’s hilarious. It is hilarious. It’s funny! People are laughing themselves silly! Now, the elites that Trump’s talking about, when they hear this, they clench their hardens and they start rolling together, and they start fulminating and spitting obscenities, and they call each other on the phone. “Can you believe this? Can you believe him insulting us? This guy is the reprobate of the world. Can you believe this guy?

“He’s got so little class as to brag about his apartment, how rich he is! (sputtering) He’s just despicable.” What they don’t understand is that he is mocking them. He is purposely trying to irritate them. He’s throwing it right back in their face, and they don’t even know how to dodge it and get out of the way of it. It’s no different than when he had that press conference, “Hey, Russia? Russia? If you’re listening, could you help us find the 33,000 missing Hillary emails?

“The media’s really looking hard and they don’t seem to be able to find ’em. Could you help us?” And they thought he was asking Russia to hack. So they’re so blinded with resentment, they have no sense of humor, and they don’t realize when Trump is making fun of them. If they realized he was making fun of ’em, they’d hate him even more. They think he’s just ill-mannered and boorish, gauche, unsophisticated. “This is just embarrassing! This is embarrassing!

“We are embarrassed in the world. This guy is our president.” They haven’t slightest idea. But his supporters, the people at that rally in Duluth last night, they know exactly what Trump’s doing, and they are loving it, and they’re eating it up, and they’re not offended because they know Trump isn’t bragging. The elite think he’s bragging. This guy… That’s so beneath us! Nobody brags about this. This is so uncivil!” He’s not bragging. He’s just throwing it right back at ’em. And his supporters absolutely adore it.


Okay. Headline, Reuters: “Trump Backs Down on Separating Immigrant Children. Legal Problems Remain.” We got him! We got him! (No, you don’t got him.) TheHill.com: “Trump Backs Down in Rare Reversal,” celebrating Trump’s cave. New York Times: “Trump Retreats on Separating Families But Thousands May Remain Apart.” Well, then, Trump didn’t back down, did he? It goes on.

Daily Caller: “Media Unsatisfied by Trump Executive Order on Family Separations.” Why do you think that is? ‘Cause they figured out that in order to keep them together, they’re gonna be detained. (laughing) I don’t mean to laugh at the circumstance. I’m laughing at the media getting snookered here. See, I envision the moment when an individual media person figures it out. Okay, so, they celebrate it. I can just see ’em happy.

They call each other on the phone or they tweet or whatever, “We did it! We did it, F. Chuck! We did it. They backed down. Trump caved, Trump caved.” A half hour later, one of them figures out, “Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Have you read this thing? The kids are gonna be detained right along with the parents. Everybody’s gonna be together detained.” At that moment they become crestfallen and sad because they thought they forced Trump to cave and were out about ready to starting to celebrating that!

They realize they haven’t won anything here. They become crestfallen and angry. And it’s that moment I envision — and I must admit, I relish it. I relish the mental image of these people realizing that it didn’t work, and then I see them getting angry and ticked off and fulminate, and I just… I have to admit, folks, that I love it. I am not taking pleasure at kids being detained. Don’t any of you misread it. Unless they deserve to be! Breitbart News: “Trump’s Migration EO: Prosecute Migrants and Challenge ‘Flores’ Loophole.” We’ve talked about that.

The media never once mentioned the Flores thing until they want to now report that Trump’s executive order is illegal.


RUSH: TheHill.com: “Family Separation Policy May Haunt GOP in November.” From CNN: “CNN Poll: Support for Democrats Ticks Up, and They Retain Enthusiasm Advantage.” So the media’s telling itself that they’ve pulled off another great one here. They have reversed Trump’s momentum, and more and more people are starting to question Trump. “Family Separation Policy May Haunt GOP in November.”

Here is Charles in Santa Barbara, a gorgeous part of the country, by the way. Charles, how are you?

CALLER: Good. How you doing?

RUSH: Very well, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: Hey, I just want to… You know everyone’s is that I think Trump’s been played. I think it’s the other way around. He picks his fights. He knew when it tell Sessions to do the zero tolerance. For 20 years, he rubbed elbows with the left and now he knows who his opponents are. He knows how they play the game.

RUSH: So you think Trump is strategically three or four steps ahead of these people. You think he’s playing them in other words?

CALLER: Oh, yes, most definitely. If you notice, all the fights that he’s had, it’s almost like he started them and he knew they were coming.

RUSH: That’s a good point.

CALLER: (unintelligible)

RUSH: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Let’s not gloss over that. That could be a very important observation that Trump started these fights. Yeeeeeah. That’s worth thinking about. I appreciate the call out there, Charles, very much. And we will be back before you know it.


RUSH: Back to the audio sound bites, because what we’re doing, we’re still demonstrating all of the See, I Told You So’s that occurred yesterday. I mean, Trump signs his executive order, and I made a number of predictions after he did, and every one of them has come true. It has been a stellar See, I Told You So day. And we’re now just going through the audio sound bites to celebrate. We’ll now start with… Let’s go to sound bite No. 8. This is not part of the See, I Told You So, but… Well, it is in a way.

This is Fran Townsend. Fran Townsend used to be in the George W. Bush administration. She’s one of these women that’s constantly… When the Republicans are in the White House, she’s somewhere in government in a position of prominence, secretary of something, undersecretary of this, ambassador, under-ambassador, sideways ambassador, whatever. She’s somewhere in government. She was on CBS This Morning today.

The cohost was John Dickerson. When she was with Bush 43, she was a counterterrorism adviser, for example. Dickerson’s asking her about Trump’s executive order allowing detained families who cross the border illegally to stay together. Question: “Because it’s an election year it doesn’t look like Congress is going to do anything exciting,” meaning: It doesn’t look like Congress is gonna actually pass amnesty, damn it! “And the judge may not change anything.” I mean, Trump may get away with this!

We may get away with having these people detained forever. We don’t know. “So this 20 days happens,” and then the Flores decision kicks in, and the kids have to be released from detainment. So “what happens next? Is there anything other than keeping the families detained or splitting them up? Is there a third option” here, Ms. Townsend, that we in the media could support that would destroy or kill Trump?

TOWNSEND: Either you choose to have the zero-tolerance policy — in which case, we’re right back again: You’re gonna separate these families, the children are gonna go, and the parents are going into Department of Justice custody to face prosecution — or they agree to immediate deportation in which case everybody would be sent back. The president is not gonna change… I don’t think we ought to think he’s gonna change his policy. You’re either gonna prosecute them and separate them or you’re not and then you’re returned to the idea of what the president calls catch-and-release. You either release them into the United States, which President Trump is not gonna do, or you have them agree to immediate deportation.

RUSH: It’s a very depressing answer for John Dickerson, ’cause Dickerson knows. They’re all… See, this is part of the See, I Told You So. They all have figured out what Trump’s executive order means. Their first reaction they made Trump cave. “Trump caved! Trump caved! All right! We win! We win!” And then they realize, “No, because this means the kids and families, to stay together, the only way that can happen is if they’re all detained,” i.e., behind bars, behind whatever. They’re detained.

That’s not what the Drive-Bys wanted. What the Drive-Bys want is no illegal immigrant held accountable. In other words, what the Drive-Bys want is no such thing as illegal immigration. You get here and you can stay. That’s what they want. That’s what they were hoping Trump caving meant. As I say, they figured out fairly quickly it wasn’t. So Dickerson, speaking to somebody he thinks is reasonable — this is somebody from the Bush administration — Fran Townsend. She will know.

(summarized exchange) “So tell us, Fran, there’s gotta be a third option that we’re missing, right? There’s gotta be something here that says these illegals can stay unharmed, right, Fran?” She says, “No. You’re looking at two options here. You’re looking at catch-and-release — which Trump is never going to support — or you’re looking at the immediate deportation of entire families, because if we can’t separate the children, if we have to keep the families together and there’s illegality involved, they’re gonna be sent back,” which is what should happen!

Which is the point of all this, which is to deter people from showing up here illegally and trying to buck the system. You know, it’s amazing to me how that is everybody’s last option: Obeying the law, having the law be implemented and enforced is everybody’s last option! When I say “everybody,” I’m talking about on the left. They think that is somehow cruel, that enforcing the law that Congress wrote — a bunch of Democrats back in the day. Somehow enforcing is cruel and inhumane?

So let me walk through this one more time, because I know you hear from a lot of different sources, and it’s not that complicated, really. Keep in mind everybody we’re talking about here, the adults, are illegal. They have decided to get into the country illegally, and they’ve been caught, and that’s the starting point, okay? So they’re caught. They are caught in violation of the law. The simple thing to do: “Sorry, you’re not permitted in,” and turn them away. But they have kids.

“That complicates everything, which is why so many show up with kids, or why so many send their kids alone. The kids change everything, because we are a humane country. The second thing that changes everything is asylum. When the illegally arrived adult seeks asylum, well, that changes everything. That, then, has to be heard. That request, that claim has to be processed. So they’ve got their kids with them. Okay. So when the person’s still here illegally — doesn’t matter; kids are here illegally, too — but the kids are the essence of innocence.

They have theoretically been dragged with the parent. So in that circumstance, they’re separated, because the adult has to be detained. He is illegal. You can’t just let him find a place to live and come back for his hearing. He won’t. They don’t. Less than 10% of them show up for their hearings, if they’re released. So they’re kept in detainment. What do you do with the kids? Well, you detain them, too; but you don’t detain them with the parent, because they theoretically are not criminals. They’re kids, the essence of innocence.

They’re put in their own detainment centers — and in those pictures of Obama detainment centers, they looked like they were sleeping under tinfoil blankets and they’re in cages. Those pictures are from the Obama administration, not today, and there were twice as many of them in 2014 as there today. Now comes the Flores ruling from the Ninth Circus, and it says that in this circumstance, you cannot detain these essence-of-innocent children who accompanied their criminal parents for more than 20 days.

Twenty days comes; you have to release them. Parents can’t be released. The asylum claim takes much longer than 20 days to process. So what do you do? The parents are still behind bars. Law says, essence-of-innocent kids gotta be released. What the Obama administration did was put those kids on planes and fly them all over the country to Democrat Party families, where they were “temporarily,” quote-unquote, held. Of course, “temporarily” expired after the first day, and that’s what was done with them. Some of them. Not all.

Twelve thousand kids are currently in detainment; only 2,000 of them are of the type we’re talking about here. So the left started whining and moaning, “You can’t! You can’t separate families.” Well, it’s not Trump that did it. It’s existing immigration law that did it on the basis of compassion. We’re not putting kids in, quote-unquote, “jail” like their parents are. They’re being held while the asylum claims are adjudicated. That takes longer than 20 days.

Kids get out, what do you do? Democrats, Obama were finding essentially foster homes for them, good Democrat donors and families. So they would be raised in a good Democrat way. These people were demanding that Trump do something about the sepatation. “You can’t do this! It’s inhumane, you can’t have this zero-tolerance policy! You mean guy, you rotten guy, Trump !You can’t separate them.” Trump said, “I’m not. The media’s doing it. Law is doing it. Democrats are doing it. I’m just following the law.”

“No, you’re not. No, you’re not. You hate kids, you mean-spirited brute. We don’t like you. We hate you. (sniffle) We’re gonna try to destroy you.” So Trump finally says, “Okay.” “All right. Then I’ll do an executive order here that says we can’t separate ’em.” “All right! Right on! We beat Trump! Trump loses! Trump caves!” No. Thirty minutes later, they figured out that Trump’s executive order means the kids remain detained beyond the 20 days. They’re just kept with the parents. Media and Democrats: Crushed.

Rather than kids released and parents released, kids remain detained with illegal mom and dad or illegal coyote or illegal so-called uncle or what have you. Now they’re fit to be tied. So, this guy has Fran Townsend in. (impression) “Fran, there’s gotta be another way. (sputtering) There’s been gotta be! The 20 days doesn’t work and the families and — and — and the parents detained for this? Tell me there’s a third way!” And she says, “No, there’s not a third way. You either catch ’em and release ’em,” which is what the media wants, which means there’s no illegality.

They get here; they get to stay. Trump will never do that. “Or you deport them together! Neither is acceptable to the media. Well, having them catch-and-release would be acceptable. Trump’s never gonna do that. So now they’re gonna sue Trump. They’re gonna try to get this executive order of his thrown out, which they will be able to do. That will happen before the end of the week. So we’re back at this singular point where the media, the Democrats, the anti-Trumpists all want the arriving illegal alien adult and the kids to just be caught and released.

And they can stay and go hide, they can do whatever, and we can’t catch ’em, we can’t follow ’em, we won’t follow ’em. And Trump is saying if we do that, we’re not gonna be able to control what’s gonna happen at the border. If word gets out that all you have to do is get here, and we catch you and turn you loose, it’s over. That’s what the media wants. That’s what the Democrat Party wants. That’s what a lot of Republicans want. Chamber of Commerce Republicans. That’s what they want: Catch-and-release. And they say that’s humane.

(impression) “Who are we to say they’re illegal? Such a mean term! Such a mean term. They’re decent people they’re fleeing horrible policies and war and hunger and who are we to call ’em criminals?” Well, our law does that, as passed by these people acting like bystanders. The people who wrote the low acting like they’ve got nothing to do with it, just bystanders. But that’s what this is really all about. It’s an effort to force Trump to accept legal immigrants at the border when they get here and just let ’em loose — and they thought they had succeeded or were on the way when Trump wrote his executive order.

They thought that was the first stage of caving.

It didn’t happen, and now they are really, really ticked.

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