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RUSH: Here’s Doug in Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Great to have you on the program, Doug. Welcome.

CALLER: Thank you so much for us God-fearing American patriot supporting and defending the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic one of the deplorable dittos.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: It’s hard for me. I gotta quickly say this I’m just expressing my opinions and not necessarily those of the United States Army. But I owe you and why do you listeners a debt of gratitude that I finally have a chance to just share with you. And if I could, I think I can help you understand what you did for me if you just do a little moment of imagination with me. Can I ask that of you?

RUSH: Yeah. I have a healthy imagination.

CALLER: I know you do.

RUSH: Perhaps boundless.

CALLER: I’m sure this won’t even take imagination. I’m sure (unintelligible). But imagine you’re standing out. You just had one of your best meals at one of your favorite restaurants on the patio looking out over one of your favorite golf courses. You’ve got your best cigar in hand, an adult beverage, and beautiful Kathryn next to your side. You’re seeing an awesome sunset over the American landscape, and you’re just thinking to yourself, “I know, because I’m an American conservative, my best days are still tomorrow, too.”

And you realize, “You know, it’s because I’m an American and I’m blessed to live in America.” Those feelings that you know that are going on in that experience is exactly what you did for me during one of my personal times of tumult, difficulties, chaos, during my second tour over in Iraq. I just owe you a gratitude for allowing me to receive one of your gift subscriptions. You know what was going on in 2005 and ‘6, and we were right in Tikrit and some of the worst of it, and we were just listening to back here in The States. You know, they were tearing apart those seven Marines, accusing them of murder. We’re hearing on the Senate floor, you know, that we’re these deranged killers.

RUSH: Yeah. John Murtha and John Kerry, the Marines of Haditha. They’d raped a bunch of Iraqi women. Yeah, yeah. It sickened me.

CALLER: Yes, sir. You know that we are gonna… You know, the American fighting man and woman is gonna persevere, but it can be such an effect. So it was so good after putting in about 12-hour days average, to be able to sit down and just read your letter that would come in the mail periodically. I wished I could have listened more regularly to your show. But it was so encouraging, ’cause you know what’s so important to us when we’re deployed overseas and fighting, especially in some of those difficult situations? You know, what’s so important, Rush?

RUSH: What?

CALLER: Is to know that America and that our family and the people we love — even those who disagree with politically — are in safe hands. So, you know, we’d sit in those rooms they’d have CNN and some of the other stuff on. You’d hear just this constant drumbeat of defeat and putting our country down and you’re just shocked because you know what an honor it is to serve in the greatest army the world’s ever known and will ever know, and for a great country like America that has done so much, and to know that you are back there holding the fort for us and that you had attracted people of the same caliber as yourself.

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: I know you don’t like to hear these words of thanks, but you really need to know we’re grateful for you.

RUSH: Well, it’s not… No, it’s not that. It’s that I don’t know how to adequately return them. (chuckling) I don’t know how to adequately show my appreciation. But I’m in awe here. I really am. You have moved me greatly. But I have a question for you.

CALLER: Yes, sir?

RUSH: It’s gonna sound silly, but I want to ask it anyway. When you’re in the circumstance you just described — 12 hour days, you’re in Iraq — and you’re looking for some sign that your people back home are safe and protected, how important is it to you, in that circumstance or any other day that you’re deployed? How important is it to you to know that the country is behind you? Or does that matter? You’ve got your orders and you’re gonna do what you’re ordered to do regardless, and whether the country’s with you doesn’t affect your performance? How does it affect you? If you think the country is not supporting what you’re doing, does it have a deleterious or negative impact on you?

CALLER: Well, Rush, I think it’s kind of like you — and I’m trying to be dodgy with that question but, yes. As you know — and you’re one of our biggest fans in the military. You know that many of the people that join, they love a good fight. Hear me carefully. It’s not that we like war, but when we are in there, we know whether there’s anyone on our left or right that we’re gonna accomplish the mission. And that’s one thing you’ve taught us. So that in and of itself, you’re gonna stand there. But, yes! When you’ve got a stadium full of people who are also saying we’re doing our part to keep our country free and to keep our country right and to hold our leaders accountable and to make the democratic process? Well, then absolutely. You know men and women will die for that, Rush.

RUSH: Yeah. That’s a good answer, ’cause I’ve seen it. When I went on my trip visit to Afghanistan, I ran into soldiers. At the time, Afghanistan was doing very well; Iraq was not doing so well, and some of the enlisted people would ask me, “Why are they not talking about the success we’re having here? Why are they just dwelling on what’s going on in Iraq?” I said, “Well, you know why. They’re looking to find problems and lack of success and that kind of thing.”

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: But they didn’t… It didn’t deter them from doing their jobs every day. They still went out and followed orders and all that, even though it had to affect ’em.

CALLER: It affects, Rush. But, you know what I mean? It’s kind of like you — and this is what I want to encourage — ’cause I heard just a few of your comments before, you know where you watch the press or you see leaders in different institutions. You just need to remember: There are other people that you’re influencing. And I just wanted you to know how grateful I am to you.

RUSH: Well, I do appreciate it. That, in fact, is some of the best advice I’ve ever heard. You never know who you’re influencing, when you’re living, when you’re living your life. You never know who’s noticing. You never know who might be positively impacted by it. And they may never tell you. You may never get any feedback on how something you did that somebody saw changed them for the better. But it happens every day, countless times a day.

People are impacted, influenced by actions of people they see that they don’t know. Doug, hang on here. I want to get an address from you, if I may, and send you a package of new items from the Rush Limbaugh Store to show my appreciation. It pales in comparison to what you’ve offered here, but I want to at least offer that. When we get… It won’t be until next week. When we get in touch with you, don’t be bashful about how many people we’re talking about in your family and this kind of thing. I appreciate the call. I really have to run because I’m over time here.

But I heard you, and I cannot thank you enough.

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