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RUSH: Now, let’s compare this to the Obama administration.

I want to go back to this notion that the left — and this is really something to learn about these people. You know, I mentioned something last week that I’ve been developing, and I spent some more time developing it over the weekend, and I don’t know whether I’m at the right time to address this. It’s something I think the left is going to get serious about. Not immediately, but down the road. And that is elections.

The way the left’s looking at things, the only thing thwarting them are you, the American people. And I think they’re gonna get very frustrated. They already hold most of the country in contempt. I think they’re gonna get very frustrated at losing elections. And they’re already… If you doubt me on this, I believe that there are two purposes in this whole Trump-Russia collusion thing. Obviously, there is the first and primary goal of getting rid of Donald Trump.

And make no mistake, that hasn’t changed. And it hasn’t been relaxed. The purpose remains to this day to get rid of Donald Trump, to overturn the results of the 2016 election. The second thing they are doing is corrupting the entire electoral process, the perception that our electoral process is honest and dependable. For over a year and a half they have veritably accused the Russians and anybody else they can think of, of successfully gaming the presidential election in 2016.

They have been relentless in this. They have kept the pedal to the metal for over a year and a half day in and day out on multiple networks, in multiple newspapers. Something about the 2016 election went wrong. It was corrupted. It was hacked. The Russians were able — working with Donald Trump — to steal that election. They have done more damage to the perception of our electoral system as honest and dependable than Vladimir Putin could have ever dreamed of doing.

And I believe it’s on purpose. They play the long game. I think there is a reason these people wish… The American left and their accomplices wherever they’re found — Democrat Party, media, you name it — their objective is to have increasing doubt about the sanctity, the honesty, legitimacy of American presidential elections. They’re off to a running start on this. Virtually every election or any controversial issues that comes up now, the Russians are a factor, are they not? Or the Russians might be a factor.

They’re already talking about the Russian plans for the midterm elections! They’re already trying to condition people the Russians have got some plans to come in and corrupt these, even though how in the world would you, and where would you start? But all they have to do is taint the perception. All they have to do is have more and more average citizens believing… Let me rephrase that. Not trusting and not believing every election result. Where does that end up?

Well, take it to its logical conclusion: You get rid of elections. If they’re not trustworthy, if they’re all corrupt — if the Russians are cheating or the Republicans are working with people to game elections — then you can’t count on elections, right? And then the next thing that will be said, “:Because of that, elections are not actually expressing the will of the people,” and they’ve already got a head start on that by claiming the exit polls are more accurate than the actual votes.

That started in 2004 with John Kerry.

It’s not by accident. We think it’s a bunch of deranged lunatics that think election results are less legitimate than the exit polls. It’s on purpose! This is the thing everybody needs to learn. It’s taken me probably 20 years to learn that what looks like liberal insanity is not happenstance; it’s strategy. And it appears insane to us because no rational thinking person would ever think of these things, much less try to accomplish them. But they do! They lost the election in 2000 because they think the Supreme Court stole it from ’em.

They think they lost in 2016 because the Russians and Trump stole it from ’em. If they lose the midterms, I’m warning you right now, they’re going to continue on this train, this highway that our elections are no longer reliable. Every time they lose, that’s gonna be the message. Ultimately, we’re gonna hear, “Elections are not expressing the will of the people because they’ve been so corrupted.”

People will not ask, “Well, then why did you let it happen? You knew when you didn’t warn Trump.” None of these questions will be asked. It will just be accepted that we have lost control over the sanctity, integrity of our election. This is not next year, the next election. This is a long game here, folks. But the left is into total power and the denial of freedom to their opponents. It’s what the Obama administration was known for.


RUSH: President Obama’s administration — regime — only sought legal protections for gays and lesbians at the expense of whoever stood in the way. If your regulation beliefs stood in the way of gays and lesbians — the political aspect, advancing their agenda — then your religious beliefs didn’t count. They were trumped, so to speak. They never considered the weight of religious beliefs. Look at the reaction…

I keep going back to this because it’s so instructive. The reaction to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana. Mike Pence was governor. Look at the reaction to that. They set out to destroy people. They saw a little 20-year-old pizza joint, the daughter of the owner was being asked questions. “Would you serve this pizza? Would you would you cater a gay wedding” and she said, “No, we wouldn’t violate our religious beliefs. We wouldn’t.” And they trumpeted all over TV, had to go over half the state to find that person, made it look like everybody hated the little girl and hated the pizzeria and hated Mike Pence.

The religious beliefs didn’t matter. Whether it came to abortion, whether it came to contraception, whether it came to gay marriage, gay rights, your religious beliefs — to the Obama administration — didn’t exist! The Catholic Church and what it believed didn’t exist! Second Amendment? (Snort!) It’s not just the Second Amendment the left actively undermines. They tried to force you to abandon your religious beliefs. They wanted to confiscate your guns. That was their dream. The right to force you to buy government products like insurance, spy on political opponents.


RUSH: I’m gonna get back to this election stuff in a minute because I’ve spent some time developing this, but I want to stress — not predicting it as something right around the corner and immediate. It’s just a trend that I think we better be prepared to face, ’cause they’re gonna do it at some point. They’re actually going to question the relevance of elections, if they keep losing them. It’s a given. It’s just a matter of when.

It never ended.


RUSH: Let me go back to the… Since I’ve kind of built a little foundation for this, this theory that I’m involving that we’re trending — the left is trending — in a very anti-democratic, anti-republic way and getting more radical and more authoritarian. We see it every day in their demands of how people they disagree with behave and speak.

We are seeing it in their desire for punishment for those who violate their view of things, policies, what have you. These things are happening on college campus. We see it when they lose elections. And I’m not predicting this as something that’s right around the corner. It’s kind of like 25 years ago on this program when the left would say or do something that I thought just cockamamie, insane, crazy, we would do entire update bits about it, making fun of it.

Everybody laughed about these things. And then here we are 20, 25 years later and all of that and more are things they have actually attempted to implement into our culture and our society. And the signs of their frustration with the whole concept of elections as something that stands in their way is right in front of our faces. And it has been since the 2000 Florida recount. And each time they lose a national election — a federal election, presidential election, the midterms. I mean, they’re setting everything up.

This gigantic blue wave, this blue wave that’s coming in November? I guarantee you if the blue wave doesn’t happen, they’re gonna be questioning the sanctity and validity of the elections in November. We’ve seen it in the 2004 election when the exit polls had John Kerry winning in a landslide. Then the actual vote tally began coming in and John Kerry lost rather sizably. The left began challenging the votes and instead said the exit polls were more accurate.

And they were serious.

We laugh at them when they do this, but they’re damned dead serious. And it hit me. I was watching a program on CBS All Access called The Good Fight. It’s the next version of The Good Wife. And I was watching an episode where the Democrat National Committee is hiring the law firm in question to be the law firm of the impeachment of Donald Trump. And as the episode goes on, at the very end of the episode the character representing the person the Democrat National Committee says, “We have to win. Whatever it takes, we have to win. We have to.”

Now, that’s not odd for people in politics to say, but coupled with everything out there I’m being bombarded with, they’re not gonna win every election, yet they have to. What we’ve noticed, folk… It used to be in American politics when there was unity, when there was comity… We still had political disagreements. We still had wide disagreement ideologically. But after elections were over, there was a… (sigh)

There was a coming together of sorts, a mutual understanding that the Constitution prevailed — and that if you lost elections, the object was to win the next one by somehow doing what it was that would get you more votes. The left has ceased doing this. The left instead now has contempt for people that don’t vote for them. The left is no longer interested in modifying, changing, moderating, doing whatever they have to do to win back voters they have lost.

They are in the process of condemning voters that don’t vote for them, and now we see they are now beginning to officially challenge the outcome of elections they lose, which is all this Trump thing is about. That’s all this Russia-Trump collusion thing is about. The way the left sees it, folks, the only thing standing in their way of getting what they want is elections. They’ve got the courts, in their minds. Look at California.

In California, the governor and the government of California is in open defiance of the federal government (just as the South was during the Civil War) over sanctuary cities. They simply are refusing to follow and obey federal law when it goes against their political wishes, and they just say, “Screw you!” This is going to cause a day of reckoning at some point down the road. But in their world the elections are the only thing now which are stopping them from attaining perpetual power, which is their objective.

Elections are the only thing in their way.

So what are they likely to do about that?

Think about that as I’ve set the stage here.


RUSH: Now, look. Let me close the loop on my thinking about this election business here. Because, folks, it is gonna happen. The left is trending in this authoritarian dictatorship direction. It is true. You can watch. Study them after they lose elections, contrasted to the way it used to be done. You admit you lost, may take it hard, but you still tried to find ways to win again. I mean, that was the whole pretext of a constitutional republic and respect for the electorate and our system and so forth and realizing the will of the people mattered, that it counted.

And that’s what is now absent. On the American left, the will of the people is not to be factored unless it’s with them. But even when the will of the people is with the left, there is no respect flowing. People… They’re still looked at as fools and as easily manipulated. In fact, the left looks at voters precisely as people to be manipulated, intimidated, fooled, or what have you. Certainly not to be honestly approached.

The left cannot be honest about its agenda. It wouldn’t win anything because the level does not define the everyday norms of cultural and political life in America. They are the outliers. They know it, and they hate it, and therefore they can’t win legitimately because they have to gain control of circumstances in order to have power and then to maintain it. And acquiring power is their objective. Now, you might say, “Well, the Republicans are the same.”

Ah, Republicans want to win the election, yeah. But the ability to power to force people to do what you want them to do — to deny people doing what they want to do if it’s in conflict with your desires — that’s not conservative or Republican. It is Washington establishment, but it is primarily the left or liberalism. I got a note over the weekend, somebody marveling at the ability of Donald Trump to triumph over these people on a day-to-day basis.

It fits right in, and it caused, you know, another red flag to go up. “All of the might and all of the deceit of America’s best and brightest, the people who are supposed to protect us from enemies foreign and domestic — plus all the efforts of the intelligence of Britain, Australia, and God knows who else — were not enough to overcome one thing: the votes of the American people and the Electoral College.” This is a note somebody sent me.

“Thank you, Founding Fathers.” This is right on the money. Every effort was made to get Hillary Clinton elected, to deny Donald Trump this election, and after Trump won it, every effort is being expended to invalidate that election. Yet the people — the ballot box, elections — triumphed over all of this power. Elections, the Electoral College, the brilliance of the Founding Fathers triumphed over all of this amassed Washington establishment power.”

And don’t think they don’t know it. And this is another thing that concerns me, because the way they view the world, the only thing standing in their way to the acquisition of perpetual power is elections, the American people not voting for them, the American people voting for others. However they see it. Look what they do when they lose. They simply refuse to accept it. They didn’t accept the 2000 Florida recount.

The next eight years were built on destroying the George W. Bush presidency any which way they could, including demeaning the American military, seeking the defeat of the American military in Iraq and in the War on Terror. It included the insulting and the impugning of the American military. John Murtha, John Kerry, referring to them as terrorists trampling in the homes of Iraqi women at night and terrorizing them and their children.

Torturing this and torturing that, waterboarding here, Abu Ghraib. It just never ended. It was a constant (with the assistance and maybe guidance of the American media) attempt to basically invalidate the results of an election, 2000 and in 2004. How long are they gonna tolerate this? How long are they going to tolerate being subject to election outcomes? My guess is not long. I’m not talking next week, next year, next five years.

When it does finally happen — and it will. There’s gonna be somebody somewhere down the road on the left or in the media that is going to question this. As they’re questioning the Constitution as an old, outdated, not-written-for-modern-times document, someday somebody’s gonna add to this by suggesting that elections themselves may be approaching outmoded status because of the unfairness of money, because of the lack of serious education.

People are not properly informed and not voting in an informed way. They can come up with any number of excuses to invalidate elections by attacking the people who vote and their lack of knowledge, lack of competence, lack of awareness. You’ve already seen, in fact, some of this where the left starts… They’ve talked in the past about having voter-qualification exams. This happens after they lose elections, especially if the reason they lost elections happens to be from geographic areas of the country they already despise, like the South or any rural vote.

It’s just a matter of time, and it will be greeted with laughter, and, “You can’t do that,” and, “That’s crazy,” and, “That’s insane.” But remember when the left introduces a new objective or desire, it’s just the beginning. It never is abandoned. It never goes away — and when they get what they want, it’s never enough. Because they are incapable of being satisfied and happy because there will always be opposition to them. And they cannot and will not and do not intend to deal with opposition. And we’re seeing manifestation of that.

Not interested in opposition. Not interested in debate. You could see Google searches, Republicans are like Nazis, Republican candidates are bigots. This is not accidental. It’s not coincidental. It’s purposeful. There’s no attempt to learn the other side of things. There is no other side of things but theirs.

I mentioned this last week. I can see the day, although this may not happen in some of our lifetimes here, but I guarantee you, not they’re gonna succeed, but this is going to be something that is brought up and discussed, and it will be discussed on television panels and so forth, on networks like CNN.

How about the argument that, can you see them suggesting that elections have become un-American because they’re not reflecting the will of the people? You may say, “Whoa, whoa, whoa wait a minute, Rush, do you realize how contradictory that is? Elections are the will of the people.” No, they’re not, if liberals lose them.

The will of the people is always what liberals want, is always what liberals believe. That is how news is reported. The liberal view is reported as the runaway and clear majority view of everything, and anything other than that is Kookville. We’re beginning to see other signs that this is going to happen because now conservatism has become the far right.

There is no conservatism or right wing. It’s now becoming, in terms of the way journalism treats conservative opposition to liberalism, far right, which means kook, which means crazy, which means nutcase, which means hate, which means bigot, racist, sexist, homophobe, far right.

So elections could be said to be invalid because they don’t reflect the will of the people or this election is invalid because the Russians sole it, the Russians hacked it. They’re already making the case that elections are not trusted and should not be. They’re making the case that the electoral system has been corrupted because they lost, because Donald Trump could not have, should not have, no way possible won. And so something had to go wrong.

They are not rejected, in their minds. Uninformed people, incompetent voters are doing stupid things. They’re falling for conservative right-wing radio pied piperism, for example. They’re being lied to by a conservative media or Fox News. Elections that Democrats lose are therefore just on the basis of that, illegitimate.

Ask yourself this: After a year and a half of convincing everybody who watches media that the 2016 presidential election was invalid because it was fraudulent, because it was stolen, you know just because of the power of suggestion and the power of media, the power of the broadcast word and the power of the written word that all anybody’s gonna have to do after the midterms in November is raise some question about any particular election, just one.

Somebody just say, “Ah, you know, we’ve got some funny business going on here,” mention the Russians, mention some hackery, mention something. Now, vote fraud, election fraud is something they’ve been trying to do and have been doing for years. This is a step up now in the effort to have the body politic, if you will, begin to even subconsciously question the authenticity and validity of every election.

And after a year and a half of making people think this one was stolen, they have got a pretty good head start, folks. It’s gonna take much more than this to accomplish this. All I’m telling you is, is that this is something they would love to be able to do, is somehow find a way to render elections — change them, render them outmoded and outdated, old-fashioned way of measuring popularity because they’re too easily hacked by the Russians now or whatever they come up with.

But part and parcel is getting public opinion on board with the premise that they can’t trust the outcome of our elections, which of course is total BS. There is no way to tamper with a presidential election, maybe in one precinct or two, but there’s no way to steal an election the way they are telling us this one was supposedly stolen. And Barack Obama himself has explained why over and over again.

The day’s gonna come where they’re going to stop having their power, the acquisition of power left to chance. They would no more walk into a Vegas casino with their power on the line at the blackjack table, and that’s how they’re gonna being looking at elections, as a game of chance that they don’t control. And if they don’t control it, it’s not valid. If they don’t control it, they got a problem. You think they haven’t figured out elections are the only thing standing in their way of acquiring perpetual power?

Look. They know as well as we, that if Hillary had won this election in 2016, they would have been on their way to the perpetual power and the continuing transformation of this country into something it was never founded to be. They lost it, and they thought they were going to have it in the bag.

I know these people, folks, like I know every square inch of my naked body. And I know they’re getting frustrated at being unable to win these elections, especially ones that they thought they had wired. And where they’re gonna go, wherever they take it, do not be surprised by it.


RUSH: Welcome back. Great to have you. Look, one of the reasons the left is so adamant for open borders and illegal immigrants being granted amnesty and citizenship is precisely elections. They’ve written off white blue-collar, white-collar American voters. They’ve officially done that. They’ve gone all-in on illegal immigrants being able to vote, get driver’s licenses, be registered and so forth, as a way of winning elections that they can’t with the domestic population. It’s all trending in the ways I foresee. All of it equals the corruption of the electoral system, which they are happily and eagerly sowing the seeds of in as many minds as they can.

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