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RUSH: The United States is No. 1 again, numero uno.

According to the World Competitiveness Center, America has retaken first place as the world’s most competitive economy, beating 62 other countries. It’s the first time our economy has been ranked No. 1 since the Obama years.

Under Obama, we were demoted to No. 4.

America’s turnaround isn’t only due to our renewed economic growth. Regaining the top rank also reflects the “new atmosphere” that is encouraging more scientific and technological innovations. The ChiComs, in case you’re wondering, are now at No. 13. The Democrats think they’re at the top of the heap.

We lost our No. 1 slot due to Obama policies, which reflected his belief that America’s days of dominance were over. Obama told us we should accept this “new normal” of sluggish growth, new decline. He said a lot of the jobs Americans used to do are never coming back. He was perfectly content to see America knocked off the No. 1 perch.

Well, what happened since Obama left? Taxes and regulations cut, for starters. Policies putting America first, instead of blaming America and apologizing, have been implemented.

In short, what happened was, Donald Trump, and the rest, as they say, is histoire.

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